RoadsterSport NC Clutch Pedal Extension for MX5
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RoadsterSport NC Clutch Pedal Extension


For NC Miata ONLY

PART NUMBER: 61-2790


Price: $84.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $84.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


clutch pedal extension for the 2006-2015 MX5.

A Goodwin Racing exclusive! Designed specifically for the NC generation MX5 pedal. NOT a universal or generic part that *kind of* fits.

The clutch pedal extension spacer gives you better reach to the clutch pedal. If you feel like you have the perfect seat position for your height, arms and legs... but when you press that clutch pedal all the way to the floor your leg has to stretch a bit, and you don't want to adjust the seat forwards to fix that because then you're too close to the wheel, then this is your solution.

This extension spacer adds 1.5" to the height of the clutch pedal so that your leg doesn't have to strain to get that pedal all the way down at stop lights, in traffic, etc.

Great for anyone with shorter legs, but also works to improve comfort for those of "average" height too. Tall guys with long legs - this isn't for you, because you don't have the problem that this item solves.

Install notes: You will need a 4mm allen wrench, which is NOT included, the T style shown below is the most easy for opening the extension but a small 90 degree style is easier to complete the install in the tight pedal area. Remove the rubber grip from your factory clutch pedal. Then slide each half of the extension over the clutch pedal so that the metal pedal pad slides into the grooves inside the extension. Once both halves are on the pedal and merged together, install both bolts to hold the extension together (drop of thread locker won't hurt if you got it). Finally, install the rubber pedal pad onto the new extension. Note that the rubber is HARD to stretch over the extension. That's normal, and necessary for it to have a snug fit so that it doesn't move. A small metal pick with a bend in it can help you get the flap of the rubber underneath the lip of the extension. If your current rubber pedal pad is worn out or torn, it may not stay securely on the pedal extension. If it's easy to get the pad on/off, then it is likely torn. You can get a fresh rubber pad from Mazda, part # D350-43-028.




Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport NC Clutch Pedal Extension

I installed the clutch pedal extension, the rubber cover was a pain to put on. I am 70 years old, 6ft 2in tall and weigh 248 pounds, and had to put the seat 2 notches forward to put the pedal to the floor, this extension allows me to have the seat all the way back making exiting the Miata less difficult.

Sometimes you just don't know what you're missing until you have it. I was not looking for this item. I just happened to be surfing the NC mods and came across it. At first I thought is was a solution to a problem I didn't have, but then I started thinking about how cramped my right leg and arms were because of my seating position mandated by the clutch travel. I'm 5'10". I dislocated my right knee about 30 years ago and it bothers me at times when bent or in an odd position. Long trips in the NC would often take it's toll. Purchased this extension, and installed (Very Easy installation!) and immediately felt more comfortable behind the wheel. I think my driving control has improved as well. Don't think about this item making the clutch pedal closer, but rather providing more right leg room and arm position.

Great quality and shipped quickly. I bought a similar Ford Mustang product for my previous NC because these were not available at the time and this is much better quality. This pedal extension fits perfectly. I would recommend this to any NC owner.

Perfect fit for helping me get a more comfortable seat position.

Must have accessory for all NC owners, unless you like being shoved up under the dash...

Best thing yet! I am 5'11" with a 30" inseam. Right leg was nearly on the bolster for my left leg to nail the clutch. Amazing difference for 15 minutes work. Bought my car in August this year, now truly comfortable all around driving it.

Great improvement, my knees are no longer in my pockets. Install tip, use some dish soap on the pad to help slip it on.

Just what was needed to allow good seating position and comfortable posture for my 5'9" frame.

The description says this mod is not for tall people. I beg to differ. I'm 6'2" with a 34" inseam. The pedal position on my NC2 has bothered me since the day I bought it. If I moved the seat close enough to comfortably push the clutch pedal down, it resulted in my right foot/leg feeling jackknifed and uncomfortable. I tried the "gas pedal mod" (spacers behind the top of the throttle pedal) and it helped a bit, but I still wasn't comfortable. The only way for my right leg to not feel cramped/uncomfortable, was to move my seat all the way back, which resulted in my left leg being outstretched fully, not giving me a feeling of solid clutch control.

I ordered the NC Clutch Pedal Extension... I installed it and while it helped a ton with clutch control (my left leg is no longer fully stretched out with the seat all the way back!), the resting position of the clutch pedal now made it uncomfortable for my left leg, as my left foot was now feeling jackknifed while resting on the clutch pedal... I then spent ~10 minutes adjusting the clutch pedal with a couple of wrenches: I lowered the resting position of the clutch pretty dramatically and played around with the engagement point, while making sure there was still just a bit of play in the pedal before engagement (I think the factory calls for 0.2" to 0.5"). The result? Absolutely perfect! Exactly how it should have came from the factory!

So, I would agree that if a tall guy just installed this extension without adjusting the clutch pedal it would be too close and uncomfortable... but for tall guys such as myself, the combination of installing this extension while lowering the resting place of the pedal made it absolutely perfect!

This product is exactly what is needed so you dont have your right leg cramped up just to properly use the clutch.
I do not know why Mazda designed it so far back for the clutch release. It doesnt work like that on an NA .

This is a must have for your car. I now can shift smoother because of my new addition.

Quick, easy install. My position in the car is so much more comfortable. Definitely a "must have" mod!

This clutch pedal extension is great! I am 5 feet 9 inches tall, so not exactly "short". But I noticed that to have the clutch pedal at a good distance, I had to move the seat forward so that my throttle foot was cramped.

I just installed the pedal extension and took a long test drive. The pedal extension is well constructed of thick metal and feels solid. I have the seat back to a comfortable distance, and I am shifting smoothly. Hill starts are much easier. All in all, this is a big improvement!

For installation, I used a 4mm "L" shaped hex wrench with no problems. I added some form-a-gasket in the slots which clamp to the clutch pedal, to keep the extension tight. I don't have picks, so I used the trick of doing the job on a day when it is 90 degrees outside and the rubber pedal cover is soft.

Great product - thanks!

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