Meet the Good-Win Racing Team

Our primary goal is to help Mazda owners like you dial up the FUN. We seek to accomplish that goal by offering a wide range of quality parts and good advice with which you can add some extra fun to your Mazda.

We race what we sell....and evaluate our parts for effectiveness in street use, autocross and track events. We live in sunny San Diego, and while we spend lots of our free time out on the track, you might also find us designing new products, driving local fun roads with the top down, on road trips in one of our project cars, or enjoying the surf. We've been in business since the late 90's so we can answer many of your Mazda questions.

Brian Goodwin, Founder/CEO

When folks ask me what I do, I usually tell them that I am a toy maker....because I make toys for big boys and girls. When I run through the gears on any of our project cars to hear the motor sing, the exhaust burble, and feel the way the car stays flat in the corners, it makes me laugh out loud with joy and I want to help customers find the same joy with the right mix of mods for their Mazdas.

Good-Win Racing is the hobby that became my life. My favorite bedtime story as a small child was "Go, Dog. Go!" by P.D.Eastman... I just loved the dogs racing cars. I raced everything I could as a kid from skateboards and BMX bikes to Go-Karts and Snowboards. Then came motorcycles and cars and when my first Mazda Miata arrived in the early 90s it was a revelation. After owning and racing a succession of Italian and European sports cars I was ecstatic to finally discover a quality sports car that didn't leak, catch fire, or break down constantly when driven under demanding conditions!

My 1994 Mazda Miata racked up well over 100,000 miles of combined use on and off the race track and in autocross. The race log on my 99 Miata had over 25,000 miles of just track time, and that was about half the mileage on the car when I sold it to start playing with a 2003 Miata Club Sport. Then came another 94 Miata, and then a 97 for STS class autocross, and then a 2001 Miata, and then a 2004 RX8 for STU class, several 2006 and 2007 MX5 Miatas, and on and on the addiction has rolled....

Brian Goodwin
Brian Goodwin at Laguna Seca

Odd fact about Brian: Brian LOVES particular chocolate milk. You will always find chocolate milk in our fridge and with us when we race. It serves as a great recovery drink by providing quick carbs and protein to replenish muscles and rehydrate.

Check out Brian's latest project car.

Andi Goodwin, CFO & Marketing

Andi Goodwin

When I married Brian I was fascinated with his cool cars and the fun he had autocrossing and on the track, but never considered it as something I could do. Once I became part of the Good-Win Racing team I just had to try it, and boy am I hooked! Talk about an adrenaline rush! I discovered a passion for racing, car control and general FUN driving.

My first Miata really changed my entire view on cars and why we have them. Before my Miata I thought driving was just to get from A to B... but now I love to put the top down and go for a drive just for the thrill of shifting gears and charging the corners.

When I am not out driving you can find me with a group of friends enjoying a good meal and fine wine...or out surfing with Brian and enjoying the California sunshine.

Odd fact about Andi: I have super small narrow feet; Brian says I stole them from a 6 year old! However, they happen to be perfect for driving race cars, who knows maybe I was born to race all along.

Check out Andi's street project car.

Ryan Passey, Team Principal

When I bought my first Miata I had no idea the road I was starting down. A decade later, I'm still having the time of my life with these fantastic cars and with the entire family of miata owners and racers that I've met as a result.

Passing the knowledge that I've gained on to other enthusiasts and designing new parts to cater to our community is my way of 'paying it forward' for all those who were influential and helped me along the way.

I have a background in fabrication and racing, and I still have my first Miata which is now a bit of a Frankenstein after all these years, but I still drive a (mostly) stock miata on a daily basis.

Odd fact about Ryan:
I love running outdoors. To me there are few things as refreshing, and it's how I get away from the business of life, find my focus, and recharge.

Ryan Passey

Bri, Warehouse Manager

As a mechanics daughter, I pulled my weight as a shop monkey, staying up late & getting up early to help dad grab tools & hold the flashlight. I pulled my first engine solo when I was 13, while my dad was away for the weekend. We would often take road trips to the races where we would always get pit passes to get up close to the cars. When I met Ryan, I knew he was it. A race-car driver that built & works on his own car & for the coolest company. What a dream. I'm so lucky to get to work here & have so much fun going to the track, pit crewing for Hyper.

Fun fact: I love peanut butter. It's my favorite food group. I would put it on anything...yes anything & I would eat it here or there. I would eat it anywhere.


Greg Lee, Customer Service & Other Odd Stuff

Greg Lee

I've been on a long twisty road to arrive at Goodwin Racing. As a small child in Kentucky my father had an MGB and a ‘68 Firebird 400. I was hooked.

I've always loved cars and building/repairing things. As a kid I built model cars and planes, repaired my own bicycles, and helped my stepfather with the farm truck. In high school it was engine swaps with friends.

Then came the motorcycles. It was the early Eighties and sportbikes were first arriving. I rode all the time and started working on my friends bikes. Eventually this led me to being a mechanic for three different endurance roadracing teams in the late 80's into the early 90's.

After the bike scene I started working on people. I'm certified as both a Surgical Tech and an Endoscopy Tech.

Along the way I had a couple of MGBs of my own before I bought my first Miata. I'm now on my third; a 2005 Lava Orange Mazdaspeed

I came to San Diego with my wife for temporary medical work assignments in 2008 and we never left. We met the San Diego Miata Club, met Rocky Murphy, and made life long friends. I met Brian through Rocky when I was working part-time at Rocky's Miatomotive. I remember a few years ago taking a ride with Brian at Laguna Seca and listening to him giggle as we flew around the track. I knew then I wanted to be part of the Goodwin Racing family.

Odd fact about Greg:
I'm not just a music fan, but used to be a stage tech (roadie) for a couple of regional touring bands out of my hometown of Louisville, Ky. I have a vintage drum kit I beat on. I can't play the guitar, but I can tune one.

Chad, Shipping

Calvin 'CJ' Ford Jr.

Chad is a Veteran who served in the Navy for 10 years, specializing in weapons/ammunition. He may be the newest addition to our team but he's got the highest security clearance by far! He's super organized, loves to label things, and he crafts all kinds of cool things with his son, like extravagant Halloween costumes.

We haven't converted Chad to a Miata quite yet, but he did just add a set of Enkei TS-5's to his Mitsubishi Eclipse, a car he's using to teach his son mechanical skills on!

Fun fact about Chad: He was out at sea for 11 months during 9/11. That's almost double the usual time!