RoadsterSport MAX Power MX5 Miata Header---BRIGHT SILVER CERAMIC FINISH Stainless Steel for MX5
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RoadsterSport MAX Power MX5 Miata Header---BRIGHT SILVER CERAMIC FINISH Stainless Steel





Price: $669.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.

Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $669.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.

Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Limited Edition Ceramic Coated. Our regular version is polished stainless, which will bronze and blue in response to the heat of use. As a result, got some requests to do bright silver ceramic coating over the polished stainless, which improves long term appearance and performance (about 3% better dyno results with the ceramic coating, see forum 2012 project discussion).

Gorgeous! Nothing comes close to our famous RoadsterSport MAX Power Header! Look at those smooth curves! Sexy all T304 polished stainless steel is formed into equal length primaries that run for max length to the flange for max power...with a lifetime warranty! Beware some other choices on the market that swap with the factory header like this one but use shorter primaries for less power and use cheap manufacturing techniques with lots of welded standard sections which compromises flow and long term reliability (which is why they won't match our warranty!)

We put incredible effort into making the exit at the collector as smooth and perfect as we can get it because this collection point is the KEY to good header flow and we had to make sure this was done as perfect as possible. Note we use the factory collector our fit is as factory-like as possible.

Our collector outlet is 2.5 inches. Curiously, the factory outlet is ALSO 2.5 inches and then the factory exhaust chokes down after that point. For best performance customers should match our header with our midpipe and exhaust so they are running 2.5 inches of flow all the way...but our header will bolt in place of the factory header and connect perfectly to the factory midpipe. Note that we have no O2 sensor connection in our part to keep flow as clean as we can get it but also because we could see no purpose in locating them in the header since doing so will throw a code because pulling the factory header includes removal of the first catalytic converter.

TWO choices on what to do with the O2 sensors with our header. Choice ONE is buy our midpipe which is designed to take both O2 sensors...and includes two O2 sensor before the midpipe's converter and one after the midpipe's converter to help avoid a code by simulating the factory installation before. Second choice is to have an O2 bung welded by your local muffler shop before and after the factory second converter in the factory midpipe to replicate the setup we are doing with our midpipe. Both choices require extension of the O2 wires and WE NOW HAVE THE OPTIONAL SHORT and LONG O2 EXTENSION CABLES ON THIS WEBSITE to make the install plug and play!

CARB NOTICE: Installing this header in the 2006 through 2013 MX5 Miata means removing the first catalytic converter which means this header will NEVER be a California street legal header, never be CARB approved (and therefore legal in California for off road use only). Sorry, we will not ship these to residents of California.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: This is THE header for peak power on the NC, proven results over and over for a decade. Our normally aspirated customers making the most power, and our supercharger customers making the most power, are all using this header (our Supercharged 2.0 2007 makes 308 hp at the wheels with THIS header, our 2.5 liter conversion 2006 makes 221 hp at the wheels with this header, see our forum project threads for dyno prints). The first converter is also a pretty good resonator so understand that installation of any non-catted header like this one will raise the exhaust sound level at least 20%. Therefore, we strongly recommend the RoadsterSport Q muffler with any header change because it was designed to handle the sound level of the header, and our new Helmholtz midpipe will tame the character of the sound before it reaches the SuperQ. YES, fits Manual and Auto trans, both LHD and RHD.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read full installation hints and notes in our forum Installation Instruction Section! --- CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. YES, fits both manual and automatic.


PICTURE OF FACTORY HEADER BELOW, Note the pinch point circled in red, which chokes the power this motor can otherwise make.


Customer Adam Walker in Australia

. Happy to say Australian customers can get this header from our exclusive Australian Dealer,



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport MAX Power MX5 Miata Header---BRIGHT SILVER CERAMIC FINISH Stainless Steel

Had this ceramic coated header, catted midpipe and Super Q installed by Joe at Dynotronics, along with an EcuTek tune. Still need to datalog and get a tune revision, but the car runs and sounds great. Quality products!

This header is a piece of art, noticeable power increase. Sound increase for sure but nice with the Super Q muffler.

Maxpower header and Mid-pipe gave my 2010 mx5 the sound of a sports car. Since install I have had multiple people comment on how badass my mx5 sounds!!!

My girlfriend and I were going to an event here in Louisville, KY and we were waiting to get into the fairgrounds and this guy in the vehicle next to us rolled his window down and asked about the exhaust and how it made him want another Miata!!!!

I'm very pleased with the GWR MaxPower header. The build quality is top-notch and installation was straighforward. Coupled with the GWR Roadstersport midpipe and Race muffler the header has definitely raised overall sound levels, especially on acceleration. But after about 1,000 miles of driving the overall exhaust sound at highway speeds has mellowed sound.

Even though I'm still waiting for an updated tune I can already tell the header is allowing the car to make more power, especially low-end power. I'm finding I have plenty of power in second gear on the autocross course, and on the street I'm finding I have enough power around town that I don't need to downshift from third to second for power coming out of turns as I did before.

In short, GWR has produced another superb product!

I Combined this with the rest of the GWR setup, Mid Pipe, Exhaust and now I got the header, here is a few things to take notice, i drove a good while with just the GWR Exhaust and Mid-Pipe and the extra performance is noticeable but minimal , it was more for the sound than anything and without a Tune you won't feel the extra ponies, as for the sound with just the Mid and exhaust it was great, nothing loud at all and after a while you wish you had more noise, now as soon as i installed the header, there was no doubt noticeable gains and differences, First the sound did increase and in a very good way, sounds like an angry bee, just the way i liked it, turns heads all the time. as for the performance , at first it isn't responsive fast enough and the more you drive the more you will see the difference,after a while it was nothing but fun! and i am taking about a 6AT, more mid and high end power, So after all this, you have to do a Tune! which i did the next day, i sent in the ECU for Bench tuning! the pitch and noise changed afterwards to a perfect sound but the fun is priceless, as Brian mentioned before, start with the Headers plus Tune if you want to see performance and this is my choice!

Oh one more thing, make sure you get both 02 sensor extension cables,

Great product!!!! I installed the header, RoadsterSport Race muffler, and mid pipe with converter. The header is well finished and fits perfectly. Installation just takes some patience.

Installed a full Goodwin exhaust on my 2009 MX-5 in Dec. 2013. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in that these components are works of art! Very nicely done and for a split second I had to debate if I was going to install it on my car or just hang it on the wall. (I went to High School in the 70's so the stuff we could get back then seems downright stone age in comparison).

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