Ohlins Road and Track DFV for MX5-ND
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Ohlins Road and Track DFV


Choice of Champions at ALL Levels of MotorSports!

Feel the difference that comes stock in exotic cars.

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Reg. Price: $2,760.00

Sale Price: $2,294.10

Spring Rate



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $2,760.00

Sale Price: $2,294.10

Spring Rate



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Guess what Ferrari Formula 1 and INDY cars and Nascar all have in common for suspension? OHLINS is the answer! OHLINS are standard in the fastest cars in the world for street and track, from Formula 1 and Indy to street exotics from Koenigsegg and Pagani, and even our new Rivian shop truck (fastest truck in the world currently). If you want the best, Ohlins is the choice consistently seen as the best.


The BEST coilovers for ND Miata and Fiat 124! Ohlins is the coilover of choice used in the top level of motorsports including Formula One and Indy, why would you pick anything else if you insist on the best? This Ohlins kit is the latest step in the Ohlins Racing automotive philosophy.

- Our Ohlins DFV kits now come with a pair of extended/remote rear adjusters for the rear shocks INCLUDED so you can route the adjustment knob to a more accessible location in the trunk. A $255 value!
- RACE version now updated with addition of helper spring in the rear to assist with cases where the stiffer race spring and desired ride height would sometimes result in needing to adjust the spring perch to negative spring preload which would unseat the spring at full droop - now with this addition of a helper spring the main rear spring is kept under tension at all times. A $180 value!

Unlike the previous generation, NO TOP HATS included with this kit and you will need to re-use the factory top hats from your original shocks for installation. By using the factory top hats you will benefit from far superior ride quality on the street with reduced noise, vibration and harshness. Coilover kits often include fancy aluminum top hats that use bearings instead of rubber, these are a great for a race car but noisy day to day on the street.

For the first time ever, Ohlins offer these coilovers with TWO choices of spring rate.

Street: 7kg (392lbs) Front / 4kg (224lbs) Rear


Race: 10kg (560lbs) Front / 6kg (336lbs) Rear




For our street and dual duty customers the 7kg front and 4kg rear is an excellent choice, and if you end up wanting the car even more flat in the turns add our Progress Sway bars. For the track focused customer needing more spring rate for their sticky tires, the race spring rates of 10kg front and 6kg rear are available.

Setup instructions by Ohlins come shipped with the coilovers. Additionally, click the links below to see exploded views of the full front and rear assemblies:
FRONT Exploded View <-- Click me!
REAR Exploded View <-- Click me!

Road and Track by Ohlins:
A more than 30 year long tradition of high-end racing commitments and state-of-the-art solutions within advanced suspension technology is now available for street cars all over the world.

The focus has been clear from the very beginning superior road handling without sacrificing comfort in your day-to-day transports. The time of compromises is over!
Ohlins has also added a clever lightweight design with a majority of the parts in aluminum and on top of that all shocks have suffered through vast corrosion tests according to ISO 9227. The end result is a 2-year limited warranty on all of Ohlins products - worldwide.

Ohlins has long led the way for suspension design in the world of motorsports from Motorcycles to Indy Cars. This package comprises aluminum bodied, mono tube design shocks, with 30 clicks of adjustment. The beauty of the Ohlins is not only will your MX5 Miata handle better, be easier to drive at the limit, but it will also ride better than stock. These coilovers are a great choice for the dual purpose user who wants a setup that can be VERY comfortable around town yet super competent in the twisties, the race track, or the autocross course.

Application Notes from Brian: I have used Ohlins for decades and have always been amazed with the ability of this brand to provide both great handling AND great ride quality and their ND MX5 Miata coilover kit continues this tradition. The ride is very close to stock for those with stock sway bars, yet less busy and more controlled and the handling is light years beyond stock. For street users seeking best ride quality with these, try them with stock sway bars before you upgrade sways too.

One of the great features is that you can set pre-load independent of height setting thanks to the multi-piece construction

Ohlins are what I used for years on my motorcycles because they are the best, and we approached Ohlins to make these for the ND generation because we wanted our customers to enjoy the best MX5 Suspension! Ohlins are what you find on Formula 1 cars and at the highest level of motorsports and now you can have the best on your Miata.

INSTALLATION NOTES: We start customers generally at 13.25 front height, 13.5 rear (measured center of wheel up to fender lip). We usually have customers CAREFULLY drive the car for a few hundred miles before corner balance or alignment because the car will settle significantly.

