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Complete Good-Win Racing Edition 1.62 Inch Primary PPE LONG tube MX5 Header and Midpipe - Stainless Steel



Miata MX5 2006-2015 · Exhaust

Part Number: 61-1078

Application: 2006-2015

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Sale Price: $1,140.00


Complete Good-Win Racing Edition 1.62 Inch Primary PPE LONG tube MX5 Header and Midpipe - Stainless Steel
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Sorry, this product is not available to residents of California.
Ultimate 2.0 Long Tube MX5 Header for SCCA Competitors.

These headers are now full stainless steel construction

The original PPE Long tubes were developed for our STR class racers using 1.5 inch pipe and other vendors jumped on the bandwagon and pushed that version as the header for everything....but our continued testing resolved that the ideal version for 2.0 liter customers needed to move to bigger 1.62 inch tube size. Our testing found the 1.5 inch pipe version cut the top end a bit too much, 1.75 inch cut low range torque, and 1.62 is just right. Thus we bring you the exclusive Good-Win Racing version of the PPE header in the MUCH IMPROVED 1.62 primary size for better top end in addition to smooth broad torque curves. This is the best size for 2.0 customers, also works very well for customers who might go to 2.5 liter motors as our testing of this size on 2.5 liter motors has proven (199 ft/lbs torque in our testing on stock 2.5 motor!).

INCLUDES special midpipe shown here AND our both our O2 extensions necessary to make install plug and play (beware other vendors selling smaller primary version of this header AND without these extensions as they expect you to hack your harness as part of the install)

Fits both Manual Transmission and Automatic Left Hand Drive only. Designed for STR class racers but available to all.

Due to the SCCA STR class rule changes not requiring a cat in the header for 2012, our friends at PPE developed a new race header that makes more midrange power than the previous PPE header with converter.

The header features equal length runners and a specially designed collector. Our early version of this header was mild steel but now we've updated these to full stainless steel construction.

The integrated midpipe is made of 304 stainless steel and has a 200 cell per inch magnaflow 5" round catalytic converter in it. The header and midpipe combo will bolt to your stock or aftermarket muffler.

An aftermarket muffler is required for optimal performance. The Dyno Testing shown in our forum was done using our Good-Win Racing RoadsterSport Race muffler.


Equal length tubing
3/8" thick laser cut flanges
Mandrel bent 16 gauge stainless tubing
Runners are welded with Silicabronze at the head flange
Porting at flanges
Flat sanded head flanges
Integrated high-flow cat

ECT Catalytic converters are EPA and OBD2 compliant (but this setup NOT CARB approved for California). Sorry, cannot ship to residents of California.

Includes complete custom stainless midpipe with converter and resonator.

This will NOT connect to factory midpipe like our other choices but does include special midpipe (with converter and resonator) shown below that will connect to any of our exhaust choices to maximize power for those racing their MX5.

NOTES ON SOUND LEVEL: Yes, you could hook this to our RoadsterSport Race muffler but expect SPORTY sound results. Daily Street drivers wanting a more tame sound level can bolt this to our RoadsterSport Q. Here are the notes from STR class competitor Jay B, the PPE test driver:

"Quick sound update from San Diego official testing on 3/24. New PPE long tube, catless header + PPE catted mid-pipe + Goodwin Race muffler w/out baffle insert. Air temp was ~ 60F with ~ 65% RH. Car to sound meter spacing was approx 40-45ft instead of the SCCA 50ft spec to ensure there were acccurate readings and to not exceed the 50ft distance. At WOT at 7k+ rpm, sound was ~ 93db. No additional readings were made using the baffle insert, but prior testing I've done shows it reduces ~ 0.5-1.0db."

WEIGHT COMPARISON: Stock header is 16 lbs not counting the heat shields; stock midpipe is 17.5 lbs; stock muffler is 27 lbs, so total stock system is 60.5 lbs. The PPE long tube header and midpipe system is now 36 lbs without any muffler; add 7 lbs for a Goodwin Race muffler.

Most will likely run our RoadsterSport Race or RoadsterSport Street Single with this choice. No, it will NEVER be CARB legal, which means it is sold for off road race use only and may never be used on the highway in California! NOW SHIPPING! NOTE WE HAVE A SPECIAL LENGTH EXTENSION CORD FOR THE FIRST O2 sensor included (ITEM 61-1078-B). Also included now is the longer extension cord for the second sensor (item 61-0098RD)

HEAR it NOW with our RoadsterSport Race exhaust in SCCA Autocross.

INSTALLATION NOTES: This is small volume item, hand made in batches of just 10 units at a time and fitment varies a bit unit to unit. Therefore, expect a little fiddle factor with the install as NORMAL with this choice, it's really for the RACERS only and if you are not racing the car in STR then you are likely much better off with our RoadsterSport headers (RoadsterSport header has more peak power, particularly with big 1.8 inch primary version). You will not get the long tube advantage of area under the curve in the low through mid range without hours spent on the dyno, if that process is not for you then look at our plug and play standard length headers. This unit so LONG that customers often report that install REQUIRED both removal of alternator and disconnection of one engine mount to raise motor to get this big boy in (so if that is more than you want to take on try our various shortie headers that are same length as stock header). You want our O2 extension cables below to make the install as plug and play as possible.

NOW MADE FOR THE AUTOMATIC, Let us know if you have auto transmission.
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I received the Roadstersport II, and I wanted to compliment you guys on an awesome product. The Miata should have these on from the factory. They make a great sound, that is not obnoxious at all. The exhaust also installed seamlessly!!! I will buy all of my Miata stuff from you in the future. Thanks,

-- Nate

I have to say that your website is one of the cleanest, most functional and easy to use. There are a lot of independent part sellers that have horrible websites and it was a joy to use yours and even explore the customer car gallery and the good win build page. Thank you for a great experience.

-- Matt C.

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