Good-Win Racing Mazda Performance Parts

John Q.'s Cho Aniki - Niaraga Falls, NY

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Performance Parts Used In John Q.'s Cho Aniki

Miata 1990-2005: Suspension : Shocks

Tokico HP Miata Shock - Front Tokico HP Miata Shock - Front
Tokico HP Miata Shock - Rear Tokico HP Miata Shock - Rear

Miata 1990-2005: Wheels : Lugs, Hubcentric Rings, Caps

McGard Spline Drive Lugs McGard Spline Drive Lugs


I received the Roadstersport II, and I wanted to compliment you guys on an awesome product. The Miata should have these on from the factory. They make a great sound, that is not obnoxious at all. The exhaust also installed seamlessly!!! I will buy all of my Miata stuff from you in the future. Thanks,

-- Nate

I think that Brian Goodwin is the perfect example of what is good about the aftermarket industry. He is one of the few vendors that actually cares about his customers. He is the example that all companies should be trying to emulate when it comes to customer service. Not to mention his ingenuity and desire to improve on what is already a great car. I have never had a "bad" experience with Good-win-racing. Well, except for the constant temptation to SPEND MORE MONEY.

-- Sandor