JBR 2016+ MX-5 Short Shifter for MX5-ND
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JBR 2016+ MX-5 Short Shifter


PART NUMBER: 61-2672


Price: $229.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $229.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


JBR spared no expense nor cut any corners designing and developing the short shifter for the 2016 & up ND/RF Miata that reduces the throw by 25%.

JBR had the wave springs found in the upper and lower cup of the OEM shifter assembly tested and wave springs made to the same specifications. By doing this, the effort required to shift is nearly the exact same as the OEM. The springs also help to absorb and reduce the noise transferred through the shifter. Utilizing the pivot guides out of the OEM shifter, matching the spring rates of the wave springs in the OEM cup and a few other subtle features, they have created a short shifter that operates as smooth, and is as quiet as the OEM.

-303 stainless and 6061 aluminum construction
-25% throw reduction
-No increased noise and vibration

- 2016+ Mazda Miata MX-5 ND/RF

The kit includes:
-1 ND/RF short shifter
-Installation hardware
-Installation grease
-Shipping is free within the Continental US & JBR's Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is included




Customer Reviews

JBR 2016+ MX-5 Short Shifter

I gave this shifter two weeks before deciding I do not like it and installing the stock shifter. It was easy to install but JBR forgot to include hardware with my unit, so I sourced hardware myself locally. When shifting gears with the car in motion my transmission would make a horrible noise. Not a grinding noise but more of a synchro not wanting to do its job so I had to revert to double clutching like it was my grandpa's old Dodge snowplow. It had cars with short shifters before, but the amount of strength required to shift into gear was humbling to say the least. Maybe I received a defective unit because it was backordered and QC at JBR was lax with the crunch? Either way this is the first part I've purchased for my MX-5 that I did not like and even feared was damaging something. Install was done properly as I'm a retired mechanic but not THAT retired.

Noticeable difference in shifter feel, especially with a weighted shift knob. Tried following the previous reviews recommendation using Allen wrenches to get the shifter cup out but still couldn't get it. Instead I had a buddy help me pry the locations in the JBR instructions and it came off. I'd also recommend placing a rag/towel around the area as oil could splash as well as placing it between the shift well and whatever tool you're using to pry the cup off to prevent damage.

The guy below me is 110% correct on using the large Allen Key on pulling the transmission top end off the car. To clarify, the top end is held on by red RTV and there is no good way to pry that thing off as you have basically no leverage in the transmission tunnel without hurting your sheet metal center console. The large Allen key and patience was the move at the top end lip of the transmission upper end. Additionally make sure you buy red RTV for the install as it does not come with the kit. Lastly on disassembly of the original shifter, the bolts are a 12mm not a 13mm. The new longer bolts are the 13mm but the instructions do not ask you to grab a 12 when you are doing disassembly.

Now for my thoughts on the shifter:
My setup is a RacesEng 470g shifter. With the short shifter installed this thing shifts like a dream. When I first got in the car after assembly I was shocked how quickly I can snap into the next gear. Greatly improved shifting experience and with the heavy knob it feels more like a 40% shorter shift. Love the product so far and I will follow up with JBR on installation notes as the instructions are greatly improved by the Allen key hack.

Reduces the throw somewhat - not a huge improvement, but the "feel" is better.

Installation notes:

The electrical connector under the center panel has a very tiny "lever" pointing towards the front of the car. Use a jewelers' flat head screwdriver to depress lever and then pull downward on connector. Not finding/seeing/being aware of this lever will add a lot of time and frustration!

****** This should be added to the instruction pages! *****

To remove the gearbox cover housing, be aware that this cover has two pins inline with width of car, so do not attempt to twist the cover to remove it. The RTV adhesion is really tough on this part! Use a large Allen key under the two tabs and pry up. Take your time...

This was a fun project...took a couple of hours...makes the car somewhat unique...

This was a snap to install and gives the shifter a more positive click into gears as well as drastically shortening the throw. Another great GWR addition to my Turbo Miata

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