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RX-8 Radiator Protection Screen


RX8 2004-2011 · Exterior

Part Number: 60-1067

Application: 2004-2011

Price: $64.00


RX-8 Radiator Protection Screen
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Although Mazda positioned the A/C condenser radiator in a strategic position to allow maximum airflow, this positioning also allows potential damage from road debris!! If you look through the large opening in the mouth of your RX-8, you will notice a radiator positioned at an approximately 45-degree angle. Although you might assume this is the water radiator, in actuality this is the air conditioning condenser radiator. (The water radiator is positioned behind the A/C condenser radiator.)

The positioning of this radiator left Racing Beat feeling that this unit was a bit too "exposed" and we decided to design a protective screen to offer vital protection to this critical component. Racing Beat has addressed this issue with a protective screen kit for the RX-8 application. This 304-grade stainless steel screen can be easily installed using only basic hand tools. The fine mesh screen material (.041 wire diameter which allows 63.2% open area flow through) is finished with a stainless steel frame to offer additional support and stability.

Combine this Radiator Screen with the Racing Beat Oil Cooler Screens for the ultimate in protection. Buy both sets of screens and save!

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Hello Brian, the swaybar and endlinks came in today. I am very pleased with the packaging and it arrived on time. Also thank you for excellent customer service and correcting my order no-hassle. I will definitely be ordering from Good-Win Racing again.

-- - Christopher

Good morning Brian, I finally got a chance to put the exhaust on, great advice, it's just loud enough, solid product. I'm running without the baffles, sounds great in power band. Take care, you have all my future upgrade business.........regards.

-- John S.