RoadsterSport II Stainless Steel Duals for 06+ MX-5 Miata! for MX5
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RoadsterSport II Stainless Steel Duals for 06+ MX-5 Miata!


PART NUMBER: 60-1218


Hear RoadsterSport II Stainless Steel Duals for 06+ MX-5 Miata! HEAR IT NOW!

Price: $399.95



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $399.95



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Our original 'bad boy' duals for the 2006 and newer MX5 Miata was the best selling Miata exhaust by a good margin before the RoadsterSport Q took the sales crown. This revised version II choice remains popular as a LOUDER duals choice, great for soft top owners who like to wind out their manual transmissions to redline. We suggest those adding headers or using automatics or the PRHT (Power Retracking Hard Top) look to the RoadsterSport Q.

Messing with the successful design to improve it was approached cautiously. We learned on the dyno in testing for our header that we had ideal flow into the muffler and through the core but that the 2.25 inch connections between muffler and the tips was actually too much, and that cutting to 2 inches from muffler to tip was ideal for maintaining exhaust gas velocity and maximizing horsepower gain. The connection into this muffler remains 2.5 inches for maximum flow and horsepower.

Other improvements in this version II include reinforced hangers and more sound insulation for an even more mild sound. Built in solid 304 stainless steel and completely polished to a mirror finish, our RoadsterSport exhausts are the only choice that incorporate baffle inserts that give YOU control over the final sound level.

YES, this Miata exhaust is a simple bolt on and includes everything you need (gasket too). Already a legend, our RoadsterSport II Duals Mazda MX-5 Miata exhaust is always in stock and shipping daily.

This Miata exhaust delivers the zoom-zoom that the factory exhaust does not. This Miata exhaust has an aggressive deep purr when you step on it. The factory exhaust on the 2006-2013 MX-5 Mazda Miata is one of the few places that Mazda wasted a good amount of weight. The thick mild steel stock Miata muffler canister on the 2006-2014 MX5 Miata saves Mazda a lot of money but it alone is over 27 pounds!

Our all stainless steel Miata exhaust uses the factory spacing, factory cutouts, and factory layout but saves 5 pounds of weight and adds more of a classic sports car sound. Note that the Magneflow system is 45 pounds, which is why we worked hard to take weight off by using higher density packing and higher perforation rate cores to bring our weight below stock level.

INCLUDES our exclusive baffle cone inserts which are REMOVABLE and allow you to set the sound to sporty...or extra sporty. Also available are optional packed baffles (see separate product description) with which you can quiet it down even more for longer trips.

With the baffle out the sound on this version II is about 25% more than stock. With the baffle in the sound is closer to 20% over stock. Baffles are retained by small hex bolts inserted from well under each tip.

Installation of this Miata exhaust is SUPER EASY...just two bolts! You don't even need to jack up the car, this installation can be done in your driveway! This Miata exhaust is guaranteed for as long as you own your Miata. Proudly made in the USA with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Fits all 2006 and newer with manual transmission MX5 Miata, automatic transmission MX5 Miata, and retractable hardtop MX5 Miata!

JUNE 2013 Update: New Rolled Tip Design! Had many requests for a new thicker rolled tip. The problem with the rolled tips that all our competitors use is that they are very heavy, which helps partially explain the ugly fact our competitors don't want to admit...which is that most our competition is HEAVIER than the stock muffler. As a famous racer once said, weight is the enemy, and making a muffler that is heavier than stock and calling it a 'performance muffler' is not our style here. It took a big investment in new equipment to come up with a rolled tip that didn't add weight to our high flow performance design...but it was worth it. These new dual 3.5" OD outlet tips complete the look of the exhaust and provide a more aggressive and sporting appearance.

Yes, still works with, and includes, our unique removeable baffles that put YOU in control over final sound levels. NOTE BREAK-IN of a few hundred miles before it settles to final sound level (during that time the interior metal is getting coated with carbon, which mellows the sound).

BRIAN'S NC MX5 Miata Exhaust APPLICATION GUIDE: We have a full range of exhaust choices for the new 3rd generation MX5 Miata. All of them give you better flow for more horespower, some of them save weight over the massive 26 pound stock unit.

