Karcepts ND Front Sway Bar Kit - 1.25 O.D. x 0.120 Wall for MX5-ND
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Karcepts ND Front Sway Bar Kit - 1.25" O.D. x 0.120" Wall


The BEST sway bar for the ND!

PART NUMBER: 61-2069



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Price: $675.00

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Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Designed for the most serious competitors, the Karcepts ND Front Sway Bar Kit leaves no compromises on the table. Hundreds of hours of design time have gone into this kit utilizing CMM technology and FEA analysis. The end result is a 2016+ Mazda MX-5 Miata Front Sway Bar Kit that offers super quick adjustability, an enormous adjustment range, maximum stiffness with minimal weight, and an installation time of just 30 minutes (after the stock bar has been removed).

  • Sway bar rate is adjusted with one wrench, in only a few minutes
  • Rate adjustments are made with the vehicle on the ground, even at low ride heights
  • 5 adjustment positions per sway bar arm, maximizing tunability and overall range
  • Billet aluminum arms optimized for strength and weight utilizing the latest FEA software
  • Light weight, zero deflection solid sway bar mounts provided for precise feel
  • Low friction, lubrication free, dirt resistant, solid polymer bearings require no maintenance
  • Heat treated and plated steel alloy PTFE lined endlinks and all hardware included
  • 1.25" diameter high-grade spring steel splined center section for consistent rates

Sway Bar Rates:

OEM ND Front Sway Bar = 132 lbs/in

Karcepts ND Front Sway Bar Kit - 0.120" Wall:
Hole 1 = 429 lbs/in
Hole 2 = 478 lbs/in
Hole 3 = 538 lbs/in
Hole 4 = 610 lbs/in
Hole 5 = 695 lbs/in
Kit Weight = 9.5 lbs

Center Section Recommendations: For an all around great performing bar, we recommend the 0.120" wall thickness center section. It really hits a nice range of adjustment for this chassis. It can get close to the softness of the other conventional ND bars on the market, yet has the ability to sweep to a much stiffer range (something that is very necessary to provide speed in quick transitions). For SCCA CS trim vehicles, we recommend looking to our other listing for this same kit with the 0.095" bar, since you cannot upgrade the rear sway bar in CS that 0.095" bar tends to balance better with stock rear bar.

View the installation instructions for any potential install/fitment questions you may have:KFSB-ND-XX Installation Instructions

Brian's Application Notes: I admired and admired this setup but we did not start to carry it until I watched an STR competitor change both his front and rear sway bar settings BETWEEN RUNS at an SCCA event. Took him under a minute to change the rear sway setting, and just over a minute at the front...which is amazing. No other sway setup empowers you to change settings as fast as this setup in my experience, making this setup unique for the hardcore racers who want to dial their setup on the fly. Nonetheless, recommended for the REAL Racers, not the average daily driver because the solid links so good for racing can and will eventually rattle.



Customer Reviews

Karcepts ND Front Sway Bar Kit - 1.25" O.D. x 0.120" Wall

No-regrets mod! Pretty low maintenance install. Very handsome-looking hardware. This bar changes the front-end grip a great deal, even having already been on a mid-tier road and track coilover setup. The bite on turn-in is very adjustable, with more settings than other sways and very quick adjustability, if the install was properly completed and the end links are set to correspond correctly with the ride height. These sway bars require a bit of attention to detail and a minor bit of maintenance in comparison to other sway bars, but the difference in stability is worth the slight bit of effort to keep things dialed in over time. For track setups, this bar is excellent, but be sure to also upgrade the rear sway to something stiffer than stock because you will definitely want to enhance the rear's eagerness to rotate once you have the grippier, more planted front end. I have been able to do front stiffness adjustments between sessions at the track without using a jack or stands, which is a total game-changing feature. The noise from this kit while driving on roads and at low speeds is slightly more noticeable than other bars and more than the OEM bar, though this is to be expected from a highly adjustable and very rigid sway setup. Overall, I highly recommend this bar, especially if you track or autocross your Miata.