NOT compatible with the factory optional front shock tower brace as that brace covers the front shock tower holes entirely and that will interfere with the adjustment knob on the top of the coilover. If you have that optional factory brace, your options are to just leave the factory brace off, or use a hole saw to drill a hole in the top of the brace to make the knobs accessible and avoid contact, or the BEST option is to get our RoadsterSport front shock tower brace that is stronger and lighter than the factory brace plus is designed with that space above the shock open so there are no issues.

Despite early pics to the contrary, kit includes NO spherical bearing top hats.

DRIVEN DAILY...AND COMPETITION PROVEN. What better way to prove this setup is the BEST MX5 Coilovers for the money then to take them to competitions and WIN, WIN, WIN. This is the setup in our own ND Project Miata daily driver below that is regularly top time of day at local autocross events. Yet while it is fast enough to consistently win it is also comfortable enough that we daily drive this car on long road trips...including the 437 mile drive drive each way to Laguna Seca for a full weekend of fast laps...and back 437 miles home again in comfort.


The DFV Technology Advantage. So what is DFV? It is Dual Flow Valve technology and it sets Ohlins apart from competitors. Only Ohlins has DFV technology on its road and track products. With DFV, the dual flow valve gives the same characteristics on rebound as it does on compression, thanks the damper fluid having a consistent path of flow in both directions. This means that the wheel and tire can quickly and effectively resume their important position back on the ground, providing grip and traction. The new Ohlins Road and Track range uses DFV technology on every single fitment, making it the perfect upgrade for the enthusiast that needs comfort and agility in the one unit.

Figure 1: (Compression flow) At low shaft speeds, oil flows mostly through the shaft jet bleed (lower dotted arrow). At higher shaft speeds, oil flows mostly through the compression ports in the piston (upper dotted arrow). At very high shaft speeds, or during sudden shaft accelerations, oil can also escape through the compression ports in the DFV, increasing comfort. Figure 2: (Rebound flow) At low shaft speeds, oil flows mostly through the shaft jet bleed (lower dotted arrow). At higher shaft speeds, oil flows mostly through the rebound ports in the piston (upper dotted arrow). At very high shaft speeds, or during sudden shaft accelerations, oil can also escape through the rebound ports in the DFV, maintaining tire contact with the road. Because DFV opens more quickly and easily on minor road imperfections, ride comfort is surprisingly supple and more akin to an OEM shocks than a coilover set-up. Over undulating surfaces, the compliance of the Road and Track units allows your Miata to crest bumps and potholes, whilst still keep stable and in control. Traction is always maintained at its optimum level. When comparing suspension, why settle for second best?

Figure 3: (Vehicle no DFV) Without DFV the oil can not flow through the piston quickly enough on the rebound stroke after hitting a bump, so the tire is not able to stay in contact with the road.

Figure 4: (Vehicle DFV technique) The DFV valve opens, letting the oil flow quicker through the piston on the rebound stroke after hitting a bump, enabling the tire to stay in contact with the road. When adjusting ride height on coilover units, it is worth comparing how it is done. On many inferior designs, height is adjusted by raising or lowering the lower spring platform. This has the effect of compressing or extending the spring, which can limit the suspension travel that may cause topping out. The Ohlins method is to leave the spring seat in its perfect position, whilst the lower flange spins easily on the threaded body, to allow you to adjust with absolute precision whilst maintaining the perfect characteristics that we took so long to design in! Once you have set it all up, the adjuster simply locks off to maintain your exact settings.

Dampers will get hot. That is one thing that you can be sure of. As the piston moves within the damper, it generates friction and therefore, heat. Although we cannot stop heat, we can deal with it, and this is yet another way that Ohlins differs from the competition. As the heat increases, the viscosity of the damper fluid can change, altering the car handling characteristics. Our unique needle bleed valve expands with temperature, closing the gap that the fluid travels through, maintaining a consistent damping rate. What you will feel is that the car responds consistently, lap after lap, turn after turn. Allowing you to concentrate on braking points and apexes whilst the Ohlins technology takes care of the damping.

Figure 5: Thermal Expansion Design Advantages.

These kits are amazing out of the box , but there is still plenty of adjustment for you to set things your way. You like stiff and reactive? Or soft and forgiving? It is all there. Too much low speed rebound damping can have an adverse effect on grip, so the easily accessible adjuster at the top of the Ohlins units allows small, but positive increments of fine tuning, so you can take into account every single parameter. Sounds complicated? It is actually very easy to adjust a few clicks either way to find the settings that work for you.

