Miata NA/NB 1990-2005 · Exhaust & Mufflers

Once upon a time we had a choice of chambered versus straight through Miata exhaust designs and there was much to consider. But all the popular Miata exhaust choices today are straight through smooth perforated core designs to maximize power gains and the choice among these now comes down to YOUR personal preference in sound level.

In general, the Racing Beat brand is the most conservative and quiet, our own RoadsterSport brand Miata exhausts are the next step up in volume, followed by the Jackson Racing Miata exhaust choices, and finally the Borla Miata exhausts.

For most of our Miata exhaust choices we have given you an estimate in each product description of how much louder that Miata exhaust is over the stock Miata exhaust sound level. Owners planning to go supercharger or turbo have additional factors to consider in picking a Miata exhaust and should contact us before picking a Miata exhaust.

Note that EVERY brand of exhaust we offer will unmask the 'pops' of unburned fuel that are NORMAL in every exhaust system but normally below the hearing ability of the average consumer.  If you have no idea what I am talking about in the last sentence then please go on YOUTUBE and search "sports car exhaust pops" for a quick education.  Funny story about exhaust 'pops', when the good folks at BMW designed their MINI they wanted to make it feel less econobox and more sports car so they included a highflow exhaust from the factory so consumers could hear the fun pops from the first test drive.  Bottom line, if you want to hear less, buy one of our more conservative choices like our Racing Beat mufflers, and if you want to hear more of the fun pops then get one of our more aggressive choices.

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