smartTOP - Mazda MX-5 RF for MX5-ND
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smartTOP - Mazda MX-5 RF


PART NUMBER: 61-2192


Reg. Price: $359.00

Sale Price: $331.55



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $359.00

Sale Price: $331.55



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


The smartTOP roof control unit for the MX5 RF allows opening or closing the convertible top while driving at slow speeds. It works similar to power-windows and opens or closes the roof automatically at the touch of a button. It is not necessary to stop the vehicle and pull the handbrake to operate the roof.

Unique design features only to be found in our product:
- "One-Touch" top operation allows your top to open or close automatically.
- Open / Close The Top While Driving. Speed programmable up to 40kmh.
- Reversible Plug-In Installation. Remove anytime allowing sale or return of a leased vehicle in it's original condition.
- USB Port For Easy Setup / Updates. This module can be configured and updated using almost any Mac or PC.
- Individually Programmable - Configure functions of the module to meet your personal preferences via the signature blinker setup menu.
- Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness. Custom designed plug-in-between wiring harness for extremely simple and quick installation included.
- Passive / Invisible Mode. Turn the whole module off with an easy key sequence. Ideal when letting someone else drive your car.
- Ultra-low power standby mode
- Plug-and-Play Installation: Simply plug in between
- Programmable Safety feature for operation while halted
- For Model Year 2006+



Customer Reviews

smartTOP - Mazda MX-5 RF

I am very pleased with the smarttop module! It's convenient for all the reasons other posters have stated, especially being able to open the top at a stoplight without worrying about the light turning green right away. But I bought it for another reason too. My city is a mile high in northern AZ. We get snow, and it's usually 30 to 40 degrees when I leave in the morning in the winter. I'm over 6' and almost 300# (ex-linebacker). I invented a few new Yoga positions getting in and out with the top closed. It is much easier for me to 'step' in and out with the top open. So every time I start up my driveway I open the top, and close it again on the way down (if needed). This makes it easier to get in and out, and to load/unload anything. I have a sheet I throw over the cockpit while she's in the garage. My only advice is to log in and set your options before you install it. This was easy, as was the installation.

Great product. This is how the car should have came from the factory. This was super easy to install with great directions from the manufacturer. Took me about 10 minutes. Feels like a high quality product.

Yes it should come from factory this way. It is expensive but worth it. Install was easy, just tough to get hands inside to remove the nut that requires a 10 mm wrench. I used a ratcheting box end wrench because I could not even get my smallest 1/4 inch ratchet to fit underneath the black plastic covering. I installed the software in the house and then it was plug and play. A small flashlight in the corner really helps. You remove the nut, lift the metal bracket out of way, lift a plastic flap and disconnect the two connectors closest to passenger side, mate the connections on the device and shove everything back in. I have no issues with rattles. Buy this RF drivers you will enjoy the freedom it gives for 13 seconds now seems like forever

The Smarttop module adds a a few key features that make the RF portion of the car much more enjoyable. The ability to open/close the top with a single push of the button and the ability to do it at up to 34 mph. If someone is on the fence about buying this, don't be it is worth the price. If you are a recent owner of an RF don't wait too long because it's hard to "re-train" your brain to NOT hold the top Open/Close button which disables/re-enables the one touch feature.

One could easily make the argument that spending $300+ just to save a few seconds to raise/lower the roof is a bit over the top, and I would completely agree. That being said, I really like this gizmo a lot and don't regret the purchase. By the time I've dealt with my seatbelt, put on the requisite cool shades, dialed in the tunes, and looked around to be sure I'm not gonna run into anything, the top is down and I'm ready to roll. Whether the folks at Mazda chose the 6mph factory speed limit for engineering reasons or because there were too many lawyers on the design team, it gives the car a much more finished and polished feeling. Living on the Florida west coast where monsoon rains can suddenly appear out of nowhere it's a real treat to not have to search for a place to pull over to raise the roof while the interior is getting drenched, not to mention me. Install was easy. It's a fair amount of money to shell out for some measure of convenience. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

This should be the first convenience modification you do if you're an RF owner. I suspect Mazda's legal team and safety nannies were a little too involved when it came to the retractable top operation. But smartTOP makes it as it should be. One touch up/down and a higher speed limit for top operation are essential. Especially if you got your RF equipped with the correct (manual) transmission. Sure. It's a bit pricey for what it is. But it's worth every penny.

Simply a great product. The instructions were easy to follow and it works as advertised. One click and the top opens/closes. No more holding the button down till the top is settled.

Awesome mod! Take a look at the install process here if you're curious what all is involved

To echo what the others have already said, the features provided by the smartTop module should be built in from the factory....but at it is not, it makes for a good quarantine project. Installation is pretty straightforward but the space is tight. Expect many small cuts all over your hands as proof you've completed the installation. The programming is easy and the Mac compatible software works without any issues. Bottom line then, this is a great addition, it's (relatively) easy to install - figure about 20 minutes - and for the money, worth it.

Agree with other reviews that this is how it should be from stock. One touch operation (godsend with a manual transmission), increase of speed limiter from the factory 6mph all the way to 32mph (with settings in between if you want to play it safe), no reverse lockout, valet mode. Everything I could've asked for.

Installation took an hour mostly because I'm severely out of shape and the space you're working in is super tight. I recommend having a friend around to hold the plastic flap open and potentially shine a light into the area you'll be working in so that you can have both hands free. The procedure is not complicated at all, the only thing drawing it out was that I had to go by feel given how tight the space was.

Still, super happy with the result. Highly recommend it.

This is one of those upgrades that should be a factory standard. Its a quick install, totally plug and play, and online instruction where perfect. Only thing I would change is the option to operate roof with car ignition off.

This should be from the factory. This mod is top on my list of many mods to my MX-5. After watching some youtube vids on the install (search fo Kill-O-Byte and he has a great vid showing the install) it should take no longer than 30-40 minutes.

It's a tight area to work in and you will need to have some dexterity. But it's worth it 110%. One touch operation. Not having to be at a full stop. Being at a stop light while in mid operation and be able to drive and let the roof complete its operation...priceless.

Bonus. I got a $25 GWR customer reward for this purchase! You miles may vary on that one :)

Thanks for offering this excellent product on your site Brian.


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