Autocross and Track Tested by our entire team in both our ND Miata and our Fiat 124. Currently running 9/5 kg combo in our Fiat on the race spec damper, which we can offer on request.

One of many Top Times in our ND with OHLINS.

YES, these are the choice on our Supercharged RF Daily Driver for RIDE QUALITY and SOPHISTICATED HANDLING. If you are visiting the San Diego Region and would like a ride, reach out to us at least a day in advance and we can make that happen!

Wife approved in our own Supercharged RF Project, the daily driver for Brian's wife, Andrea:

Also in our Fiat 124 for race and road fun!


This is the setup in our own ND Project Fiat 124 daily driver below that is regularly top time of day at local autocross events. Yet while it is fast enough to consistently win it is also comfortable enough that we daily drive this car on long road trips.


Our Fiat winning SSM Class at SCCA event, on our Ohlins with 9kg/5kg rates in the car currently. As you can see from the view looking back, our local competition surface is badly breaking up, but our Ohlins keep the tires glued to the surface for Top Time in class.



Winning run in our Fiat 124, fastest thing with doors at the event yet again! We did it yet again thanks to our famous Ohlins Coilovers. From Formula 1 to my street motorcycles Ohlins has been the choice of champions for decades. Our autocross lot here in San Diego was abandoned when the Chargers football team moved to Los Angeles and now is pretty bombed out with potholes deep and everywhere. Result with most stiffly sprung cars is a struggle to get power on the ground, lots of our competitors skitter across the rough surface unable to hook up. Thanks to the DFV valving in the Ohlins (a high speed secondary pathway that opens when I drive over all those holes), our Fiat 124 just keeps laying power and cutting the turns smoothly. Out in the real world our standard Ohlins kit gives you the same smoothness despite handling that nothing else in the price range can touch.




Ohlins on our own Fiat 124 running SCCA XSB with prototype 17x10 wheels!



Suggested Setup Starting Heights! For NC and ND and Fiat 124 we usually start customers at 13.5 inches rear and 13.25 inches front. That is measured from center of wheel up to fender lip as you see below.

Show up to BMW Autocross with the smallest displacement motor and win, thanks in large part to 17x10 and our OHLINS Coilovers with the 10kg/6kg Race Springs!



Customer Reviews

Ohlins Road and Track DFV

My Miata handled well stock but Ohlins made a heck of a difference. I am very happy with the results. Highly recommend! The guys at Good-Win know their stuff.

I recently purchased and installed a set of Ohlin Road and Track DFV coilovers (street kit) on my 2017 MX-5 Club (soft top w/ Brembo/BBS package) running: Hard Dog roll bar; Edelbrock supercharger; RoadsterSport Superstreet exhaust; Progressive Technologies front/rear sway-bars; and Verus Engineering suite of aero parts. Installation went off without a problem, but the car subsequently required professional corner balancing and alignment in order to get best performance. I also installed the GWR RoadsterSport 3 point shock tower brace which is a great replacement for the wimpy old OME brace. Think twice before skipping the post installation corner balancing and alignment. And get a professional with computerized equipment. I put on about 350 miles of winding backroad driving before having the work done. I have just begun to tinker with and explore the baseline suspension settings. My first impression is that the changes haven't been radical in nature, but there is a clearly significant improvement over the pre-installation handling. I wasn't having much problem with body roll after installation of the PT sway-bars and the addition of the Verus areo parts (diffuser, underbody panels, dive planes, and hood louvers). These two mods together squeezed out most of the obvious body roll. Despite these mods, however, I still found the MX-5's rear end to be a wee bit imprecise and/or mushy; particularly in the way it tracked through high speed turns. This is the primary improvement in handling that I have seen so far with the Ohlin coilovers. For the first time, the rear end of the car feels like it is firmly connected to the front and tracks "perfectly" (well, a whole lot better, at least) through high speed curves. As a consequence, the car's handling feels significantly more precise, agile and smooth through the turns. At the present time I've got about 12,000 miles on my OME Bridgestone Potenzas (205/45r17) and they are showing a lot of wear. My next step is to get a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (215....) fit to my current BBS wheels. With this new rubber, I expect the performance improvements observed so far will become significantly more obvious. Did I have to have the Ohlins...? Well, no. Would I do it again? You bet.


