COMPLETE PREMIUM HELMHOLTZ CHAMBER Cat-Back RoadsterSport 4 Miata Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust for 90-97 for Miata 1990-1997
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COMPLETE PREMIUM HELMHOLTZ CHAMBER Cat-Back RoadsterSport 4 Miata Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust for 90-97




Reg. Price: $861.35

Sale Price: $749.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $861.35

Sale Price: $749.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


FOURTH GENERATION UPDATE: A revolution in exhaust technology finally available for all 1990 through 1997 Miatas, our new HELMHOLTZ exhaust system features a standard resonator in the connecting pipe to slightly lower volume and rasp and an exclusive all Helmholz main chamber at the back that reduces the standing wave inside the exhaust system! Cuts the boom frequencies of 120-130hz by over 40+db inside a top up Miata cabin which is a common source of complaints with the most aggressive aftermarket exhausts on the Miata. Result is all the FUN throaty sounds you want, without the drone levels other systems make that wear you out on long uphill and downhill sections of road.

Proper Sports Car sound with a deep mellow tone at cruise and a vintage bark when you put your foot into it. Smooth perforated core and smooth bends for max power.

Muffler section is 16.5 pounds...and included connecting pipe is 8 pounds (less weight than most choices).

This Miata exhaust is the ONLY 90-97 Miata exhaust with adjustable sound via additional packed baffle on our site. Includes fresh stainless nuts, bolts and gasket to complete your install. Includes our unique removable baffle cone tip so YOU are in control of the sound level and can adjust for extra sporty or calm it down a bit for longer trips.

ALL STAINLESS STEEL and lifetime warranty! INCLUDES COMPLETE MIDPIPE section so that it this is a COMPLETE BOLT ON solution from your converter flange back. Built in solid 304 stainless steel and completely polished to a mirror finish, this premium Miata exhaust is our only choice that incorporates a big Helmholtz chamber to help control drone and a baffle insert that gives YOU control over the final sound level (baffle in is about 40% more sound than stock, baffle out is 50% more sound than you always have a choice for those longer trips). And, you always have the additional option of our packed baffle to calm it down even more, which are sold here separately on this website....for a total of THREE different sound levels from the same exhaust. With an ear pleasing exhaust note, great price and easy installation this Miata exhaust is a great beginning for Miata performance modifications.

BRIANS APPLICATION NOTES. We did helmholtz chamber exhausts for NC and ND generation Miata and got lots of requests to bring this technology to the NA application. Every other choice on the market is essentially just fiberglass with perforated tube in one shape or another and fiberglass kills the fun sounds while doing a poor job of killing the BAH-AH-AH-AH DRONE you otherwise can get in small 4 cylinder cars. Rear can in this setup has no fiberglass and instead uses tuned valve Helmholtz chamber that acts like a little air piston and massively lowers standing BOOMINESS you otherwise get with a straight through flow choice like this setup. Result is all the fun when you plant your foot hard but reasonable when you just want to cruise and hear the stereo, etc. Includes the connecting midpipe which is a separate cost item with some of our other choices (Racing Beat). The slightly larger tubing of the RoadsterSport Miata muffler means a slightly deeper tone and a little more burble on decel than the factory exhaust, 2.25 inch tube size all the way and finished with 3 inch tip, SMOOTH bends, straight through SMOOTH perforated core design for maximum horsepower.

This is an AGGRESSIVE exhaust at full throttle, a fact we are enthusiastic about, and not apologetic about! The helmholtz chamber keeps it reasonable at light throttle, and allows almost a straight pipe full flow design with great control over drone so we can let all the fun sound out at full throttle. The result is very split personality, reasonable when you want, seriously full voiced fun when you want. The Helmholtz chamber knocks down what most of us perceive as drone by over 40 db but it lets all the rest of the upper frequency fun and pops and burbles right on through! That means by definition this muffler is aggressive, has a ton of attitude on an otherwise stock Miata, and is NOT for everyone! Given that this muffler is aggressive on otherwise stock Miata, it will be really loud, race track loud, if you add header and highflow cat. Designed for the three pedal owners out there who love to zing these amazing sportscars to redline daily! Know who you are, if you are actually driving the car around at very low rpms our experience is that you will prefer the mildest bigger mufflers such as our Racing Beat choices, in our experience this includes all owners of the optional automatic transmission, and any other owners who drive around at low rpms most of the time. If you hit the redline at least three times on the way to work in your Miata, this might be your exhaust. If you never hit the redline because you are afraid you will hurt the car, please look at our Racing Beat exhausts.

Not recommended with Magnaflow catalytic converters, reason is they shift sound from peak drone targeted by Helmholtz chamber tuned to stock converter and similar high density core replacements.

This Miata muffler carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY, built from all polished stainless steel and is made with pride in the USA.

Another AMAZING Customer Video:

Great customer video below showing the difference on sound meter between casual driving with this exhaust and full throttle. As you can hear, and see on the DB meter, it is pretty mild until you go full throttle. Car is a 95k mile 1995 NA. 100% stock mechanically, stock intake, exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, etc. Only the Roadster Sport 4 CAT-back was was added.