I have an early 2016 ND1 Club with BBS and Brembo package. My first Miata. I was in heaven. But the body roll was a real problem for me. I read everything I could on the forums about sway bars. Watched installation videos. When I saw the Karcepts kit I was intrigued and dismayed about the price. I'm a grumpy old fart(70yrs) who doesn't have a lift since retiring. The ease of installation was a major factor that more than offset the cost. I'm running stock ride height and suspension because the roads in my area are very rough. Put mudflats on it for the dirt roads. I wanted all the suspension travel I could get. I then went for my first test drive. The Bars are everything I wanted and more. I'm on the 2nd softest setting on the front and 1st softest on the rear. The car corners so much flatter. The turn in is much more precise. I'm so glad I spent the extra money. It was so worth it. I do have a soft spot for eye candy which these have in spades. The ride quality is superb. My wife loves the ride quality as well as we will be doing some multi day road rallies. There are no draw backs with this kit. None and that takes the cost into consideration. You don't have to be a racer to enjoy this kit.

Like all Karcepts products, these are exceptional quality in materials and construction. This was my first modification to a new MX-5 that I picked up. With stock suspension, the car (club) was stable in normal traffic but had a lot of body roll on the freeway and on sharp turns. This sway bar (along with the Karcepts rear also) has transformed this car and it has a MUCH better driving feel to it now. If the ride height was lower, I would stay with the stock Bilstiens and call it done. The car rides much flatter in the turns and feels like it is more stable. The bumps feel a little sharper, but does not ride rough to me.

This sway bar does work with the stock club suspension, but the links would have to be set very long for stock ride height (15" from wheel center to fender). I've adjusted my end links a bit lower as if I had a 14" ride height to give them more clearance to the control arms.

I have about 600 miles on these sway bars now and the only issue noted is that one of my end links feels a little loose and squeaky, However the bars themselves still feel tight and move smoothly in the supplied teflon bushings.

I've got to say that I was a bit hesitant due to a lot of forum posts saying this bar is too aggressive for street use, but applied with the progressive springs, stock Bilsteins, and the Karcepts rear sway, the car is simply amazing now. Super flat in the turns, very predictable rear-end, and sharper responsiveness all around. Maybe I'm just less sensitive then most, but I really don't feel much of a difference in ride quality. Given the ease of installation, handling improvement, and yet to be tested easy variability, I would recommend this to anyone who prioritizes handling over minimal loss of comfort. Costs more, but you get what you pay for... Also, as other's have noted, I appreciate Brian's candid and helpful responses to forum posts! Highly recommended site and product!!!

Just installed this .120 sway bar with the reinforcement kit, instructions for installation were detaled and easy to follow. Can easily be adjusted on the ground. Still setting up a new MX5 GSP with 17" RE71's on Enkie PF01 17X7. Ride height is 14.5 but seems to be settling so have made a few adjustments on the ground. Have only a done 1 autocross event so still fine tuning, have it set in center adjustmment hole and very little body roll. Highly recommend this product.

Dave and Heidi (2020 MX5 GSP)

Best sway bar out there for the ND. Has a huge range of adjustment points that allow this bar to be a true dual purpose piece. Adjustments can be made with the car on the ground (mine sits 12.75" high) and each side can be adjusted and tightened without loosening the other side. Only complaint if I were to make one is that its built on imperial fasteners not metric like the rest of the car.

This is a really great sway bar. Easy to install, looks gorgeous and performs fantastic. I track my car, no autocross to date, and this bar really helped the infamous lean. When I'm not racing, I adjust the bar to the "lightest" setting so my wife still enjoys riding in the car. Very happy with this purchase!! Highly recommended.

This is a very high quality item. The instructions were easy to follow. I cut out the old bar using a cut off wheel. Took all of 10 seconds to make one cut. Then pulled through. I haven't had a chance to try the adjustability yet but will next year when I autox. Easy to install, adjustable while on the ground, high quality and provides a bit of jewelry under the car. Don't debate it. Just get it!

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