RoadsterSport Fiat 124 ABARTH Exhaust Combo for Fiat-124 , Abarth
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RoadsterSport Fiat 124 ABARTH Exhaust Combo

2017-2020 · Abarth

The ONLY Complete 304 Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust Systems with Crosspipe!

PART NUMBER: 61-2104


Reg. Price: $1,599.00

Sale Price: $1,499.00




Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $1,599.00

Sale Price: $1,499.00




Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


RoadsterSport offers the ONLY all 304 stainless Complete Cat-Back Fiat 124 Exhausts on the market, all other choices are not 304 and/or fail to include the Crosspipe (pictured in the middle above), which is the most critical item for improving flow. You can buy a noise maker, or a real performance exhaust system! Fits ABARTH models ONLY.

Quad tips are BIGGER AND SPREAD MORE on this version to better fit the Abarth bumper cutout, will not fit bumper of other versions! Imagine a perfect drive in your Fiat 124 that includes burbling QUAD pipes! Add FUN to YOUR Fiat 124 with our Fiat 124 QUAD Tip Exhaust Combo. Complete Plug and Play 200 Ft/Lbs of Torque Stainless Exhaust System! Includes 2.5 Inch Crosspipe (2.25 for automatic models), 2.5 Inch midpipe (resonated or non-resonated) and 2.5 inch highflow muffler replacement.

Yes, this is a CARB legal 'cat-back' item because it bolts to rear of stock converter. This is the path to 200 Ft/lbs of Torque per our dyno graphs in our forum Fiat thread!

Like all RoadsterSport exhausts this system is All POLISHED 304 Grade Stainless Steel construction and LIFETIME warranty. It also features full 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust from the cat.

Hear the fun!

DYNO GRAPHS! Result is new HIGH For Fiat 124, 160 HP at the wheels, 200 FT/LBS Torque pushing you back in the seat! Felt good at the first Fiat 124 SCCA appearance so figured it was time to dyno the setup, and now I see why it felt good, that's some healthy torque! This is still stock tune, which means this is CARB compliant power legal in all States!

Lowest Line is Best STOCK Pull. Middle Line is Best Pull with just highflow Muffler Upgrade. Highest Line is Best Pull Full Crosspipe, Midpipe, Muffler...Peak HP up 'only' about 15hp but notice total area under the torque curve is massively better, up over 30 Ft/lbs of torque through much of the middle rpm range, peak gains over 50 Ft/lbs at the low end thanks to faster spool for the turbo.

One more Video Sample of Pure Fiat 124 QUAD RoadsterSport Exhaust System FUN with no resonator!

INSTALLATION, see bottom of page for each of these items in their individual listings.



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport Fiat 124 ABARTH Exhaust Combo

This is a quality product that makes the Spider sound like it should from the factory. I am 50 years old and did the install using ramps and laying on my back in my garage, I would rethink this approach if I ever had to do it again. Otherwise the exhaust is terrific and makes wonderful 'pops' when short-shifting under boost. Nice welds, good materials, the car feels quicker and is a hoot to drive! The only other mod is a DV+. GWR, nice product!

I bought the full exhaust system (crosspipe included) and no resonator. I am very very happy with my purchase, very good quality parts. The car sounds much deeper and louder with very nice burbles. Installation was quite simple, ran into a couple problems that are warned about in the installation video. So please, PLEASE watch the entire video before you start to take things apart and pay close attention when it explains loosening the bolts and nuts with penetrating oil. I ended up breaking one of the two studs attaching the crosspipe to the downpipe and had to completely remove the downpipe to access the broken stud and replace it. If I hadn't broken that stud the entire installation would've been done in less than an hour.

No resonator!! Keep the cat and the stock headers and it's quiet when you don't step on it. Also start up sounds great. Not much drone. I love it! Thanks Brian and the crew! Very Happy.

