Konig Hypergram 17x10 +43 5x114 Carbon w/ Machined Lip for MX5 , 17x10
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Konig Hypergram 17x10 +43 5x114 Carbon w/ Machined Lip

2006-2015 · 17x10


PART NUMBER: 61-3076



Reg. Price: $339.73

Sale Price: $263.00



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Reg. Price: $339.73

Sale Price: $263.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


17x10 Race Wheel Project!

Goal for our fastest autocross and track customers is correct offset for plug and play with just a fender roll. Chosen offset will assume well over 2 degrees negative camber front and rear, and the more camber you use the less fender roll you need. Our Budget NC Racer shown here has -3 front camber, -2.5 rear. Assuming over -3 camber front need mild fender roll for 245/40 and medium fender roll for 255/40 RE71R on NC Miata, ton of roll and pull for 275/35/17 on NC (275/40 with light lip roll for RX8). Yes, this setup needs coilovers with serious spring rates to fit and be effective, lowered car to typically 13.25 height front, 13.4-13.5 rear measured from center of wheel straight up to fender lip, and ideally our front offset bushings (item 61-1054). Suggested MINIMUM suspension to control this big setup is at least our MeisterR ClubRace with 10kg front, 6kg rear, or our FEAL 441 Road Race with 12kg front and 7kg rear.

The Hypergram is a lightweight, 12-spoke design that is motorsport inspired in its construction, appearance and its ability to clear many big brakes! Utilizing Flow Forming Technology allows the Hypergram to be lighter and stronger.

Wheel Specs:
* 17x10
* 5x114.3 lug pattern
* +43mm offset
* 73.1mm center bore
* Weight ~17.9 pounds.

*Load Rating BIG 690kg (1521 lbs) for Racing!

Always test wheel for adequate clearance to fenders, chassis and suspension components before using these wheels. Failure to do so could result in vehicle damage, loss of control, injury or death.

Brake clearance:
Clears Wilwood 12.88" Big Brakes front and rear. Clears our 12.2" front BBK. Needs a 5mm spacer to clear Stoptech C-43 front BBK.

BRIAN APPLICATION NOTES: We have been racing our latest Budget NC Project on 17x10 that were originally made for Honda S2000 Racers and thought: why should the Honda guys have all the grip? To get that Honda fitment on our NC Miata we had to install long ARP upgraded wheel studs (not an easy install on NC) and 9mm of spacers to make an effective 43mm offset, which turned out to be right offset for relatively easy fit of 255/40 with fender roll on an NC Miata. This combo got us numerous Top Time of Day finishes, see video below. Having proved the speed of this setup we approached our friends at Konig about doing this special production 17x10 so customers could have an easy fit 17x10 without having to do the arduous install of long wheel studs and spacers. From prior racing efforts we know NC customers can use this for Hoosier 275/35R17 with fender lip roll/pull, and RX8 customers can use this wheel for 275/40/17 and just a mild fender lip roll.

Please do NOT buy these for your street car, these are a RACE FITMENT for customers actually RACING who can understand the fitment details above and actually make use of the grip. Tight lug pocket means we suggest our various tuner lug upgrades with these wheels, such as our McGard Spline Drive Lugs.

Why not just 17x9 for 255/40 Tire? That's a 10 inch wide tire and maximized support of the sidewall results in much sharper turn-in response, more stable contact patch, more ultimate grip. On our typical west lot courses same 255/40 tire on 17x10 consistently more than a second advantage for same driver in same car over 255/40 on 17x9, and that advantage is closer to 2 full seconds per lap at tracks like Chuckwalla Valley Raceway and Streets of Willow Springs!

Note that not all tires with label 255/40/17 size are really the same size, RE71R is the most easy to fit, Rivals take a little more work, and the new Yokohama A052 is way over the listed size and takes significantly more work (flat roll/pull in addition to really good camber like more than -3 front, more than -2.5 rear). This is a RACE FITMENT, be prepared to do what you need to do to fender lips to make it work, and you might get bit of rub inside at rear shock towers that can be answered with less rear camber and/or some hammering on contact point. If you want to run the Yokohama but fear you are not up to the job and getting sufficient flat roll/pull, we suggest you run the 245/40 size of AO52 and know even that will take fender lip roll.

17x10 Pictures Courtesy Customer Ty Hazelman

Falken 660 255/40 Tires, rolled and pulled fender lips.

Coilovers and -2.6 camber rear, -3.1 camber front.