Packed Baffle Insert for RoadsterSport Miata Muffler for Miata
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Packed Baffle Insert for RoadsterSport Miata Muffler


PART NUMBER: 60-1324


Price: $49.00



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Price: $49.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Glass Packed baffle insert for RoadsterSport 3 and newer RoadsterSport Mufflers only, cuts sound a few decibels when installed. Does NOT fit other brands of mufflers! RoadsterSport mufflers ship with removable baffles but for those that want even more control we offer these glass packed baffles. Each unit is about 7 inches long and acts like a small additional muffler that slides into the tip of your RoadsterSport. All stainless steel construction for years of driving pleasure.

Thanks to lock washer 15 ft/lbs is enough torque on retaining nut.

This is for folks that want to bring the sound DOWN for longer trips, etc. Uses same retaining screw as stock baffles.

Note these are shipped in condition the factory calls 'raw' because despite being 304 grade stainless we do not polish them, visible tooling marks the length of the body are normal as is welding tarnish. No point in polishing them because that high labor process would double the cost yet when inserted inside the exhaust tip they will quickly gather more tarnish and soot.

Sorry, does NOT fit older RoadsterSport 1 or II, RACE, or any other brand of muffler.

Video below of installing the packed baffle:



Customer Reviews

Packed Baffle Insert for RoadsterSport Miata Muffler

I have the full Roadstersport exhaust system and this is exactly what I needed for street driving. The original insert that came with my RS axle back was OK but didn't do too much against the noise. This was easy to install and remove for track, love the low rumble it still allows without getting too loud with higher revs.

I have the full RoadsterSport exhaust, which I love, but the header makes it very loud. The standard baffle isn't enough, but this baffle not only brings the volume down to tolerable levels, it shapes the sound into a rich baritone. At normal acceleration, it's relatively quiet, much like this exhaust without the headers, but press the loud pedal, and it ramps up to a perfect level of entertainment.

On the highway, there is a pleasant murmur at steady throttle, with very little drone, even with the top up. It is an all around improvement to the volume and shape of the sound.

I no longer listen to the radio; my music comes out of my tailpipe.

The glass-packed baffle makes the RS III exhaust a perfect sound. With this combination, I still get the sound at WOT, but it's quieter at normal driving and almost undetectable at cruising speed. On the highway you can hear it a bit, but much quieter than my older Power Pulse. No drone at all, at least not yet. Overall, I think this is about as perfect as you can get without going custom exhaust.

I have a roadstersport 4 muffler on my otherwise stock engine nb. I love the volume of the exhaust and pops on decel normally, but it can drone a little on the highway above 75mph with the soft top and especially with the hardtop. I use this baffle for highway drives longer than a few hours and then it's back to almost stock volume. It only takes a minute to install or take off and is totally worth it for road trips.

Great quality-like I knew it would be. Had to cut .06 off O. D. to make it fit my Bora tips. No problem- using it when going on long drives.

Exactly what I was looking for to cut the buzzy drone out right below 3k rpm on the full RS3 system. It was particularly bad with a hard top on, but now it's totally comfortable. Very surprised at the difference that this little thing made, although I must admit it doesn't sound quite as mean as it does without it. For longer drives though, the trade off is worth it.

It toned down the rs3 muffler. I think they should push the baffle more. Without it the muffler is loud (in a good way) . For a daily driver it definitely makes life easier. If I had known about this part I would have ordered it at the same time as the rs3.

I bought one of these glass-packed baffle inserts when I bought my RoadsterSport 3 cat-back exhaust. Installing this baffle instantly attenuates the exhaust noise and cockpit vibration/rattle levels to original equipment, production-car levels while retaining the RoadsterSports' distinct timbre. It's a quality piece if engineering that provides an additional exhaust note option for RoadsterSport 3 owners.

Exactly what was needed to mellow out the combo of the RS3 muffler and midpipe for day to day use. Highway resonance is almost entirely gone, down to a level that's barely perceptible. The tone is also very smooth yet you still get the pops and backfires so the character is still there. Only complaint is I wish the insert was a little further back and less visible from the rear but as it gets more mileage and covered with exhaust soot it should blend in better.

Just added the baffle to the Roadster Sport 3. Really like it. Did just what I had hoped. Still a bit louder than stock and keep the performance gains.

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