MX5 Miata Limited Slip Quaife ATB Differential -QDF9F  for MX5
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MX5 Miata Limited Slip Quaife ATB Differential -QDF9F


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No Longer Available
From Good-Win-Racing

No Longer Available
From Good-Win-Racing


The Quaife MX5 Miata Limited Slip Differential powers both drive wheels under nearly all conditions, instead of just one. With an ordinary open differential, standard on most cars, a lot of precious power is wasted during wheelspin under acceleration. This happens because the open differential shifts power to the wheel with less grip (along the path of least resistance). The Quaife MX5 Miata Limited Slip, however, does just the opposite. It senses which wheel has the better grip, and biases the power to that wheel. It does this smoothly and constantly, and without ever completely removing power from the other wheel.

In drag-race style, straight-line acceleration runs, this results in a close to ideal 50/50 power split to both drive wheels, resulting in essentially twice the grip of an ordinary differential (they don t call open diffs "peglegs" for nothing).

In cornering, while accelerating out of a turn, the Quaife MX5 Miata Limited Slip biases power to the outside wheel, reducing inside-wheel spin. This allows the driver to begin accelerating earlier, exiting the corner at a higher speed.

The Quaife MX5 Miata Limited Slip also controls loss of traction when the front wheels are on slippery surfaces such as ice and snow or mud, providing the appropriate biased traction needed to overcome these adverse conditions. The Quaife MX5 Miata Limited Slip Differential provides constant and infinitely variable drive. Power is transferred automatically without the use of normal friction pads or plates seen in other limited-slip designs.

The Quaife s unique design offers maximum traction, improves handling and steering, and puts the power where it is needed most. A definite advantage whether on the track or on the street.

The Quaife MX5 Miata Limited Slip is extremely strong and durable and since the Quaife is gear operated, it has no plates or clutches that can wear out and need costly replacement.

The Quaife MX5 Miata Limited Slip is great for street driving or racing. Racers don t have to put up with locking mechanisms or spools that created unwanted understeer under power, or in the case of front-drive cars, even tear the steering wheel out of their hands when cornering. Because it behaves like an open differential during ordinary driving, street drivers will have trouble telling it s there until pushing the car s limits.

The Quaife Differential has been proven in everything from SCCA Rally to Formula 1. It provides autocrossers with such an advantage, it has become "required" equipment for a winning effort.

More and more auto manufacturers are specifying the Quaife ATB Differential as original equipment in their high performance models for good reason it works!

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Recently added this unit to our NCLIGHT project and it puts down the power smoothly with no drama so we can focus on driving hard (see our victory in Grassroots Magazine against a field of Vettes and Vipers at the NARRA Championship). These specific differentials are basically like all the Quaife differentials, a gear-driven torque biasing design, and can use the factory fluid with no problems. They are much more durable then the factory differentials and will bias power to whichever wheel has the most grip, which makes them ideal for autocross, road race, drag race applications, anything you can throw at them.

Install-wise, these Quaife diffs require the final drive gear to be swapped over from the OE diff to the Quaife, and uses the same carrier bearings as OE, with an identical install procedure as the factory differential.

The factory 06-12 limited slip is NOT a Torsen unit like earlier factory Miatas. Instead, Mazda went with less costly Tochigi Fuji Sangyo GKN Super LSD, which is a weaker cone clutch unit that is 'okay' for street use but not competitive for autocross or track.

These are a special order from Europe and take about 30 days currently to build and deliver, so if you want something faster look at our OSGiken.



Customer Reviews

MX5 Miata Limited Slip Quaife ATB Differential -QDF9F

This made a significant difference in cornering traction, especially on uneven surfaces or with sand/gravel on the roads compared to my open differential. I have not been able to get the inside wheel to spin on hard acceleration corners. The only wheel spin comes on very slippery surfaces and both rear wheels are turning over...need to understand that as with both wheels spinning, the rear end acts as you would expect. Very please with the result and looking forward to getting the supercharger in the near future now that I can get the power to the wheels.

Nice! Decided on the Quaife due to the very low maintenance and being able to use "regular" fluid in the diff. This one I had my mechanic install, and noticed a difference on the drive home from the shop (wasn't expecting that). I believe it increases the "effective horsepower" of the car, since it can get more power to the ground. If it fits in your MX-5 mod budget, I say go for it. Plus it's a "safety" upgrade since you'll get better traction in snow and rain, right? :-)

Installed a while back and just now got the the review. (sorry Brian)

Absolute must have if you intend to drive enthusiastically and started with the open diff..

I now drive YEAR ROUND (in minnesota) and have NEVER gotten stuck.
Also have tracked it at BIR and done a few road rallys... the LSD makes a MASSIVE difference!!!!

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