Progress Technologies 63.1132 MX5 AntiSway Bar Combo for MX5
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Progress Technologies 63.1132 MX5 AntiSway Bar Combo



PART NUMBER: 61-1232


Reg. Price: $399.00

Sale Price: $319.00



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Reg. Price: $399.00

Sale Price: $319.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Our BEST MX5 Sways! These Front and Rear PROGRESS MX5 Miata sway bars were developed on our own Forum 2012 PRHT Project Car! A perfect match for our Progress Springs to make your MX5 corner flat and stable through the most challenging turns!

Progress MX5 anti-roll bars dramatically improve handling. How? They minimize the traction-robbing body "lean" that rolls part of the outside tires off the pavement. Our Sport-tuned Anti-roll MX5 Miata Sway bars replace skinny OEM Miata Sway bars and rubber bushings with larger diameter (stiffer) alloy steel bars and polyurethane bushings.

More roll stiffness means less body "lean", and the tires stay flatter on the pavement (larger contact patches). The result is more grip and added driver control!
-Less body roll means more traction, faster cornering speeds, and increased driver confidence.
-Polyurethane bushings produce crisp response on turn-in. Progress Anti-roll bars are cold-formed in-house using custom-built precision bending equipment. Laser-cut and CNC bar ends are MIG welded in place using a precise fixture for an exact fit that is more durable than alternatives used by some other choices.

-Size: FRONT 28.5 mm (hollow bar; 6.35mm side-wall)
-Size: REAR 17.5 mm SOLID (both front and rear slightly stiffer than our Racing Beat choice)
-Adjustment Range: Front 3 holes, Rear 2 holes
-All sway bars are powdercoated metallic gray.
-One year limited warranty

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES. These are SERIOUS! We had a number of customers wanting something more serious than our 1 inch front bar choices, more like the Hotchkis but without the $400+ price tag. So, we worked with Progress for more than a year on development, using our own 2012 PRHT as the development car. The resulting bars are a little stiffer than most choices (a little stiffer than our popular Racing Beat sways). My wife just loves the combination in our 2012, the car is wonderfully flat and stable...and a blast to drive on freeway on-ramps and mountain roads! These bars are finished off MUCH nicer than most choices, in some ways that will not be obvious from the little photos. One aspect of the higher quality in these bars is the brackets, which are MUCH more stout than the mounting bracket of any other sway bar choice we offer. The Brackets are heavily gusseted and WIDER to prevent flex and to give the wider bushings more coverage of the bar. Let's look at a picture of the Front Fully Gusseted and Cadmium plated Progress MX5 Sway Bar Brackets!

Think about the effect of those WIDER brackets! The extra width in the bracket means less stress for the bushings, which results in more longevity and consistency for many years of fun driving.

Now let's look at the rear brackets. Many of our other choices supply just a new bushing for the rear that has a bigger hole in it for the bigger bar and you recycle the factory tin brackets. That is a very efficient choice and helps keep cost low, but those thin tin factory rear brackets are just 'okay' and can easily be improved upon. Progress supplies rear brackets that are quite a bit more heavy duty than the factory.

Thus, these bars are just a notch more serious than our Racing Beat or Hotchkis or Eibach or any other MX5 Sways we sell. Note that both these bracket decisions make install slightly more involved. The fit of these beefier brackets front and rear is tighter than the stock brackets, and Progress supplies a spacer for the front that lifts the ABS bracket above the sway bar bracket because the bracket is so much wider that it would not otherwise install. These are small prices to pay for the extra stoutness and long term reliability of the installed result.

NOTE on Settings. My wife's 2012 has the bars set to middle position in the front, and tightest position rear. At that setting (and with our Progress Springs), I can throttle steer the car comfortably and it is a blast to slide around tight turns, but with those settings the car can be spun and my wife has spun it a few times at autocross events when really pushing much harder than folks should in the real world. Thus, I strongly caution and suggest a more forgiving starting position such as middle or tightest position front (tightest is closest to center of bar) and the less tight rear setting (hole nearest bar ends) until you have some experience with the setup under controlled circumstances (such as an autocross event).



Customer Reviews

Progress Technologies 63.1132 MX5 AntiSway Bar Combo

Amazing product installed these along with front and rear shock tower braces what an improvement this car corners like it's on rails. I would recommend these to anyone with an NC.

I purchased a 2011 Miata on 9/3/15 with 30K mi as a daily driver and do not anticipate auto x or track time. It had factory sport suspension with Bilstein shocks. Rocky installed all front and rear, Progress Springs, Koni Sport shocks, and Progress sway bars with RB end links (all at the same time). Also new tires Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2. So I can only review all the items together.
What a difference. The car now feels more stiff, settled, and stuck to the road. A joy to drive on freeway and twisty roads. It is lower now about 1'and ¼'front and ¾' rear. Sets at 13 ¼'front and 13 ¾'rear (gas full). Center of wheel to bottom of fender roll. I would buy all of these items again. Nice beefy sway bars and brackets. Thanks Brian for the info on the 2012 PRHT development car.

Last year I bought a mint condition, low mileage NC to replace a mint condition low milage BMW M3. I wanted to ditch car payments, yet not give up that crisp steering response. After talking to Ryan and Brian, I installed the Progress bars and springs, and a full set of new Konis to zero time the major suspension components. Better yet, Goodwin had a great sale going. I ordered early one morning and the darn packages literally showed up at my door the next day.