I have been out 3 days on the track (Carolina Motorsports Park) with the Ohlins and I want to thank you for your initial setup assistance. These coil overs are fantastic! What a difference over the koni/springs upgrade I did when I first got the car. I wish I would have gone with the Ohlins right out of the gate. The only adjustment I had to make was clicking back 2 towards "soft" on the rears to correct some oversteer. WOW, it is amazing you were so close and you saved me some much time, and embarrassment, dialing them in.

Even my wife comments on how much smoother the ride is on the street. Then on the track, I turn the dials back to firm and off I go.

Thanks again,

The batch I ordered came with the Swift 4k/7k springs instead of the Ohlins. Since I never had an Ohlins setup before I can't comment between the two springs.

I've always wanted an Ohlins setup and I'm extremely satisfied with it. I prepped my car prior to purchasing this by getting the GWR shock tower brace to allow the adjustments to be accessible.

The place where I got this installed ( is very reputable and very happy I used them for the installation. My driveway is somewhat steep and I was afraid of having the car any lower would mean scraping my front lip on entry/exit. I contacted GWR about this (Ryan) and he said although the car will sit lower (I believe the min drop is about .5 inch) the springs are stiffer and I will not hit my lip. When I dropped the car off for installation I asked for the min amount of drop. I believe I have just about .5 inch drop all around from OEM. I have zero hits on my lip on the driveway. In fact, I can actually take it a bit faster exiting than I did with the OEM setup and zero hits! Car looks great at this height.

The car feels much more planted. Currently the settings (all 4 corners) are at their medium setting. There are 31 clicks and I have them set at 15 clicks. South Western PA has some rough roads and at this setting the car is very controlled and bridge gaps have a solid (not jarring) feel. A bridge I always take has expansion gaps on a bend that is posted at 40MPH. The OEM setup will have the car bounce and feel a bit unsettled going around the bend. Just came back from the exact same bridge going a bit faster than 40MPH and the car was planted, controlled and flat going through the bend. No more body lean. My setup also has Michelin AS3+ 225/45/17 and had those wheels/tires on with OEM as well. So the only difference was the new Ohlins setup.

Conclusion... I can only compare to the stock Bilstein setup and after having this on for about 500 miles I couldn't go back. Looking forward to some track days at Pitt Race and will play with the dampening to go a little more firmer.

Shout out to Ryan for taking my phone call and answering my questions.

The best you can get. Bomb proof. Pretty. But the installation instructions were awful.
Handling is pristine, Ride height is spot on. But the installation instructions were awful.
I said it twice on purpose.

Had the Ohlins Road and Track DFV coilovers installed last week and so far love them. I got the 7kg front/4kg rear set and had the car lowered 1 inch of ride height. It is like a night and day difference from the stock setup. I had the GWR BBK installed also and while brake pad bedding I notice little or no nosedive in the front of the car and some stops were from 70 mph to 20 mph. The car now handles bumps and dips in the road with little or zero weight transfer keeping the vehicle on rails. I lived in Colorado for 14 years and will be taking the MX-5 this summer to do some mountain driving that I used to do on my Ducati. After about 1000 miles I will give an update as the coilovers have time to settle. Money well spent!

I installed this set with the street spring rates, and already had sway bars installed before, now I have no more body roll. They have changed the handling tremendously, and the adjustability of each coilover is fantastic. This is definitely the best upgrade I havee done to my car so far and I would highly recommend it. The DFV functionality of these coilovers is really noticeable in a positive way, bumps in the road come and go quickly with ease.

Installation was pretty straightforward as well, the instructions were fairly clear and there were no hiccups in the process. A lift made this install even easier, it took closer to 4 hours in total, including minor adjustments to ride height.

I have the Ohlins R/T coilovers on a 2014 BRZ for almost 4 years and have loved them on that car so when I purchased the 2018 MX5 I bought them within days of taking the car home. The stock suspension is way too soft for me, especially the body lean in corners and too much up/down movement over bumps. Not to mention it looks like a 4x4!

I had the car lowered to the 13.25" height recommended by Brian and am very pleased with it visually (especially with 15mm spacers all the way around). The ride quality is firmer as expected but much more controlled and overall more comfortable. The lean in corners is now minimal so I have no plans for stiffer sway bars.

Extremely pleased :)

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