RoadsterSport V2 Sway Bar Endlinks  for Miata
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RoadsterSport V2 Sway Bar Endlinks



PART NUMBER: 61-1795



Reg. Price: $69.00

Sale Price: $59.99



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Reg. Price: $69.00

Sale Price: $59.99



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Fitment Notes

1999-2005 Miata Front and Rear

2006-2015 MX-5 Front and Rear

2004-2011 RX-8 Front and Rear

2016+ MX-5 Front Only

2017+ Fiat 124 Front Only

NOT compatible with 1990-1997 Miata. For the NA chassis look to our other listing for RoadsterSport V2 Endlinks which have one through-bolt bushing for the double mounting tabs of the NA's control arm.

Stronger endlinks are a MUST when you change to a stiffer sway bar and when you lower your MX5 you want adjustable endlinks for correct geometry (bar ends level). Good-Win Racing Sway Bar End Links include TWO center studs so that this one endlink has the widest range of adjustment of any endlink on the market. These can be adjusted from the same length as stock down to much shorter for lowered cars. The ball-joint style link end is housed in a CNC-machined aluminum housing, offering silent, smooth operation combined with excellent durability and performance.

Sold INDIVIDUALLY . You want TWO of these for one sway bar so be sure to order two!

RoadsterSport endlink adjustable range: 115mm (max. length with long stud) to 78mm (min. length with short stud)

- Direct replacements for the stock end links.
- Can be used on both standard height and lowered vehicles.
- Can be easily installed using only simple hand tools.
- Comes complete with securing hardware.

Endlinks ship un-assembled so that you can assemble using the correct center stud length for your needs. Jam nuts on the center stud take a 14mm wrench.
To tighten the lock nuts on the studs on both ball joint ends you insert a 5mm allen key in to the end of the stud to hold it in place and then use a 17mm open-ended wrench to tighten the lock nut down while holding the stud stationary with the allen key.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Added coilovers to our Fiat and ND that are bigger diameter around the bottom than stock shocks and found that with some three hole front sway bars the stock link can bump the wider coilover body and these fit flush enough to avoid that. Thus, particularly good upgrade for coilover owners!



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport V2 Sway Bar Endlinks

Good stuff and simple installation! Excellent service and delivery as usual! GWR is my first go-to place for quality products. Thanks to all!

These are nice endlinks. There appears to be a mistake in the description. With the longer stud I believe the 115mm is the minimum length with that stud. I know because I decided to sit at a 14" ride height for the winter and that made the end link head-to-head distance about 100mm. That is loo short for the long stud but also too long for the short bolt. The OEM end link is about 112mm. But otherwise these are nice endlinks. When I lower the car more in the summer it will work just fine. The problem could have been easily solved if the long bolt were threaded all the way - then I could have cut off some of that length to get to a 100mm head-to-head length.

These links are only good for the front on the ND. I ordered 2 of them. The installed was super easy; took about 5 minutes. You do need a couple different size of socks and a m5 key. If you happen to be working on the springs or shock upgrade then you can slap these babies on while at it also. They are beefier and than the OEM links and offers full adjustment. I am very confident that these will do well in the canyon or track.

I recently upgraded my stock suspension on my 2012 MX5 PRHT GT. My application was simply as 'daily driver' and 'spirited' driving. The folks at Good-Win Racing recommended their sway bar endlinks as part of their springs, struts and front and rear sway bar suspension upgrade. The result is a vehicle with less body roll and very noticeable handling over stock. I couldn't be more happier with the results because the ride comfort has not been compromised and handling is amazing. This is the way the MX5 should have shipped from the manufacturer. Wonderful upgrade and highly recommended for 'daily drivers.' Thank you Good-Win Racing!

I replaced the OEM end links when I added the Progress Technology sway bars. They are much more solid looking and feeling than the OEM links. Easy to assemble and put on. They look great and are adjustable if needed. I had to destroy and cut off one of the original links, so I am very glad I had these ready and on-hand when I installed the new sways.

Great quality, they look nice and fit perfectly with the Progress Sway bars. They were easy to install too.

After adding the R&T Ohlins coilovers, these sways finished off the package. Drives like it never did before, giving an average driver a lot of confidence in the corners

These are very nice, high quality adjustable end links. When you lower a car the end links need to be shortened to keep the sway bar arm in the right position for best sway bar function. I put these in after I installed a Flyin' Miata Stage II Koni suspension which lowered the car about 1 1/2 inchs. These links come with two different length shafts so you can set the perfect end link length.

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