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Miata KOYO VH060245 Hypercore 36mm Aluminum Miata Radiator


Miata 1990-2005 · Radiators-Cooling · Radiator

Part Number: 16-1009

Application: 1990-1997

Price: $299.00


Miata KOYO VH060245 Hypercore 36mm Aluminum Miata Radiator
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This is Koyo's ALL ALUMINUM Miata Racing Performance Radiator, updated for 2015 to new 36mm Hypercore. Produced in Japan, its all aluminum construction is held to tight quality control standards that are illustrated in the outstanding Heliarc soldering, pristine tube and fin alignment, and mirror-like surface finish.

This Miata radiator unit is completely plug and play with all OEM hardware and thicker aftermarket sway bars! Koyo smartly designed their Miata radiator to take the factory cap, factory fans and even the factory plug so that service at your local dealer is not a problem and replacement parts are as close as your local autoparts store or Mazda dealer. NOTE new radiator cap NOT included, but we do offer KOYO Performance caps separately on the site. New drain plug is included. This 36mm koyo Miata radiator fits easier with OEM hardware and thicker aftermarket sway bars than bigger 2 inch cores, usually without having to trim the fan housings. Also very popular with the spec Miata racers because it cures most overheating issues without adding quite as much water weight as the 55mm/2inch core models.

Intended for manual transmission Miata only. NOTE that owners of the 04-05 MazdaSpeed Miata will need to slot or bend brackets for the factory AC condenser and move that assembly forward a little to clear this much larger radiator.

BRIAN'S INSTALL NOTES: Sometimes we find the A/C was port installed and placement of the condenser is not always consistent, we just bend the condenser brackets as the easiest way to get the clearance. But you can also unbolt the Condenser and slide it down and then put it in front of the brackets. Be sure you make clearance so your new radiator is not damaged by the condenser! Note Koyo does include new drain plug, but does NOT include new radiator cap. The caps are available on the site (just click link bottom of the page).

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I red'all the parts in the order I placed and installed them in my car yesterday. I am beyond happy. The install went without a hitch. The results were fantastic. The new brakes track straight, make no noise, and stop the car authoritatively. The new rotors look pretty cool, which we all know isn't all that important, but having 6 women offer to bear your children, because your car looks SO cool is a good problem to have. Thank for great products and service.

-- Chaz C.

I just installed the Borla exhaust on the MX5. Sweeeeeeet! Thanks, Andy