RoadsterSport II Stainless Steel Duals APPEARANCE PACKAGE EXTENDED TIP LENGTH VERSION. for MX5 , Appearance Package
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2006-2015 · Appearance Package


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Price: $429.00

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Please trust me when I tell you here that you do NOT want appearance package version UNLESS you actually have appearance package car....because tips would look silly on car that does not have appearance package. And also understand that even those with appearance package cars do not actually NEED appearance package version of the mufflers, Mazda made only one muffler for all versions of the car and even our standard version of this muffler has tips that are bigger and bolder and further out than stock muffler.

Only RoadsterSport exhausts come in fitments for the MX5 Miata FACTORY Appearance Package...SAME RoadsterSport II EXHAUST EXCEPT tips are extended 2 inches. Please be careful and check picture below of green MX5 and notice the seam running across the lower middle of the bumper. If your MX5 has that seam, then you have the appearance package. If you do not see that seam, you do NOT have the appearance package. Too many good folks think that because they ordered up a Grand Touring 2012 with 'everything' that they must have the appearance package....but usually they do not. ALSO, if you want your muffler tips to look as recessed/submerged as those factory tips, then order just our regular version, not this extended length version which will bring the tips out just past the edge of the plastic cutouts.

Our original duals for the 2006 and newer MX5 Miata was the best selling Miata exhaust by a good margin. Messing with the successful design to improve it was approached cautiously. We learned on the dyno in testing for our new header coming soon that we had ideal flow into the muffler and through the core but that the 2.25 inch connections between muffler and the tips was actually too much, and that cutting to 2 inches from muffler to tip was ideal for maintaining exhaust gas velocity and maximizing horsepower gain. The connection into this muffler remains 2.5 inches for maximum flow and horsepower.

Other improvements in this version II include reinforced hangers and more sound insulation for an even more mild sound. Built in solid 304 stainless steel and completely polished to a mirror finish, RoadsterSport Miata exhausts are the only choices that incorporate baffle inserts that give YOU control over the final sound level.

YES, this Miata exhaust is a simple bolt on and includes everything you need (gasket too). Already a legend, our RoadsterSport II Duals Mazda MX-5 Miata exhaust is now in stock.

This Miata exhaust delivers the zoom-zoom that the factory exhaust does not. Very mild at cruise, this Miata exhaust has a nice deep purr when you step on it. The factory exhaust on the 2006-2012 MX-5 Mazda Miata is one of the few places that Mazda wasted a good amount of weight. The thick mild steel stock Miata muffler canister on the 2006-2012 Miata saves Mazda a lot of money but it alone is over 27 pounds! Our all stainless steel Miata exhaust uses the factory spacing, factory cutouts, and factory layout but saves over 7 pounds of weight and adds more of a classic sports car sound. Note that the Magneflow system is 45 pounds, which is why we worked hard to take weight off by using higher density packing and higher perforation rate cores to bring our weight below stock level.

Finished in three inch tips which INCLUDE our exclusive baffle cone inserts which are REMOVEABLE and allow you to set the sound to sporty...or extra sporty. Also available are optional packed baffles (see separate product description) with which you can quiet it down even more for longer trips.

With the baffle out the sound on this version II is about 25% more than stock. With the baffle in the sound is closer to 20% over stock. Baffles are retained by small hex bolts inserted from well under each tip.

Installation of this Miata exhaust is SUPER EASY...just two bolts! You don't even need to jack up the car, this installation can be done in your driveway! This Miata exhaust is guaranteed for as long as you own your Miata. Proudly made in the USA with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Fits all 2006 and newer with manual transmission MX5 Miata, automatic transmission MX5 Miata, and retractable hardtop MX5 Miata!

BRIAN'S NC MX5 Miata Exhaust APPLICATION GUIDE: We have a full range of exhaust choices for the new 3rd generation MX5 Miata. All of them give you better flow for more horespower, some of them save weight over the massive 27 pound stock unit. Since one man's too loud is another man's too quiet, here is how each of our Miata exhaust choices ranks in terms of sound level: the Racing Beat is about 15% louder than stock and very deep sounding, the Magnaflow comes in about 15-20% more sound than stock, our RoadsterSport Duals is actually adjustable for a range from 15 to 25% more sound than stock depending on whether or not you use the included baffles or the optional packed silencer baffles, and MazdaSpeed ranks about 30% more sound than stock, and our RoadsterSport Q is about 10 to 15% more sound than stock. The RoadsterSport RACE single tip Miata exhaust is about 50% more sound than stock.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: This was our best seller for the manual transmission MX5 for years, but the RoadsterSport Q is now the best seller. We prefer the Q for those with the automatic transmission or anybody considering purchase of a header...or anybody who wants it nice and mellow. The demographics on this choice are interesting, as it is most popular with our buyers Under 30 years of age....and over 60. My best guess on that fact is the younger guys tend to run the car in the upper RPMS more where this exhaust has its best note, and the customers over 60 tend to do the same because so many of them came from a history of British sports cars where life began over 4000 rpms. Either way, if YOU are the type that rarely ventures over 4000 rpms then I strongly suggest the Roadstersport Q instead.

Read full installation hints and notes in our forum Installation Instruction Section! --- CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. The secret is LUBE your hangers well with dishsoap so you can get flanges aligned properly, and torque the supplied hardware to NO MORE THAN 25-30 ft/lbs (using more torque will actually result in LESS seal because you will pucker the flange out at the middle). Note you cannot smoothly bend metal without a thin layer of machine oil so expect that will take 100 miles of driving to burn off.



Customer Reviews


Exhaust sounds great, burbles and pops on deceleration. Paired with FM Mid Pipe. Install was easy. Currently dealing with some rattles, but I think its caused by the under trunk heat shield.

Well it's just 30% louder then the stock it's not super loud but Ta a nice touch and looks amazing on the car... Me personally would have liked it a little louder but that's me

Installation was very easy! Removing the stock muffler was a little tough with the hangars but nothing too crazy. This exhaust Sounds great without the baffles even after a 280 mile drive to Las Vegas. So far no issues with drone noise. After around 500 miles the muffler gets a little louder but thats what i wanted. Great product overall!

The ideal choice for the Club MX-5 owner wants their exhaust to extend BEYOND the bumper trim. Take Brian at his word that this is a pretty big amount of extrusion. For me this was a desired effect, to remind me of how the exhaust hung out of my dad's old Alfa. If you want to hear your motor sing in the upper revs like a choir of internal combustion angels, this is the one. I agree with Brian, aftermarket headers need not apply unless you want to SCREAM. (Think: straight-piped Harley loud.)

I almost went with the Q because I was worried about getting a loud exhaust. It's difficult to judge sounds based solely on the internet... I have made this mistake before (gambled and lost). This time, I won.

-This is my first aftermarket muffler that fit without any monkeying around with hangers or mid-pipe (the oem muffler was a PITA to get off)
-The sound is modest and classy. Softer and gentler in person compared to the internet videos... which scared me into almost not buying it (if Good-Win took this muffler on tour, he would sell a boat-load)
-It's not loud, not obnoxious... not at all like a ricer that attacks the ears. This piece hits the ears just right, all my other senses still notice everything else during the drive, nothing is lost
-It idles at about stock db

My theory is, if you're going to spring for somthing to enhance your driving experience, you should be able to enjoy it. This takes nothing away from my drive... I shall enjoy.

(Completely stock '12 MX-5 + RS2)

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