RoadsterSport BBK Weighted Aluminum Shift Knob - Black for Miata
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RoadsterSport BBK Weighted Aluminum Shift Knob - Black



PART NUMBER: 61-2791



Price: $69.00



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Price: $69.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


RoadsterSport B2 weighted aluminum shift knob

Fits all generations Miata/MX-5 from 1990-2019. Manual transmission only.

Brian's Big Knob! Designed on Brian's feedback, this CNC aluminum shift knob is internally weighted to give nice positive gear changes. Total weight is 385 grams. Anodized black. Extra large 2" diameter gives you something big to hold on to when rowing through the gears.

Brian's Comments. From the early days of Miata through the present the factory knob has struck me as comically small. Over the years we have offered many replacements that are a little bigger than stock, but I have always wanted one that really fills the hand. When our Fiat 124 joined the fleet I liked the weight of the knob it included, though the 124 is based on the ND Miata and uses an NC transmission the knob is heavier than any stock Miata knob ever was. So we sought to duplicate that weight while offering a bigger choice that fills the palm even more. Currently using this in two of our NC projects and our Fiat 124. Not for everyone, if your little wife is driving the car you likely want our Voodoo knob instead.

INSTALLATION: Super easy! Grab your stock knob and turn counter-clockwise and it will unscrew. Carefully lower new knob on threads, back spin it a little to feel it drop level onto threads, then carefully screw it down clockwise. It will usually stay tight enough for most folks but you can use a drop of thread locker.

Size compared to the 'Magnum' Voodoo knob shown left in picture, our BBK easily about double the size.

Picture in NC above, Picture in NB below:



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport BBK Weighted Aluminum Shift Knob - Black

Great buys for under $100 are just too hard to pass up. This is one of them. I was really thrilled at how this knob smoothed out shifts!

Well made and beefy! It does seem to improve the shifting and I like the bit of extra height it gives, but overall my hand is just too small (i wear a size small golf glove) to really get excited about it vs the stock knob. I do like the silky smooth feel as well, but, for me, it's just too bulky.

This early mod was an excellent choice. Shifts are smoother and quicker with this perfectly weighted knob! Feels great in my hand. Increases driver enjoyment for sure!

I've not had a lot of time with the car yet since installing the new knob. What time I have had, it made a nice improvement in the feel of shifting. I'll add more as I have more experience with it.

Excellent! Good size, slightly heavier than stock ND2 knob. It gets really cold overnight in winter...needs to be wrapped.

This knob was exactly what I was looking for. Great weight in your hand, perfect size for either grabbing the top like a ball, or holding it from the side as you would a pistol grip shifter. Only thing I can not speak on yet is the durability of the coating on it, as I have only had it for about a month and the car has been in storage most all that time. For the price, there is not another knob out there for these cars that is better. Buy it, you will not regret it.

One of the best upgrades to my track car! Big and beefy and heavy in a positive way. It fits perfectly in my hand and adds significant heft to each shift. With fresh fluid, my 6-speed shifts better than ever!

I always appreciate Brian's input/notes on items and recommendations. So when I saw that he made these specifically for NC Miata's I trusted his judgement. I've had a weightless Nardi leather shift knob for years on my NC which was over $100 in price (I liked the NA nostalgia with partnering with Nardi aspect thus why I bought it originally). I got used to it however was never a fan, felt cheap. So I finally wanted to make a change and glad I did! The weight of this knob is truly perfection for the NC. We have one of the greatest gear boxes out there and this knob brings it to entire different level. 80-90% of my driving is commuting so even the lower RPM and light gear changes feels superb and smooth. Under higher rpm and faster gear changes it feels like butter. Sure it's a bigger knob than most but is it is very comfortable and makes the shift distance feel slightly shorter. I actually laughed at how awesome and game changing it was the first time I took the car out with the new knob. I would of easily paid double for this knob. If you have an NC Miata, this should be one of your first purchases. Bravo sir, 10/10

I really like the overall size of the BBK. My hands are fairly large and the stock shift knob was just too small. My wife noticed it but didn't complain so it must work for smaller hands as well.

I like it. I added a 6-speed shift pattern button that I found on eBay for just $5 and it looks perfect.

This shifter knob is weighted perfectly, it has the a excellent feeling during both lazy and aggressive shifting. What I like the most is the aluminum doesn't get as hot as other metals (there were times with a stainless shifter I couldn't hold on due to the heat here in Florida) and cools off quickly. I only wish it was offered in other colors

This transformed the driving experience of my car.
The feeling in hand is phenomenal, and the weighted nature has the shifter simply sliding through gears with crisp and positive feedback. Can I shift faster? I don't know, probably, but regardless, don't miss this Shift knob as an outstanding opportunity to enhance sheer driving pleasure.

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