Since one man's too loud is another man's too quiet, here is how each of our Miata exhaust choices ranks in terms of sound level: the Racing Beat is about 15% louder than stock and very deep sounding, the Magnaflow comes in about 15-20% more sound than stock, our RoadsterSport II Duals is actually adjustable for a range from roughly 25% to 35% more sound than stock depending on whether or not you use the included baffles or the optional packed silencer baffles, and MazdaSpeed ranks about 30% more sound than stock with a little more low end boominess. The RoadsterSport RACE single tip Miata exhaust is about 50% more sound than stock.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: This was our best seller for the manual transmission MX5 until the SuperQ came along. We prefer the RoadsterSport SuperQ for those with the automatic transmission or anybody considering purchase of a header...or anybody who wants it deep but mild and NOT loud. The demographics on this choice are interesting, as it is most popular with our buyers UNDER 30 years. My best guess on that fact is the younger guys tend to run the car in the upper RPMS more where this exhaust has its best note. Either way, if YOU are the type that rarely ventures over 4000 rpms then I strongly suggest the Roadstersport SuperQ instead for a more mild lower end sound.

Video on how the baffles are easily removed.


Read full installation hints and notes in our forum Installation Instruction Section! --- CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. The secret is LUBE your hangers well with dishsoap so you can get flanges aligned properly, and torque the supplied hardware to NO MORE THAN 25-30 ft/lbs (using more torque will actually result in LESS seal because you will pucker the flange out at the middle).



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport II Stainless Steel Duals for 06+ MX-5 Miata!

I love this exhaust. At first I thought it sounded very similar to stock but I called the support hotline and they told me it takes some miles to -mellow out-. I was not too sure what that meant but after 100 or so miles it already sounds deeper and bassier than stock. Beautiful sounding exhaust that does not sound like a can but more like a deep rumble. I was stuck between the super-q and RoadsterSport 2 and while the super q sounded nice, I wanted a louder and deeper sound with some occasional pops which is why I went with the roadster (RoadsterSport is louder than super-q so keep that in mind). When you first put this exhaust on, it won't be sounding to it is true potential but Brian said once it builds some internal carbon on all the oils and chambers it will sound more like it was designed. Very nice sounding exhaust even if you don't have the manifold and midpipe. I would say the YouTube videos they have posted are pretty accurate to what you will get once the sound mellows out. I highly recommend this exhaust and it is still a classic to consider even with the super q being a better seller.

I'm 72. Removed and installed in 1 Hr. Fits perfect and sounds great. Use dish soap on hangers. CRC on 2 old bolts. No problems. Great product. Looks good too. Removed baffles,sounds nice. Thanks for a great piece.

This axleback is one the best upgrades I have done to my baby girl. She purrs every time I step on the gas. Being automatic, reading the reviews, and Brian's application notes- i have to say this axleback was made for my car! I have to say that i wish it was a little louder but it makes up by adding a bit of performance you can feel. The car feels a lot quicker and revs high without trouble. Honestly if you are searching for an aftermarket exhaust and are looking into something like the "Q" axleback- then why shop at all! I'm sure the "Q" works great for those with induction and bigger displacement, but for stock automatic or manual, this Roadster Sport 2, is the way to go!

Absolutely love the RSII exhaust. Initially, I was pointed to the Super Q but after listening to many videos, I I realized I needed something a little bit louder as one man's loud is another man's quiet. I have zero drone from the exhaust and it sounds absolutely perfect. I even removed the baffles for a louder sound and find that it's more to my level of acceptable. I didn't necessarily need the exhaust hanger tool to install this, but I can see why others may it might be a good idea to grab this as well. All in all, this exhaust is a lot of bang for your buck and I highly recommend it. The sound is just perfect. It's the perfect level of growl with no drone and a hint of boom.

I'm a college student so I was wanting an affordable muffler with a nice deep tone as I'm trying to avoid sounding like a ricer. For my, convertible soft top, The ROADSTERSPORT II DUALS ARE THE PERFECT SOLUTION! It isn't annoying when you just want to casually cruise down the highway, but when you want to punch it you can really hear the throaty response. From the driver seat to me it sounds its best in fourth gear around 4000-5000rpms where it just purrs beautifully. Music to my ears!

Demographics - 24 year old male from New York.

Car - 2007 Mazda MX-5 Soft-top. Stock mid-pipe. Stock headers.

Very happy with the overall purchase! The exhaust note is subtle. Some folks say that this particular axle-back it drones? I have NOT had any issues with droning what so ever. This axle-back is how Mazda SHOULD have supplied from the factory.

It sounds very good with the soft-top down and up. However, I do wish it would have been a bit louder when you're on it. At high RPMs (above 4,500 to 6,500) it tends to die out (with the soft-top down).

