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Good-Win Racing has long been the leader in Miata Brakes and for ND we got started early after many of you asked us for an alternative to the factory Brembo upgrade. 

YES, we have Four Piston Caliper Conversion Done that fits stock rotors and stock wheels!
YES, we have SIX Piston Caliper Conversion Done that fits stock rotors and stock wheels!
YES, two-piece rotor option in stock rotor size too!
YES, we have ND BIG BRAKE KIT Complete with Two-piece rotors.

AND ALL THESE OPTIONS LIGHTER THAN STANDARD ND BRAKES! Even our 6 piston caliper upgrade saves over 2 pounds compared to stock ND front calipers, and four piston option saves about double that amount! Even the Big Brake Kit is LESS weight than stock setup! The lightest setup stock size saves a big EIGHT pounds compared to stock standard front ND brakes per corner!!

Track / race customers: Order your spares EARLY. You didn't wait until the day before your track day to check your brakes... right? Some brake consumables - especially the race stuff - are special order, or often run out of stock during certain times of the year due to high demand, and we always get the CLASSIC call on a Friday afternoon from someone who needs pads overnighted to the race track, and that often isn't possible. We recommend having a spare set of pads and rotors already on hand, so when it's time for replacements you just pull those off your shelf and bolt them on the car, and on that same day you order new replacements for you shelf so you always have the next set waiting and ready to go when the time comes.

Brake Pad Bedding
ANY time you have a fresh rotor surface, you need to bed the pads to the new rotors. Follow these steps to bed in the brake pads:

1. First ensure the brakes are operating correctly by driving for 5-10 miles and using just light brake pedal pressure.
2. Now time for the bed-in process. Make 6 to 10 stops from approximately 35MPH down to 5 MPH by applying moderate pressure. DO NOT DRAG THE BRAKES LIGHTLY.
3. Then do twenty progressively harder stops from 60 mph to 20mph. Your goal is to get them HOT!! You should be able to smell the pads when they get hot enough. DO NOT DRAG THE BRAKES LIGHTLY.
4. Drive 5 minutes in a large circle without hitting the brakes to cool them. You do not want to come to a complete stop until they cool down a fair bit or you will get uneven pad material transfer (which causes the feeling of warped rotors).
5. After cooling them drive home and park the car in gear but WITH HANDBRAKE OFF
4. Let the car sit until rotors are cool to the touch. At least 1 hour but leaving it overnight is even better.
5. Your brakes are now ready to rock and roll!



AP Racing Caliper Temperature Strips
AP Racing Caliper Temperature Strips

MIATA MX5-ND 2016-2022



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