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Racing Beat RX8 RACE Exhaust


RX8 2004-2011 · Exhaust

Part Number: 60-1100R

Application: 2004-2011

Reg. Price: $615.00

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Racing Beat RX8 RACE Exhaust
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The Racing Beat RX-8 Race Exhaust System is a lightweight exhaust system that is intended for street or race applications. Originally designed to meet the demands of RX-8 autocross racers, this system is significantly lighter than the stock system and has been designed to meet a race track imposed 92db sound limit*.

System Weight: The Racing Beat Race Exhaust System has been designed to offer a significant weight reduction over the stock RX-8 system, compare the following:

Stock system + connecting-pipe = 39 lbs Racing Beat Race Muffler (17.5 lbs) + Connecting-pipe (8 lbs) = 25.5 lbs This is a 34% reduction in weight over the stock system! All components are handcrafted using 304-stainless steel materials for excellent durability and strength. As a weight saving measure, we decided to eliminate the decorative tip outlet, and instead provided a downward-angled outlet pipe. This pipe reflects exhaust noise downward in an attempt to further dissipate the sound.

Power Output: Performance gains are comparable with our REV 8 Street Exhaust: Stock production engine - with muffler removed +5 HP Stock production engine - with RB street or race exhaust + 3.5 HP

Sound Quality: While louder than the stock system, particularly under full throttle, this exhaust system can be used for those looking for a very aggressive exhaust tone for their daily-driven RX-8. A modest driving technique will produce a moderate and tolerable exhaust tone, but jump on the throttle and this exhaust really comes to life. Full throttle does not produce a buzzy or harsh, but a more exotic sound like that of a tuned V-6 engine. During a long-distance trip to the race track during prototype testing for this system, Racing Beat's independent test driver (that's us here at Good-Win Racing) found that highway cruising was very tolerable, without any droning sounds or harmonics.

This exhaust system is equipped with a stainless steel connecting pipe and all required mounting hardware. *Measured approximately 50 away from the side of an otherwise stock 2004 RX-8 MT under full throttle. Your actual decibel reading may vary. Other factors, including atmospheric conditions, additional performance accessories, tires, etc.. may cause variations in your actual sound measurement.

Brian's Application Notes: Racing Beat sent us the original prototype of this exhaust to test. I used it with the Racing Beat header and cat delete pipe (version with two big resonators, our part 61-0451). That prototype had the tip pointed out the back BUT production version has tip pointed down on the ground under the car. The GOOD with that change to pointing it under the car is that DB readings at tracks sensitive to sound are lower, and the BAD about that decision to bounce the sound on the ground is that noise in the car is very HIGH. Thus, if you intend to drive the full system and want the sound inside the car more reasonable, have a local exhaust shop make you a little extension out the back with nice exhaust tip....which will lower sound levels in the car massively.

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