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Racing Beat Single Tip Miata Exhaust

1999-2005 · Manual Transmission

Miata 1990-2005 · Exhaust · Mufflers

Part Number: 11-1007

Year: 1999-2005

Application: Manual Transmission

Price: $325.00


Racing Beat Single Tip Miata Exhaust
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Racing Beat's Power Pulse 304 polished stainless steel Miata muffler is a bargain, mild sound. Uses 2 3/8" Straight-Flow internal design with stainless steel and ceramic sound-deadening insulation.

The resulting note from your Miata is a deep and throaty without any harsh, buzzy or "droning" noise. Finished with a 3.5-inch polished 304 stainless steel tip, this large diameter Miata muffler will handle Miata applications from stock to mild forced induction.

Brian's Application Notes: Now past the mandatory advertising stuff let me tell you why this choice is a favorite. Great bang for the buck, quality construction and it fits right EVERY time. The only complaint I ever get with this Miata muffler is that it is "too quiet" for some.

Indeed this Miata muffler is the most conservative of the choices we offer, just a little louder and deeper than the stock Miata muffler. Next louder single tip Miata exhaust choice would be our own RoadsterSport Miata exhaust.

To add even more sound to a Miata with this exhaust consider using our RoadsterSport Miata Midpipe with this muffler or Racing Beat's Race Midpipe.

Note that if you plan a supercharger you should understand that the supercharger adds so much gas volume to the Miata's exhaust that the exhaust will get MUCH louder after you add the supercharger! That makes this relatively conservative Miata exhaust a good choice for those that might someday go with one of our superchargers... Owners of the MAZDSPEED turbo version should see our "Racing Beat MAZDASPEED Miata Turbo Muffler." NOTE: SHIPS FACTORY DIRECT FROM RACING BEAT.

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Hello Brian, the swaybar and endlinks came in today. I am very pleased with the packaging and it arrived on time. Also thank you for excellent customer service and correcting my order no-hassle. I will definitely be ordering from Good-Win Racing again.

-- - Christopher

You guys are great! The new suspension is in and the ride is much improved. Thanks for the great service.

-- Chuck