Miata NA/NB 1990-2005 · Exhaust & Mufflers

Note that EVERY brand of exhaust we offer will unmask the 'pops' of unburned fuel that are NORMAL in every exhaust system but normally below the hearing ability of the average consumer.  If you have no idea what I am talking about in the last sentence then please go on YOUTUBE and search "sports car exhaust pops" for a quick education.  Funny story about exhaust 'pops', when the good folks at BMW designed their MINI they wanted to make it feel less econobox and more sports car so they included a highflow exhaust from the factory so consumers could hear the fun pops from the first test drive.  Bottom line, if you want to hear less, buy one of our more conservative choices like our Racing Beat mufflers, and if you want to hear more of the fun pops then get one of our more aggressive choices.

Do NOT wrap headers. Wrapping headers VOIDS THE WARRANTY on every brand of header made.  The wrap holds moisture and also gathers petroleum emissions from under the hood like any oil leaking (meaning eventually you can have a fire).  Result includes fast degradation of that gorgeous polished stainless surface and the welds.   Wrapping headers is something that came from Drag Racing, but the Pro Drag Racers know it kills the header in exchange for another 1 or 2 hp scavenging benefit and they accept that it also means they get to rebuild the headers at the end of every race season.  Instead of wrapping headers consider our ceramic coated versions, or our header heat blankets (which don't trap moisture).  RoadsterSport warranties are to original purchasers.

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