MonsterFlow Rotationally Molded Miata Intake-- for Miata 1994-1997
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MonsterFlow Rotationally Molded Miata Intake--


PART NUMBER: 17-1001



No Longer Available
From Good-Win-Racing

No Longer Available
From Good-Win-Racing



A favorite Miata intake for 94-97 Miata. Why?

First, makes the most HP...10 at the wheels on the 94-97 Miata (see third party dyno test in our forum)!

Second, fits with all shock tower braces!

Third, has the best sound because it is NOT hard mounted to the driver's side fender like some other choices (hard mounting to fender causes all the mechanical noises to come through to you!).

Also STREET LEGAL..! CARB legal by executive order "D-591". This is the best intake we have for 94-97 Miatas. The other guys use ABS or other molding techniques that result in a finished product that is easily broken or cracks with use. But you can jump up and down on our rotationally molded intake and you won't damage it. Makes a genuine 10hp on the dyno on 94-97 Miatas...significantly better than any other intake we sell (Jackson CAI claims similar but gets there with a timing bump, our dyno results are third party and without any change in timing!).

Brian's Application Notes: we also sell the excellent Racing Beat Highflow intake but because that intake hard mounts to the driver's side fender the result is much more engine sound coming back through the metal to the driver. In contrast, the MonsterFlow for 94-97 mounts from a bracket off the motor and thereby benefits from the isolating effects of the motor mounts. The result is a wonderful sporty sound without the mechanical noise of other intakes. Unlike cheap imitations using cheap KaandN filters which use metal screens with oiled cotton stretched over them, the MonsterFlow filter has NO metal in it to absorb heat and no screens to block airflow through the filter media. Instead, the foam is folded around a plastic flow director vanes around a classic velocity stack and the result easily outflows any $10 KandN filter.

INSTALLATION NOTE: If you have cruise control as the car in this picture does then purchase our cruise control relocation bracket to complete your install.

SHIP NOTES: Currently made to order, please allow up to a week from placing order for intake to ship. Currently shipping with black filter...unless email request is made for RED filter shown in this picture (no difference in cost). SEE Optional Heatshield sold separately on this same website.

OUT OF STOCK....will NOT be more (maker out of business and we are just selling off the spare parts).