Konig Hypergram 17x8 4X100 ET45 Carbon w/ Machined Lip for MX5-ND , 17x8
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Konig Hypergram 17x8 4X100 ET45 Carbon w/ Machined Lip

2016-2024 · 17x8

Our Most Popular New Finish, and even LIGHTER!
Clears Optional Factory Brembo Calipers! Includes center cap!

PART NUMBER: 61-2730



Reg. Price: $316.72

Sale Price: $210.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $316.72

Sale Price: $210.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


NEWEST finish choice: the popular Konig Hypergram now with Carbon center and Machined Lip.

The Hypergram is a lightweight, 12-spoke design that is motorsport inspired in its construction, appearance and its ability to clear many big brake cars and upgrades! Yes, fits over factory Brembo brakes! Also fits over our caliper upgrade kits and the Wilwood 12.19" brake kit without a spacer, and clears our 12.88" big brake kit with just a 3mm spacer.

Utilizing Flow Forming Technology allows the Hypergram to be lighter and stronger than competitors including a bigger load rating than competitors in this weight class (700kg/1543 lbs).

Wheels Specs:
*45mm offset
*73.1mm bore (use 73/54 hubcentric rings to fit these on ND Miata or Fiat 124, available on this website)
*~15.7 pounds ULTRA LIGHT!.

The extra machine work on the lip does indeed make them a few ounces lighter than this wheel is in the other finish choices.

Brian's APPLICATION NOTES: Likely the best bargain right now in 17x8, flow formed for strength and very nicely finished. ONE CAUTION, it seems Konig is trying to play more like Enkei and included cast aluminum fancy center caps instead of industry standard cheap snap-on plastic caps. The result looks high end compared to plastic caps on wheels of similar cost but BE CAREFUL to do little more than finger tight with the very tiny allen head screws that attach the caps, use a dab of locktite, do NOT apply significant torque to the screws or they will strip out immediately! Great choice for up to 235/40/17 which will fit in stock fenders! Tight lug pocket means we suggest our various tuner lug upgrades with these wheels, such as our McGard Spline Drive Lugs.

BREMBO Note: Those with Brembo brakes should not remove the factory dust shield behind the front hubs. Doing so changes the effective offset of the wheels and removes clearance between the wheel and the brake caliper. You must either keep the factory shields in place, or use an aftermarket plate that is same or more thickness like the Verus brake duct kit that we offer on our site, to maintain adequate wheel clearance.

On our own daily driver SUPERCHARGED RF with our OHLINS COILOVERS:

ND Miata picture below courtesy customer Brandon Gabbard with our RoadsterSport Suspension Package (see item 61-2074)



Customer Reviews

Konig Hypergram 17x8 4X100 ET45 Carbon w/ Machined Lip

The perfect offset prevents rubbing while filling the fenders. If you go with 215/45/R17s, you'll save a few founds from the OEM wheels/tires.

Hi everyone, to be honest when I ordered these wheels I was dam drunk and I thought it is black wheels with machine lip but next day when I woke up and see the description carefully it was carbon and I was like holy cow I made a huge mistake then I just say let see I am not gonna cancel it but when I opened the actual box of wheels it is so dam cool so mount it on my car with A/s 215/45 tires looks great. Looking forward to ordering another set of wheels but this time I am definitely gonna have the black ones. One more thing GWR is just like your family doctor response real quick of your any email related to the wheels so go for it love their products.

I bought the Konig Hypergram 17x8 Carbon wheel W / Machined Lip for their light weight, 12 spoke design and motor sport inspired appearance. The carbon and chrome combination really looks good with the White Pearl Mica paint on my 2020 AE MX5 and the chrome lip and carbon color spokes match the car’s interior trim package very nicely. At 15.7 lbs each I was able to shed 9.2 pounds of wheel weight and with my GWR WilWood ultralight front calipers, Progress Springs, Racing Beat Sway Bars and Michelin Pilot Sport 215x45x17 Summer Tires I am very happy. The ride is solid to the road, comfortable and the car is so very pleasurable to drive whether commuting or driving bent roads.

Thanks GWR for all your advice. It always adds up to fun.
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I was on the fence about ordering these for a few months after purchasing my 2022 GT Miata because I wanted a true black wheel but Work Meisters were about the only option I found and at 4x the cost I couldn't justify that for a Oklahoma daily driver. Roads are so bad here I'm seriously considering ordering a 5th wheel just in case. So I went ahead and took the plunge and ordered these and couldn't be happier. The pics really don't do these wheels justice. I was really blown away by the quality for the price I paid. Wrapped with 235/40/17 Toyo Proxy Sport A/S, they look, ride, and perform above all my expectations. This is my 2nd set of wheels from GWR and highly recommend reading through their info at least twice before ordering anything. They really go out of their way to answer any/all questions.

Almost 5 pounds lighter each, carbon color spokes with a little bit of sparkly, beautifully machined rims and a little wider than stock. The ride seems smoother and more comfortable and with the 225/45-17 tires it grips the road a lot better. They were priced reasonably and the tech support to make sure I got the correct wheels was spot on. They are a little more open than the stock wheels which really shows off the red Wilwood four piston calipers.

I received excellent advice from Goodwin Racing about these Hypergrams. They give my car a completely new look. I am super happy with this purchase!

One word. WOW!

These look so great compared to stock.

I put 225/45/17 firestone indy 500s on these as I could get ahold of the contis GWR recommends. Combined with the 1 inch drop from the progress springs, my 2020 RF has the ride height and wheel gaps it should have come from the factory with. No more "tiny monster truck" look. I do not have any rubbing issues and the 225s look just right while protecting the rims a bit from the curb.

Packed really well, arrived in pristine shape. Don't lose the tiny wheel cap screws !

Was considering these wheels for a long time. When I saw them installed another car at this year's Fiat Freakout I decide to purchase them for my car. They look awesome in the box and I am sure they will look great on the car. GWR racing was very helpful in making selection. Before installation I will be reaching out to the exceptional team at GWR to get some tire size advice. Also will be ordering their lug nuts and want to get mild lowering springs. Goal is to not lower car too much or compromise comfort. I plan on adding 49mm red center caps to keep with red trim on white car theme. I will submit a picture of "Bianca" when installed.

Words don't do these wheels justice...well, AWESOME, maybe...

Beautiful wheels I purchased after seeing them on your silver RF. Flawless finish and great price. They are well balanced also, needing very little weight added. Mounted 225-45-17 Continental Extreme Contact Sport all weather tires on them at Good-Win's suggestion and it's a great setup.

As an avid bicyclist, I've found wheels and tires to be the best bang-for-the-buck performance upgrade. This holds true for our relatively light Spiders as well. Switching to the Konig Hypergram's from the Abarth factory wheels made a noticeable improvement in vehicle dynamics. Acceleration improved and the factory suspension came alive. At first, I mounted the OEM 205/45R17 Bridgestones. The narrower tires looked wrong on the 17X8 rims and the rear of the car broke loose unpredictable on tires. I quickly changed the tires to 225/45R17 Firestone Indy 500'S, The tires filled out the wheel wells and the handling of the Spider improved significantly. When the Firestone's wear out I'll try some the Conti ECS. For now, I'm very happy with the aesthetics and performance of Konig Hypergram's.

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