Feal Suspension 441 Monotube Coilovers for MX5-ND
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Feal Suspension 441 Monotube Coilovers


Street Performance

PART NUMBER: 61-1956


Reg. Price: $1,569.00

Sale Price: $1,519.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $1,569.00

Sale Price: $1,519.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


The long awaited updated Feal 441 coilovers are here!

The 441 Coilover is Feal's standard one-way adjustable monotube damper assembled and valved by Feal here in the USA. We worked with Feal to bring all of the features and details that you want to provide the BEST street performance coilover for the money. Intended for both street use and the occasional autocross or track day. Careful work and countless hours of tuning have gone into providing excellent performance and ride quality.

Ships with Feal's 8kg front and 5kg rear spring rates.

The Feal 441 coilovers feature street oriented valving that is less digressive than the Road Race specification. This means road imperfections are soaked up and the ride will be smoother. Don't be fooled, these will still perform great for the occasional autocross or track day.

- One way adjustable, 30 click spectrum
- Monotube
- Top hats included
- Feal brand springs - Assembled in house, U.S.A.
- Rebuildable and revalvable in house, U.S.A.
- Independent height and spring preload adjustments
- Corrosion resistant coating + Anodized aluminum parts
- High quality low friction seals and rod guide bushings
- High flow pistons (allows super high range of damping tuning)

Feal suspension is located in Southern California for services such as rebuilding and revalving and are easy to handle with fast turn-around times.

Note: picture shows old copper color springs, these kits now ship with Feal's springs which are white.



Customer Reviews

Feal Suspension 441 Monotube Coilovers

Feal Suspension is no joke!

It took some time for me to get these dialed in, but now they are pretty close at this point.... I may work in the rear a bit more.

This kit offers you the ability to set ride height and preload independently, this is critical to obtain a good ride quality, as well as a one way compression / rebound adjustment.

The spring rates on this kit will equate to a very FIRM ride no matter how you set them, but it's not a BAD ride, it's just FIRM.

The front coilovers I have set to 6mm preload, (2" droop) 16clicks of 30, and a ride height of 13.25" (great ride)

The rear coilovers I have set to 0-1mm preload(basically none) (1.6" droop) 14 clicks of 30, and a ride height of 13.5" (could use a hair more droop somehow)

The 215's I have on the PF01 with 38mm offset now do not rub under the harshest conditions I have thrown at it (a couple of hard laps in Golden, CO race track) (I also haven't hit the bumps on these shocks yet, likely due to the much higher rate.

The quality of the parts is fantastic, and they look fantastic. WEAR GLOVES when installing them. the lower perches are pretty sharp, and if you don't you might find yourself needing stitches.

Out of the box they needed a lot of adjustments, so make sure you follow the install guide. Again, these are not as simple as out of the box and on the car, you need to adjust them to your specifications. Read about suspension / coil-overs before attempting install (although it's not hard to install these at all)

I went from Stock club, to progress lowering, to these coil-overs.

Get a set of adjustable end links for the front, it will let you get the bar closer to level, as well as take all preload off the bar... Just make sure put some weight in the driver seat first.

Overall I do like them a lot, but if you just daily drive on tough / bumpy concrete I would recommend something with a hair less spring rate. Again, it's not bad, but just know you are going to be removing the 'Buick' feeling from your Miata with these.

I purchased these because the stock springs and dampers on my 2016 Club felt really soft and uncontrolled. It had tons of wheel hop and slid around too easily. It seemed like the car didn't really want to transition through corners, so I figured I would give some coilovers a try. It took a few hours to get them in the car and get the ride height set. I have mine set to 1.5" below factory height, which I think is the perfect combination of looks and street manners. Body roll is basically gone now, even though I'm still using the stock sway bars. It no longer squats and dives like crazy with aggressive cornering. The car responds instantly to steering inputs and it now transitions super fast. It has a lot more grip in the corners now, which makes doing donuts a little harder. There is also a lot less wheel hop when breaking traction in a straight line.

My only complaint is that the rear lower mounting clevis has holes that are machined to the exact diameters of the factory Bilsteins. The Feals should have both holes drilled to the same diameter (0.550") because the bolt threads into a free floating lock nut instead of a welded nut like the Bilsteins. I don't think it really matters because the difference in hole diameter is only about 0.030", but it points to a lack of attention to detail.

A word of caution: do not buy these thinking you will get the same plush ride as the factory suspension! You will become intimately familiar with whatever road surface you are driving on. The spring rates are about 2.8 times the factory rate and the dampers can get very aggressive depending on how you set them. Personally, I like the fact that these coilovers have basically turned my ND Miata into a go-kart.

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