Miata MX5-ND 2016-2024 · Superchargers and Turbos

Goodwin Racing Superchargers and Turbos

We have both an ND Turbo Miata and an ND Supercharged Miata, discussion of both projects in our forum Miata build threads.  The Turbo Miata makes more peak horsepower, the Supercharged Miata has more instant power delivery (because turbo lag still exists despite turbo makers wanting to pretend otherwise).  Thus, we prefer the supercharged Miata for autocross fun, it's just easier to precisely apply the power in the tight confines of autocross in the Supercharged Miata.  The Turbo Miata is fun for autocross but application of the power is a lot more difficult, that lower driveability is less of an issue in open road and open track situations.  With the Supercharged Miata we consider our radiator upgrades a MUST DO for even street use.  With the Turbo Miata the radiator upgrade is just the start of things, the turbo makes so much more heat that you need the radiator upgrade and dedicated oil cooler.  For both the Supercharged Miata and Turbo Miata we suggest our air scoop that puts more cool air against the aluminum transmission case to help cool it (see PART NUMBER: 61-2406).

Our ND Supercharged Miata RF here above also runs our Spyder Grille (see item 61-2209) which puts a lot more air through the nose of the Miata and through our ND Miata radiator upgrades.  That grille is standard with all Global Cup Car racing ND for the same reason: more cooling air. Our Supercharged Miata also runs our oil cooler kit (see item 61-1849).


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