Singular Motorsports Miata ECU Bracket for '99+ for Miata 1999-2005
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Singular Motorsports Miata ECU Bracket for '99+


PART NUMBER: 61-1587


Price: $59.00



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Price: $59.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


NEW 99-05 Miata ECU Mounting Bracket in Aluminum by Singular Motorsports. IF you swap to one of our Megasquirt or Adaptronic ECU upgrades you end up having a quandary about how to mount your new ECU. Seen a lot of customers simply use some sheet metal screws and the results are less than secure or stable. This bracket picks up stock mounting holes and and is pre-drilled to mount Megasquirt or Adaptronic ECU upgrades in a professional and secure manner.

This bracket locates the ECU in the factory location for the 1999-2005 miatas under the dash.

ECU Bracket for the 99-05 miata
Hole patterns for Megasquirt, MS3 Pro, AMS EMS-4 and Adaptronic
Places the ECU UNDER the dash using the factory mounting points.
keeps the ECU cool and dampens vibration
Brushed aluminum and Lightweight (weighs only 6 ounces)

For those with REVERENT-built (MS-Labs) ECUs, a small pair of adapter tabs are necessary to fit the ECU to this bracket. Write in the notes during checkout that you need these and we'll include them. Please note if you have Reverent's older style MS3 Basic ECU with a larger footprint this bracket will not be compatible.


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Advanti Racing Storm S1 15x8 Grey
Advanti Racing Storm S1 15x8 Grey

MIATA NA/NB 1990-2005 · 15x8

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Customer Reviews

Singular Motorsports Miata ECU Bracket for '99+

Finish - 9/10
Fitment - 7/10
Just wish they thought about the Vaccum line and made a hole for it to go through the small side panel.

This MegaSquirt bracket is nice. It's very well made. I have a MS2e from Reverant (MSLabs). The MS2e fits well and mounts fine with the supplied tabs. The tabs are a perfect fit on the MegaSquirt side, just take two of the allen head screws off per side and attach the tabs. The tabs then secure onto the bracket by zip ties or screws; I decided to use stainless steel bolts and nuts to mount the MegaSquirt to the bracket. The Reverent MS2e has a 37pin connector and serial connector on the side opposite from the stock harness which orients towards the engine bay. The bracket will work without modification but I did not like that it will pinch the serial cable, so with little modification with a Dremel I took out a little piece so the serial cable and connector will clear. The bracket mounts perfectly to the ecu stock location. On the two NBs that I've installed this bracket on, there's a yellow door lock relay that was mounted with a bracket that attaches to the top bolt and nut. With a bit of modification with the Dremel to the stock door lock relay bracket the door lock relay bolted up like stock.

I like this Megasquirt bracket and I highly recommend it if you want to bolt up the MegaSquirt nicely. I'd buy it again for the next Miata project.

PS. I've installed this mount onto a NB2 with Reverant's MS3. It installs and fits just as easy.

Great product that eliminates the need to hold your valuable ECU in place with zip ties. Well made with the appropriate mounting holes for most MS models from all the vendors.

Fit perfectly with my MS2E from Reverant (Don't forget to ask for the extra mounting tabs)and perfectly powder coated.

I'd buy it again.

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