RoadsterSport ND/Fiat124 Clutch Pedal Extension for MX5-ND
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RoadsterSport ND/Fiat124 Clutch Pedal Extension


For ND MX5 and Fiat 124 ONLY

PART NUMBER: 61-2973



Price: $89.00



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Price: $89.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Anodized Aluminum Clutch Pedal Extension for the 2016+ MX5 and 2017+ Fiat 124. A Goodwin Racing exclusive! Designed specifically for the ND generation MX5 pedal for use with factory all rubber pedal covers. NOT a universal or generic part that *kind of* fits. (And the Fiat 124's clutch pedal is the identical part to the ND MX5 so it fits that too).

CNC cut from solid aluminum and then anodized for a durable finish. The result is a rigid part that will last a lifetime.

The clutch pedal extension spacer gives you better reach to the clutch pedal. If you feel like you have the perfect seat position for your height, arms and legs... but when you press that clutch pedal all the way to the floor your leg has to stretch a bit, and you don't want to adjust the seat forwards to fix that because then you're too close to the wheel, then this is your solution.

This extension spacer adds 1.5" to the height of the clutch pedal so that your leg doesn't have to strain to get that pedal all the way down at stop lights, in traffic, etc.

Great for anyone with shorter legs, but also works to improve comfort for those of "average" height too. Tall guys with long legs - this isn't for you, because you don't have the problem that this item solves.

Install notes: You will need a 4mm allen wrench, which is NOT included, the T style shown beelow is the most easy style to use to open the two halves but a short 90 degree style is easier for working in the tight space under the dash. Remove the rubber grip from your factory clutch pedal. Then slide each half of the extension over the clutch pedal so that the metal pedal pad slides into the grooves inside the extension. Once both halves are on the pedal and merged together, install both bolts to hold the extension together (drop of thread locker won't hurt if you got it). Finally, install the rubber pedal pad onto the new extension. Note that the rubber is HARD to stretch over the extension. That's normal, and necessary for it to have a snug fit so that it doesn't move. A small metal pick with a bend in it can help you get the flap of the rubber underneath the lip of the extension. If your current rubber pedal pad is worn out or torn, it may not stay securely on the pedal extension. If it's easy to get the pad on/off, then it is likely worn thin and/or torn. You can get a fresh rubber pad from your Mazda or Fiat dealer.



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport ND/Fiat124 Clutch Pedal Extension

Easy install. This addition makes a tremendous difference! Now I don't have to sit so close to the steering wheel but still have a comfortable and effective clutch pedal position. Definitely recommend this well-crafted addition.

I too am "vertically challenged" but have a tall torso which has made for some weird seating positions in various sports cars over the years. I bought this on a whim, used a small flat head screwdriver to pop the pedal cover off of the pedal, soaked it in extremely hot water, and then had the extension installed in 20 minutes or less. Great mod!

This is exactly what I needed. Allows me to move the seat back for a more comfortable seating position.

Great product! I'm 5'6" and noticed occasional missed shifts when shifting quickly. After seeing this product, and considering that I would like my seat to be back more to ease entry/exit so I wouldn't keep contacting the door with my foot when exiting, I thought I'd give it a try. The clutch pedal extension is a decided improvement! I sit back a bit further, can depress the clutch firmly and improved my shifting! It is much more comfortable for me. Heating the rubber cover to help stretch it over the extension is a must and makes the installation go much more quickly. Overall i'd highly recommend this clutch pedal extension for anyone who has shorter legs and would like a more comfortable rearward seating position and less stretch to fully depress the clutch.

Had big trouble getting the clutch cover back on. Kept heating the cover and taking it to the car. Eventually, brought the hair dryer to the car and heated the cover and the metal of the clutch pedal. It worked like a charm.
Great improvement in driving pleasure.


The difference this little extension makes in the feel of the clutch and shorter clutch engagement is a huge improvement. A must for anyone who has not found the sweet spot in the stock pedal.

I was looking for a minimal, safe, and easy-to-install clutch extender on my 2023 mx5. I had to slide my seat way up (too close to the steering wheel for airbag safety) just to fully press down on the clutch. It felt so awkward/uncomfortable.

This works like a charm and I can now slide my seat back much further and easily push the clutch all the way down.

Was very easy for my husband to install; peel/pull off the rubber clutch pedal pad from the clutch, screw on the extender over the clutch pedal, and then let the rubber clutch pad soak in very hot water for a few minutes so it will soften before "stretching" it on the installed extender.

Only con was when I received it, the two pieces were screwed so tightly together that I had to take it to an auto shop just to get the screws loosened.


Listen. Just buy it. I have the same advice of everyone else. I have been adding goodies to my NEW car and this is the best one. 5ft 7in and I was always between clicks on what felt right. This allowed the seat to go all the way back, making it easier for my dad bod to get in.

Second hint: Hairdryer. I spent 20 mins before I came back here and read the hairdryer. After that, 3 mins.

First of all, the Quality. A1 top quality part. Beautifully designed for a perfect fit.
Installation is easy. Remove Clutch Pedal pad, clamp the extension over the pedal then reinstall the clutch pedal pad onto the extension. As others have stated, you'll want to heat up the clutch pedal pad to slip it over the extension. The pad is a very stiff rubber and taking a blow dryer to it works wonders.
Function is better then I had expected. Of course I knew it would allow me to move my seat back but I was surprised at just how much more comfortable the new seating position is. I feel much further back, it gives a sense of a more spacious cabin. My throttle leg being further back also seems perfect, a more relaxed position with leg nearly str8. Getting in and out of the car is easier as well as I was always leaning forward to avoid rubbing up against the bulster and wearing it out. Now I get in and out easily without touching it. I did end up extending the dead pedal height by about an inch. Velcrowed piece of foam.
The Price: Some have complained. For me, after experiancing the diff for a month found this mod to be transformative and would consider it a bargain at twice the price.
Me: Im 5'7 200lbs with a 30" inseam

At 5'7 with a 30" inseam Ive mentioned so many times how the ND fits me like a glove. It did take me a while to get the seat adjusted just right but once I hit the sweet spot I was very happy. The tiny compromise was in order to depress the clutch firmly to the floor the seat was just a smidge further forward then Id like to have my right leg extended in a more natural position. My right knee was always bent a bit more then Id desire. Now with 40k miles on the car I finally decided to address it and man Im so kicking myself for not getting the clutch pedal extension sooner. It just arrived an hour ago, I had it installed in 10 mins. (Should have taken 5 but I tried to put the rubber pedal on over the extender without using a hairdryer to heat up the rubber) Once heating it up it was easy to reinstall. I moved the seat back a bit and actually added a little recline and its just so comfy. I took a 30 min drive and absolutly love, love, love this mod. My car no longer fits like a glove, now it fits like a condom! :)

To my short kings out there. Do yourself a favor and buy this product. Do not be like me and wait 20K miles to finally pull the trigger. The driving experience that this enables is how it should have been since the day we got our cars off the lot.

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