I recently had the RoadsterSport complete Fiat 124 Abarth Exhaust Combo installed on my 2018 124 Abarth Spider by my local Alpha/Fiat dealership. I do not have the facilities at home and the dealership charged $200 for the install which I thought was fair. They also advised the installation would not affect the car's warranty, which is great. I did provide them with the installation instructions provided on the Goodwin website, but they did not seem to be too interested in them. That being said, the drivers side tail pipe sat about 2 inches lower than the passengers side, they promptly corrected that when I pointed it out by loosening the muffler delete clamp, pushing the drivers side tail pipe up, and then of course re-tightening the clamp, no big deal. Later I did make some adjustments to the muffler delete clamp "gap" to eliminate some of the alignment issues that pulled the driver side tail pipe in a bit more than the passenger side tail pipe. Again, no big deal. But on to the good stuff. The tail pipes look great, way better than the factory ones. I have the resonated version and the sound is very much to my liking. Nice throaty sound but not too much to annoy my neighbors. The best thing, though, is I have definitely felt an increase in power. 6th gear feels more like 5th and 5th gear feels more like 4th when accelerating. We have some pretty good hills here in Colorado, and one such hill I usually downshift from 6th to 5th gear to climb; with the new exhaust system installed, I left the gearbox in 6th and could still feel the car accelerating up the hill. The performance increases shown on the Goodwin website are accurate. This is a great upgrade for the 124 Abarth and I thank Goodwin for making this exhaust setup available.

I got the complete RoadsterSport exhaust installed on my Abarth today: it is AMAZING!

The engine sounds much throatier than the stock Abarth exhaust, is significantly louder under hard acceleration, but goes quiet when cruising on the freeway. It gives out an assertive roar when you accelerate, and purrs and pops when you release the gas or downshift.

The engine seems to rev more freely and the car seems to reach posted speed limits much more quickly. If nothing else, I catch myself accelerating harder just to hear the roar. And the quad tips look great.

It took my local shop less than 1 hour to remove the stock setup install the complete RoadsterSport exhaust.

Highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve the sound, feel and appearance of your Spider.

Install was easier than expected. Fitment was spot on.
Great quality product and just the right sound since I purchased the resonated version. Cross pipe and all pieces fit as they should and looks better than the OEM!

Thanks GWR!

From day one of Fiat teasing the release of the Abarth and the signature rumble and growl, I wanted this car.
Then when I wanted it to be even more aggressive (you know, at about 120 miles in?) I decided to go with this badass solution.
The build quality is fantastic, with no issues in putting it together. Just make sure you take your time and line everything up so the tips sit right. With so many joints, it does take a few minutes of fidgeting to make it perfect, so just be patient!

The sound is fantastic. Has an incredible growl, and sings through the revs.

It is loud without the resonator. Let no one tell you different. It echos in my subdivision. But, I knew that going in, and am way okay with that. After the cold start it tames down at idle to a low rumble, but that first start in the morning is a beast.

Quality exhaust,easy installation.
This car needs this modification.

I have done a full Goodwin exhaust on my Abarth. The only mistake was I did not get the resonated midpipe. The installation was simple. It was done in my driveway using ramps and jack stands. There were no dyno pulls, so I could not verify the claimed power gains. But the sound was magnificent but a bit too loud for the neighbors. So I have on order the resonated midpipe. In the mean time, while I wait for delivery of my new midpipe, I have reinstalled the factory muffler to tame the sound level.

After doing a side by side comparison, it becomes clear the Goodwin system will increase flow, due to being a fully mandrel bent system with no pinches in the turns. Installation was simple using only standard hand tools. Once installed the car did seem to have a bit more power, but it may have been a placebo effect based on the sound improvement....

Update: I have received the resonated midpipe and installed it on my car. The sound is magnificent, only a little quieter. It has the great rumble of and throaty sound similar to a great sounding V8. I have chosen well on the order of mods to my new car, #1) GFB DV+ diverter valve upgrade. #2) The full Goodwin Exhaust.

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