RoadsterSport Suspension Package for MX5-ND
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RoadsterSport Suspension Package


The Easy Button For Maximum Fun

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Reg. Price: $1,141.00

Sale Price: $1,099.00

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Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Want the easy button for maximum FUN? Look no further than our RoadsterSport Suspension Package for the 2016+ Mazda MX-5 (and 2017+ Fiat 124 Spider that is built in Japan by Mazda on the same Miata chassis).

What's included with the package:

1 x RoadsterSport Spring Set (300lbs F / 200lbs R)

2 x Koni Sport FRONT Shock - NEW adjustable height version

2 x Koni Sport REAR Shock - NEW adjustable height version

1 x Sport Bumpstop Kit (36mm Front / 58mm Rear)

Good-Win Racing Application Notes:

Our new favorite for around town fun that can still hit the canyons or autocross/track on the weekends. The RoadsterSport springs have the perfect amount of spring rate to make the car much more flat in the turns without causing a harsh ride day to day. These are also a great choice for those who want to replace the soggy factory springs without dropping the car too low.

Want more? The included Koni Sport Shocks are rebound adjustable which let you take the ride from soft to stiff with the turn of a dial. If you are headed to the autocross, crank up the dial, and lean on them in the turns and you will find the car is MUCH flatter and faster through the curves. When you are ready to head home, simply adjust the shocks down and drive home in comfort.

NEW adjustable height Koni shocks includes multiple perch positions to achieve different ride heights. With the previous fixed height version of these shocks combined with these Progress springs the ride heights came to approximately 13.25", as shown below. To replicate this height with the new shocks, use perch position 2nd slot from top on the front and third down from top at the rear.

UNBOXING NOTES: These springs are manufactured to our specifications by Progress, the same makers as our standard Progress springs and RF springs, so don't be alarmed when a box of springs that say Progress arrives. Verify the part number on the box is correct for RoadsterSport springs: 40.1135.

Take a ride with Brian Goodwin in our Fiat 124 Spider while he steals Top Time of the Day at our local BMCCA Autocross using our RoadsterSport suspension package.

Want more? Here is a first person lap with our Sean Thomson behind the wheel of our Fiat 124 project car.

INSTALL NOTE: Shock Rod is 12mm, stock bump-stop washer is 10mm, so you need to drill out the factory bump-stop washers slightly for install.



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport Suspension Package

Received quickly. Roughly 2-hour install on jack stands (my car only had 500 miles on the clock - so bolts are fresh). I followed the normal install, but used a jack to fully compress suspension to torque bolts (Randy's suggestion?). The Koni's have adjustable perches, so I followed GWR's recommendation and set at 1 perch below how they ship on fronts and 2 perches below on rears.

Measured at center of wheel from ground to bottom of fender lip (after 100 miles):
LF 24.75
RF 24.80
LR 25.5
RR 26.0

The good: love it, no-brainer upgrade, at 3/4 turn past full soft, ride is very similar to Club Bilsteins, springs drop the car and transform how this car behaves and drastically improves the appearance of the car. Brake dive is substantially better and transitions much more confidently. (Have not installed Progress bars yet) This is the route I've taken with all 4 generations of Miatas - don't see the need to spend the extra $ on coilovers for how I use the car. Love the fact that the new Konis have multiple perch points, allowing a lot more flexibility (again - diminishes need for coilovers).

The bad: none.

Highly recommended.

PS. Don't freak out when you first install them if the ride height varies from corner to corner. Every install I've done in the past results in (typically) the right rear being 1-1.5" higher than the left rear, but quickly settles down with a few miles and will get within .25-.5" of the left.

This setup works fantastically for me. I wanted to get rid of the sloppy stock suspension and have it lowered some. Now it is lowered about 1", which got rid of the fender gap. Looks so much better now. I also wanted to put on the 235/40/17 tires and not rub (I don't) and I didn't want to worry about bottoming out (I don't).
I also just started SCCA auto crossing and they work perfectly for me. I turn the front Koni's up a turn toward firm and go. This is my wife's daily driver, so I keep the Koni's on full soft. I haven't had any complaints on the ride being too harsh.
I would recommend this setup to anyone who wants to have fun on those tight turns but also drive the MX-5 and not get beat to death and need to wear a kidney brace.

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