Goodwin Racing Exhaust


Unlike some modern cars, the FT86 platform responds very well to exhaust and header upgrades. Torque dip got you down? Say goodbye to the dip on the dyno sheet by upgrading to one of our Tomei or Borla header choices. For those seeking the traditional Subaru boxer rumble, take a look at the unequal length choices like the Borla. Combined with a tune you can see up to +20WHP and nearly 30ft/lb of torque in the dip with a tune!

Just like the new MX-5, these cars are prone to drone! Careful exhaust choice is required to keep things civilized when upgrading your header. If noise is a concern, we recommend keeping the factory front pipe and pairing a header upgrade with the Thermal R&D Helmholtz exhaust. With a smooth civilized sound you will not be dissapointed.


See Sean's Stage 1 Video bottom of this page!