Customer Reviews

COMPLETE PREMIUM HELMHOLTZ CHAMBER Cat-Back RoadsterSport 4 Miata Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust for 90-97

Typical high-quality expected from Good-Win. I am running the OEM header and cat. After 100 miles, I found the new cat-back a little too loud without the supplied baffle installed, but putting the baffle back in cuts noise 10% and gets the sound where I want it. Previously, I ran the full Good-Win street exhaust on a tuned NC (catted headers, high-flow cat, and Super-Q muffler without baffles), and found the noise level perfect. That setup was around the same DB as this NA RS4 setup with baffle installed.

I love the tone. It doesn't sound like a V8, but what do you expect with a 1.6L 4 Cyl? I wish there were burbles and pops on decel like in my NC, but I suspect I need to switch to at least a high-flow cat to unlock that sound.

Installation notes: The lock nuts holding the OEM exhaust to the cat are tricky, especially if they have three decades of rust on them. I recommend soaking with penetrating oil overnight and then again an hour before attempting to remove (make sure to ventilate the room). I found that jacking the car up as high as possible enabled me to get the right leverage on the breaker bar.

In order to get the new exhaust properly aligned, make sure that all of the exhaust hangers are properly seated on the car side, and then ensure every exhaust hanger post on the exhaust is fully pushed into all four hangers. FYI, I replaced all of the exhaust hangers when installing. A $15 exhaust hanger removal tool makes this install MUCH easier.

I installed a Roadstersport header at the same time as the Roadstersport 4 cat-back exhaust, keeping the stock catalytic converter. The car was so loud the radio was useless and traffic would drop way back while climbing hills due to the sound level. With the baffle out, it was so loud I worried about getting pulled over. I ordered the packed baffle and it is significantly quieter. Now it is throaty at low RPMs with a reasonable sound level. Above 3500 RPM it sings at part throttle and wails at full throttle. I am happy with the result.

The install was simple but the connecting pipe only came with one of the two hanger supports, so I had to salvage the front one from the old exhaust pipe to which it was welded. I do not know if that was stock or the result of previous repairs on the 32 year old car.

Definately worth it! Quiet when you want it and nice throaty sound at full throttle. I paired mine up with the roadstersport high performance cat (part # 11-1033FED) and noticed a little bump in power.

After watching many different reviews on many different exhausts I finally selected the Roadster Sport 4 and it is exactly what I was looking for. When I was reading the description on here I was somewhat worried that the exhaust was going too loud. Coming from a very loud cat back exhaust, I wanted something that was somewhat mellow at cruising speeds around town but really opens up at higher RPMs. If that is what you are looking for, look no further! The drone is nearly no existent and the least amount I have heard from a Miata cat back exhaust to date.Thanks again to Good-Win Racing for another great product for my Miata!

After listening to many exhaust systems the sound of the clip on the we site appealed to me the most. I spent hours on YouTube with terrible sound quality to get the most comprehensive exhaust sound clips. Always came back the the tone of this exhaust. I purchased the exhaust with optional packed baffle and it seemed to cause a louder cabin noise. Swapped out for the supplied baffle, the noise in cabin lessened until I finally settled on no baffle for the quietest in cabin but overall the exhaust is loud. It starts off sounding like a typical Miata, but when you put your foot down and are in the higher rpms it just sounds amazing! If your going naturally aspirated with some IRTBS as I plan to do I think this exhaust will compliment it extremely well.
Final thoughts, sounds amazing at high rpm flat out. Workmanship is second to none very high quality and the v- band connections are premium and appreciated. It is loud but it needs to be free don't cork it with the baffles you wont be sorry! Thank you Good-Win for a truly premium exhaust system because when it comes to exhaust just anything won't do!

Awesome exhaust tone and the ability to adjust the sound with the metal baffle or the packed baffle (optional). No annoying droning but this is much louder than stock when used wide open with no baffle inserted in the exhaust tip.
Construction is high quality and the cat back version I purchased is much lighter weight than stock. The fit was perfect and all hangers lined up. No interference anywhere and I loved the V- Band connection at the rear section for ease of installation and adjustment. It feels more powerful but did not dyno test. Would highly recommend.

I had the great guys at Rspeed install the new exhaust along with a new header on my prized BRG and OH BABY WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SOUND!!! Not to loud at throttle, but once you start getting into it the car comes alive with a deep growl that becomes the most perfect BBRRRRRR. It is loud, but with no drone like all the others exhausts out there. Plus it is just beautiful to look at and my installer was really impressed with the quality! Great job Goodwin Racing, another cutting edge product that brings our little cars a new lease on life and makes us owners fall in love with them all over again....or at least this one!!!

Great sounding exhaust, deep and throaty. It's been on for more than a week now; I've noticed that the sound got much deeper and louder and the drone almost all gone (almost like stock in my opinion). I only wished that the beautifully tip stuck out a bit more, like and inch or so, it barely stick out of the stock rear bumper. Anyway, highly recommended.

As soon as this was released, I knew I wanted it right away. I decided to replace my previous Racing Beat exhaust system with the Roadstersport 4. And I do not regret the decision at all. The new Helmholtz design gave me the sound I was looking for. Without the baffle insert, the growl is aggressive but not overwhelming and pleasing to the ears. I also ordered the packed baffle insert which does soften the sound a bit during cruising speed but still maintains a nice growl. This system probably has the best flexibility as it lets you change the tone of the exhaust for either spirited driving or a relaxing cruise.

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