Driving normally, (shifting at 2,500 - 3,000 RPM) you don't even notice that you have it installed. It sounds stock, which is the nice, subtle feature about this exhaust. When you get on it or shift above 3,000 - 3,500 RPM is when you hear the beautiful exhaust note. Again, I personally have found it to get quieter at the higher RPMs. This may be subjective?

Downshifting or declining or engine breaking you hear subtle burbles. The tone is very pleasant.

I'm personally going to pair this axle-back with the Helmholtz Mid-pipe. I'm not quite satisfied with overall volume with the axle-back alone. Again, this is subjective. I recommended starting with the axle-back alone and see how you enjoy it and go from there. I'm hoping that this will increase the overall tone. Also, I plan on getting the STREET header (catted) after the Helmholtz Mid-pipe to complete the setup.

Customer service was excellent and muffler arrived in a timely manner. Sound is sweet without the inserts, sure glad I did not go for the Q muffler. Q must stand for quieter. Have a CTS with 18" Magnaflows on it so this is by far quieter than the CTS, but grandson says i don't need to blow the horn anymore when I pick him up. It was suggested that I buy these as the one for the appearance package would not be available for months. If I were you I would wait for the appearance package mufflers as while these are longer than stock they are that short that you can not see the signature Roadster Sport logo, in fact you can only see a bit and unless you know what it is it look like scratches on the tail pipe. Other than that they sound awesome. The Roadster now sounds like a sports car.

Excellent product. Perfect fit at installation. High quality material. Sound as advertised. Took the baffles out: not too loud; a mellow note reminiscent of the old British roadsters. Customer service also excellent: ordered on Friday and delivered in remote northern Michigan the following Wednesday. Can't beat that.

My love affair with roadsters began with my 53 MGTD in the 50's, and has continued since then through many wonderful cars. I recently bought a 2010 Miata and wanted a more stimulating exhaust sound than the stock muffler offered, although it wasn't bad. I researched, read, and watched videos, and took a chance on the RoadsterSport II with fingers crossed.

It fits perfectly, looks great, is really well made, and sounds more like what I had hoped for. I ran it with the baffles in for a couple of days, then removed them. It's not a huge difference, but now we've really got something! The baffles are not necessary.

The car is relatively quiet at idle, rumbles softly at 1500 RPM on my quiet dead end road in 2nd gear, but now when I get on it, as the revs climb, the sound becomes a muted scream that says, oh boy, this is a race car! Down shift blips sound just right,I couldn't be happier and would recommend this muffler to anyone. I may be 79 now, but this brings me back to my SCCA racing days.

Thank you, I love it.

Installation was simple and it aligned perfectly. Installed it without baffles to see how loud it would be. At first, I only liked it because it looked good, but didn't sound much deep than the stock exhaust. After 600 miles, I LOVE it. It has a nice deep tone while cruising and when I drop the pedal the sound is amazing. Every once in a while, it gives a little popping noise when I back off the throttle or downshift. Makes me smile. It doesn't sound like all the other import cars. Now I have an exhaust sound to match the looks of my 6-seed Club edition.

I listened to more sound files online than I can recall to select a muffler that sounded "just right." That's a very difficult and sometimes inaccurate way to check these things out. I had narrowed it down to a few choices offered by Good Win and what made the final determination wasn't a sound file but a printed comparison on the Good Win website that included a "percentage" gain in volume over the stock muffler. That really helped me make up my mind that the RoadsterSport II was the right muffler for me. On a nasty, rainy day I went in to pick up the muffler at the San Diego store and I had Rocky at Rocky's Miata right next door install it. Couldn't wait, especially since I had a 25-mile drive to go home. It was perfect. A real plus are the removable baffles. On a regular day running errands, etc I prefer the baffles in but on a road ride just for fun, the baffles come out. There is a bit of drone so expect that. Nice muffler, especially with the baffle option. I think there is even a second choice of baffles to make it even quieter. I'm a 67-year old guy who really likes the sound. Good Win's write up was totally accurate - the young guys and the old guys seem to prefer the sound of this muffler. It's getting my 5 Stars.

Once again very impressed by a product that Goodwin has produced. The stock exhaust really is so quiet that you never hear it over the engine bay noise. I didn't even bother with the tip inserts and it sounds fantastic. It's just right! The high RPM decel is boomy but that isn't a complaint by any means. Can't wait to do the full headers back!

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