Konig Dial In 15x8 Matte Grey for Miata , 15x8
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Konig "Dial In" 15x8 Matte Grey

1990-2005 · 15x8


PART NUMBER: 61-1391


Reg. Price: $230.05

Sale Price: $174.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $230.05

Sale Price: $174.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Konig "Dial In" 15x8, Grey.

WHY? You want the best Miata wheel for your money!
HOW? Flow forming...because it gives us a STRONGER product than other casting methods with a strength level that otherwise requires forging...but at much lower cost than forging.
WHAT? What you get is best combo of WEIGHT, STRENGTH and PRICE you will find in a Miata wheel. You get a 15x8 that is only 12 pounds....yet has a load rating of 500 KG.....and you get it for less cost than anybody else can give you those three things!

* 15x8 4x100
* +25 offset
* 12 lbs
* Flow Formed construction
* 73mm center bore
* Clear coated finish
* Cap included
* Valves not included
* Fits 205/50/15, 225/45 tires.

Takes optional 73/54mm hubcentric rings also available on this website.

1990-2005 Miata Brake Clearance Notes:
- Clears all factory brakes
- Clears Wilwood 11" BBK
- Clears Stoptech 11" BBK
- Clears our old 11" Version 4 BBK
- Clears our 11.75" Version 5 BBK
- If you have another big brake kit, please contact us to confirm clearance.

Tire Size breakdown:
-205/50 fits NB Miata fenders with 1.2 negative camber or better, NA Miata needs that camber and slightly rolled fenders.
-225/45/15 needs fender roll for all years at this offset.
Always check clearance during install and after car is lowered to the ground, failure to do so can result in damage, death, tires cut on fender lips, and other bad stuff!

Takes optional 73/54mm hubcentric rings also available on this website.

Note we recommend our numerous upgraded lug choices with any of our new wheels. Unlike the short and fat stock lugs that will likely result in scratching new wheels, all our replacement lugs have the socket tool bottom on the lug rather than the wheel surface, and are longer for more engagement with stud surface so they also stay tighter.

Video Introduction To Konig Dial In FLOW FORMED Miata Wheels


Hubcentric Rings size 73/54 fits Miata - SET OF 4


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Customer Reviews

Konig "Dial In" 15x8 Matte Grey

Loved the look of these wheels on my miata. The specs are perfect. I fitted 195 tires without modifications.
Shipping was fast and had no issues.

Great looking wheels, covered in Federal 595 RS-R ...Light weight, balanced out with little to no weight... Everyone who sees them love them...Shipping was fast, you will need someone home to sign for them....Wish I could post a picture.

Just recently purchased the Konig Dial-ins with 949 stems and lugs that look great on my car. Comments below on Good-Win Racing:

1. Pricing was cheaper than buying locally and comparative to other companies.
2. Delivery was quick. We received the wheels in less than a week.
3. Packaging was quality.
4. Customer Service was excellent which is a rarity today. They answered all of our questions.
5. I would not hesitate to go them for other items.

I put these Konig Dial in wheels on my 99 Miata and got an immediate return in increased grip as well as the obvious visual improvement. My car is my daily driver as well as my fun ride, since I live in the curvy road capital of the Southeast!

With the improved suspension parts I have installed from Good-win Racing, my car is more than capable of giving me all I want on local roads from Deal's Gap and Wolf Pen Gap Hwy 60 and 129.

I have a 2007 PRHT MX-5 as well, and now I have to wonder if I shouldn't put these on it as well...

Great look set of wheels. Shipping time was faster than I thought even with FedEx separating the packages for some reason. They are very light, so light in fact I thought the boxes were empty when I got them. Balancing can be a issue, but with any very light wheel that can happen. They look great on a slightly lowered NB, but as my fenders are already rolled and pulled, I do not know of the exact fitment on ones that have not had that done. Either way, in love with them, car does feel a bit lighter on its feet too.

Good lug nuts, great chrome shine to them. The spinning bearing like thing on the bottom is great. No marks to my Dial Ins as of yet multiple changes. They key they supply fits firmly but gentle on the lugnuts.

These wheels are great! Very light and very good looking.

I put some Bridgestone RE71R's around them and they balanced beautifully!

These are my track/autocross only wheels but I will probably buy another set to use for daily driving duties.

I'm extremely satisfied with my wheels. They arrived on time and I had no issues with balancing.

Really like these wheels on my NA. Would recommend them to anyone. I've had slight balancing issues since I've had these installed but I'm sure that's due to the person/machine that balanced them. Lightweight wheels on a lightweight car requires a little extra effort in the balancing process, so keep that in mind

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