Blackbird Fabworx NC RZ Roll Bar for MX5
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Blackbird Fabworx NC RZ Roll Bar


100% SCCA Legal and Soft Top Compatible!

PART NUMBER: 61-1833


Price: $1,365.00

Bose Speaker BracketColor


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Price: $1,365.00

Bose Speaker BracketColor


Requires custom shipping outside lower 48 U.S. states.
Contact us directly.

Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


It's here! We are happy to announce the arrival of the Blackbird Fabworx RZ roll bar for the NC chassis! The RZ name stands for Road / Z-fold and it is the only roll bar that is 100% approved by SCCA while still retaining full function of the soft top. Perfect for street driven cars that see occasional track day use.

Please note BFW is a small business making bars to order, and they are often backed up with orders. Please allow 8-10 weeks of build time for your bar.

Key features of the RZ roll bar:
* Allows full use of the factory soft top which can be lowered from the driver's seat.
* SCCA Legal. Not kinda legal, not almost legal, not "hopefully you can sneak it by tech" legal. 100% SCCA LEGAL.
* NASA Legal too, NASA CCR 11.4.7.
* 4" taller than OEM hoop structure.
* DOM Steel construction with full X brace and a harness bar as standard.
* Factory seat travel and recline retained in full.
* Allows all plastic and carpet trim panels to be reinstalled (with minor trimming).
* High grade hardware kit included.
* Detailed installation instructions included
* High quality powder coat finish with many color options to choose from!

The standard black is "70% Gloss Black". In addition there are many custom colors available in the drop-down menu. One photo above shows two other very popular black color options: 3% gloss black and Ultra High Gloss Black, and the picture shows those two compared to the standard 70% gloss black.
We have a large gallery of Blackbird Fabworx roll bars with examples of all the color options in our forum: CLICK THIS LINK TO GO TO THE FORUM GALLERY

Blackbird Fabworx pays attention to every detail! Those with the Bose Audio premium sound package will notice that they have a pair of speakers in the rear shelf between the seats. When you remove the factory hoops to install a roll bar, you lose the mounting locations for those speakers. Blackbird Fabworx has designed an optional bracket to mount those speakers in the factory location to your new roll bar, you can select that in the options above. Those without the Bose Audio package do not need this bracket.

Fits under our DG Motorsports hardtop perfectly!
Fits under the factory removable hard top with just a small cut in the headliner where the roll bar presses up against it.

NOT compatible with the Power Retractable Hard Top.

These bars are made to order. Please allow 8-10 weeks for your bar to be fabricated.

SHIPPING NOTICE: Please understand that shipping rates are changing often these days due to many of factors. Due to the time it takes to make your roll bar to order, shipping rates may change between the time you place your order and the time the bar is completed and ready to ship. We will not know the actual cost to ship your bar until it is done and we are creating the shipment for it. If the actual cost to ship differs from what you were charged by the site, we will contact you at that time.

As used in our own NC TURBO Budget Racer Project! Picture of our turbo NC below has this bar in the Blackbird Fabworx Blue color:

WARNING: This article is sold without warranty, expressed or implied. No warranty is made to this product's ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk.

Also in our own 2008 on Sonoma Raceway:



Customer Reviews

Blackbird Fabworx NC RZ Roll Bar

Nice rollbar. Install instructions are very good. Quality control seems to be top notch...all hardware present, holes lined up, powder coat was good. Rear visibility much improved with this bar, you can't see it in the rear view mirror. Its a lot higher that stock hoops. I have to imagine that it stiffens the chasis. The install was time consuming, probably same as installing a canvas top. Take your time if the directions say take your time. As with anything else, the tools are important. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

Fabworx Roll bar

First a shout out to Greg at Good-Win. He discussed all of my options available and answered all of my questions. From this conversation I chose the Fabworx. Although I never will wheel-to-wheel race I installed it for the sole purpose of tracking the car at HPDE events. It was a precaution I wanted to take.

#1 The construction of this exceeded my expectations. The fitment into the vehicle was excellent IMO. I'll try to expand on this further in my review.

#2 Install - The instructions (with pictures) from the manufacturer were very good. Although it did take some time to install it by myself I never hit a snag.

After removing the original roll hoops I set the Fabworx in and secured it to the existing OEM points. It lined up perfectly! I marked the front support holes and rear inside fender well holes for drilling.

The inside rear support fender well holes were simple. The front support holes were not because I needed to drill though a four inch unibody panel perfectly perpendicular. On one side I was lucky and it fit perfectly. The other side I missed perfection on one of the holes I drilled. This took some time for me to correct that one hole alignment. All of this was due to my inaccurate drilling.
The roll bar was in the first day. Did I mention that this is SCCA approved.

The OEM plastic pieces I cut for fitment over the next few days. I took my time and they came out perfect. Once again the instruction were very detailed and helped tremendously.

FWIW - I joked with my wife that if you blew this car up the only thing left would be the rollbar and the shrapnel joints that were still attached from the car to the rollbar.

It was a substantial amount of money for me but it was absolutely worth it. I would do it again if the need arose and highly recommend.

Great quality Bar with beautiful finish! Spacing is perfect and once everything is properly installed/adjusted the soft top works flawlessly from drivers seat! If you have experience with automotive interior work the installation is straightforward and the instructions are fairly complete. Hopefully, I will never find out for sure, but comparing this piece to the factory roll protection and other bolt in bars I've seen at Track events gives me a sense of security and confidence that it will do its job should the need arise. I highly recommend this Bar.

Bar is very solid and fits in the car with ease. No real surprises and installation instructions for the bar are very detailed. Instructions for trimming plastic interior pieces could be a bit better (the seat belt covers need some trimming and this wasn't even addressed in the instruction document), and instructions on uninstalling and reinstalling the interior would have been appreciated. All specified hardware was included with the exception of two plastic rivets required for attaching a plastic panel to the bar; luckily I had extra so that wasn't an issue, but something to keep in mind. All that being said, I have 0 regrets getting this bar and am nothing but satisfied.

Great quality! It took a couple days to install, and everything fit perfectly. I would highly recommend this roll bar. It is so nice when everything works as it should! Thanks

This product is absolutely awesome! The fitment was perfect, and given the 22 mounting bolts involved, I was solidly impressed with the quality. I've installed roll bars in various types of vehicles over the years, and this is hands down the best unit I've seen.

If you're serious about safety for DEs, or street driving if you're tall, this is the unit to install in your Miata.

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