I wanted flatter handling and a car that took a nice set going into turns, yet avoid a kidney-crusher ride. All I can say is, wow :) Windy mountain roads are now a real treat in this car, yet it isn't so low that one has to angle over every driveway.

I added some short end links and medium height bump stops from Goodwin at the same time - because I like driving the car more than working on it, and didn't want to get under there again.

Some of the install posts describing how to properly settle the suspension sounded a might intimidating for an older guy with a stiff back, so I elected to enlist a much younger and more supple bro with a hoist to install this setup. I supplied him with a continuous rotation of fine German beers, so for me, the install was painless and worry-free!

When my younger pal Justin was well into the first six-pack, I reached into a pocket and pulled out a new set of Phillips halogen headlight bulbs, having noted these boogers could be difficult to install in an NC as well. I highly recommend doing the headlight bulb refresh if one has the swaybars and struts off and the car is already on a lift anyway ... especially if you have a young, determined assistant to worm their hands up in there ... lol! BTW: The new Phillips bulbs, although stock OEM wattage, really brightened up the road. I guess the old ones had slowly dimmed over time.

I have about 3,500 miles on the new Progress suspension and Konis now, and love the NC's transformed road manners. This is our newest car, we like to drive old stuff. Now I have to fight with my wife over who drives the NC. She has no idea about vehicle dynamics, she just attributes the "new" feel of this car to our young friend Justin's "great tuneup." The radio goes louder, and she is convinced she can now outmaneuver the Coronavirus:)

This review is long overdue. I bought all this stuff just before let year's Miata Reunion, and was able to drive down to Laguna Seca while cruising down every back country road possible and avoiding highways, enjoying each turn. The best part of that trip - besides the hot laps in the 2.5 NC with Ryan? Bringing home a pair of Goodwin's coffee cups. Thank you, Andi!

Besides holding a robust morning caffeine fix, they are just the right size for stiff Margaritas while we are sequestering at home - BTW:)

Wow! I just got these sway bars installed and I am amazed at the lack of chassis lean in cornering! At the softest settings front and rear settings it's a perfect match with the stock suspension. Note: the rest of the suspension is totally stock, and this is NOT the Bilstein suspension setup. Now it corners like a Miata should! I lose traction in the seat before the body leans now.

Awesome stuff, just what the NC needed. Now to find the limits...

Was nervous ordering these as I have always used Hotchkis or Eibach on past cars. So far Good-Win has been a good place for advice so I rolled teh dice and ordered a set.... and wow they are everything they claim. I set the front full stiff and the rear on soft and they handle great! Very happy with this purchase! Can't wait for Sat's AutoX to test them on track.

Love my sway bars! My car is glued to the ground with little to no body lean. Thanks Good-Win

Very best sway with the fair budget. I can't say it the best one, because I didn't have other modes but you won't chose wrong for progress F/R sway. It a way better than the stock weak sway bar. Trust the reviews here, it will help you to save your time and budgets.

The difference between these and the stock sways is night and day. When I first installed these sways I had the factory sports package Bilsteins installed, the front sways set to medium (middle hole), and the rear sways set to the light setting (hole farthest from the bar). If I was looking for a spirited daily driver or weekend canyon carver I would have stayed with that setup.

But I'm working towards an aggressive daily driver, so I installed the Tokico adjustable shocks and Progress lowering springs, the combo of those two with the Progress sways, paired with some chunky tires (235/40 17) has given me, what seems like endless grip!

Rear installation took about 20 min, pay attention to orientation.

Front installation took approx 2.5 hours, there is a lot of components in the way.

All and all these sways are a must have, and will bring out the best of your NC.

These bars are definitely a noticeable difference from the stock coat hangers (seriously Mazda?). I put mine middle front, stiff back and the ride quality overall just feels a lot smoother. Going over bumps your car won't jerk as much (it will still jerk, don't get me wrong) but your car keeps it together better. Going higher speeds use to make my car shake as I still have stock springs still, but now it's more manageable. Don't expect drastic performance changes, those will have to come from lowering springs or coilovers but a lot of body roll gets eliminated and this definitely makes your car feel less like a boat and more like a sports car

First installed the rear bar by itself - I hadn't planned on it but I was installing the SuperQ muffler and since I had that out and the rear bar was completely exposed I decided to go ahead and do it too.

With stock springs and rear sway soft position, it is almost perfect! During AutoX it causes it to over steer a bit but is completely controllable and that is much preferable to the stock under steer.

I was actually pretty happy with just the rear bar installed but wanted to try with the front bar installed and rear set to stiffer position.

The front sway bar makes a HUGE difference! The car now has very little body roll now. I can go through a local turn that I previously felt comfortable at 50 MPH now at 55 MPH. That's a huge improvement. However now for AutoX it is back to under steer but much less than stock. I have the front on the lowest setting and the rear on the stiffest.

Only thing I can think is that the bars are intended to be used with the Progress springs (which I plan to purchase next). The Progress springs increase the rate in the rear (22%) more than the front (14.5%) and that should make the balance better.

I can STRONGLY recommend these bars!

Quality is Awesome! Handling is out of this world! I was replacing the front shocks with coilovers so installing the front sway bar was a breeze with the front shocks out of the way.

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