Soon DUAL exhaust for all owners of 2017-2020! .  Driving it daily on our own 2020.  The secret sauce in this setup is a HELMHOLTZ chamber to remove drone from the results so that you can have fun when you floor it but it is super mild and relaxed when just cruising.  More details soon...

UPDATE June 14th.  Today first production sample installed on our own Ridgeline.  Clean easy install, computer welded in the production JIG here in California, all stainless construction.  All car parts factories are backed up so we don't have ETA yet on inventory but today was a BIG DAY as production JIG passed the test with flying colors and first production sample was perfect.  We are GO for production! 

UPDATE JULY 30th.  Production is well underway and we expect batch complete before end of August.  We have listed the New Duals on the site below and expect to open it for prepays appoximately 10 days before we get the first batch boxed and ready to go.  See link below and watch this page for more updates soon.



* Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Ridgeline 2017-2020 Dual Exhaust!