Ohlins Road and Track DFV for Fiat-124
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Ohlins Road and Track DFV





Reg. Price: $2,950.00

Sale Price: $2,390.00

Spring Rate



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $2,950.00

Sale Price: $2,390.00

Spring Rate



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


APRIL 2021 UPDATE: We have ALL of the US inventory of ND Ohlins kits on the way to us. Current ETA for that next batch is the end of June.

The BEST MX5/Fiat 124 coilovers! Ohlins is the coilover of choice used in the top level of motorsports including Formula One and Indy, why would you pick anything else if you insist on the best? This Ohlins kit is the latest step in the Ohlins Racing automotive philosophy.

Shown here in our ND Miata, fits Fiat 124 too!

NO TOP HATS included with our Ohlins kit and you will need to re-use the factory top hats from your original shocks for installation..or buy our optional hats sold separate. By using the factory top hats you will benefit from far superior ride quality on the street with reduced noise, vibration and harshness, the optional solid bearing hats are really for those actually racing the car on the weekends, etc. Coilover kits often include fancy aluminum top hats that use bearings instead of rubber, these are a great for a race car but they can be a bit noisy day to day on the street. This is the latest step in the Ohlins Racing automotive philosophy.

For the first time ever, Ohlins is offering these coilovers with TWO choices of spring rate.

Street: 7kg (392lbs) Front / 4kg (224lbs) Rear

Race: 10kg (560lbs) Front / 6kg (336lbs) Rear

For our street and dual duty customers the 7kg front and 4kg rear is an excellent choice with our Progress Sway bars. For the track focused customer needing more spring rate for their sticky tires, the race spring rates of 10kg front and 6kg rear are available.

Road and Track by Ohlins:
A more than 30 year long tradition of high-end racing commitments and state-of-the-art solutions within advanced suspension technology is now available for street cars all over the world.

The focus has been clear from the very beginning superior road handling without sacrificing comfort in your day-to-day transports. The time of compromises is over!
Ohlins has also added a clever light-weight design with a majority of the parts in aluminium and on top of that all shocks have suffered through vast corrosion tests according to ISO 9227. The end result is a 2-year limited warranty on all of Ohlins products - worldwide.

Ohlins has long lead the way for suspension design in the world of motorsports from Motorcycles to Indy Cars. This package comprises aluminum bodied, mono tube design shocks, with 30 clicks of adjustment. The beauty of the Ohlins is not only will your MX5 Miata handle better, be easier to drive at the limit, but it will also ride better than stock. These coilovers are a great choice for the dual purpose user who wants a setup that can be VERY comfortable around town yet super competent in the twisties, the race track, or the autocross course.

Application Notes from Brian: I have used Ohlins for decades and have always been amazed with the ability of this brand to provide both great handling AND great ride quality and their ND MX5 Miata coilover kit continues this tradition. The ride is very close to stock yet less busy and more controlled and the handling is light years beyond stock. One of the great features is that you can set pre-load independent of height setting thanks to the multi-piece construction

Ohlins are what I used for years on my motorcycles because they are the best, and we approached Ohlins to make these for the ND generation because we wanted our customers to enjoy the best MX5 Suspension! Ohlins are what you find on Formula 1 cars and at the highest level of motorsports and now you can have the best on your Miata.

INSTALLATION NOTES: We usually have customers CAREFULLY drive the car for a few hundred miles before corner balance or alignment because the car will settle significantly.

Despite early pics to the contrary, kit includes only front spherical bearing top hats, rear ND kit is just like NC rear kit in using rear stock top hats over again.

DRIVEN DAILY...AND COMPETITION PROVEN. What better way to prove this setup is the BEST Fiat 124 Coilovers for the money then to take them to competitions and WIN, WIN, WIN.

This is the setup in our own ND Project Fiat 124 daily driver below that is regularly top time of day at local autocross events. Yet while it is fast enough to consistently win it is also comfortable enough that we daily drive this car on long road trips.

Our Fiat winning SSM Class at SCCA event, on our Ohlins with 9kg/5kg rates in the car currently. As you can see from the view looking back, our local competition surface is badly breaking up, but our Ohlins keep the tires glued to the surface for Top Time in class.

Winning run in our Fiat 124, fastest thing with doors at the event yet again! We did it yet again thanks to our famous Ohlins Coilovers. From Formula 1 to my street motorcycles Ohlins has been the choice of champions for decades. Our autocross lot here in San Diego was abandoned when the Chargers football team moved to Los Angeles and now is pretty bombed out with potholes deep and everywhere. Result with most stiffly sprung cars is a struggle to get power on the ground, lots of our competitors skitter across the rough surface unable to hook up. Thanks to the DFV valving in the Ohlins (a high speed secondary pathway that opens when I drive over all those holes), our Fiat 124 just keeps laying power and cutting the turns smoothly. Out in the real world our standard Ohlins kit gives you the same smoothness despite handling that nothing else in the price range can touch.

Ohlins on our own Fiat 124 running SCCA XSB with prototype 17x10 wheels!