Miata braces improve Miata suspension response by lowering the amount of chassis twist that occurs before the Miata reacts to steering and suspension input. Miata braces also reduce vibration of the open Miata chassis and the result is a Miata that feels more solid and rides smoother.

Miata braces help make your Miata feel like NEW again.  When your Miata was built almost all of the seams were only spot-welded in order to speed up production.  A typical new car has more than 5000 spot welds. Hundreds of the original spot welds fail over time as the miles rack up.  We love the Miata because it is an open car, but being an open car also means the Miata has more and more flex as miles racked up and the spot welds break throughout the car.  Adding Miata braces is like putting hundreds of spot welds back to original, the Miata braces make the Miata body tighter and stiffer and that means better response and less vibration and reduced NVH. Miata braces are one of the best ways to make your Miata feel new again.