Kraftwerks 06-14 Miata Supercharger System for MX5
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Kraftwerks 06-14 Miata Supercharger System


Without Tuning

PART NUMBER: 61-1497-B


Price: $4,194.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.


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Price: $4,194.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.


Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


You cannot run boost without the Tune, but supercharger kit offered without the tune because so many already own an EcuTek setup before they get to this stage of adding boost.

At the heart of the new system is the Rotrex C30-94, the same supercharger used in the extremely successful Kraftwerks 2006-2013 Honda Civic Si system.


Each Miata supercharger system is a comprehensive design and includes all necessary components to ensure safe, reliable operation...except the ECU Reflash sold separately on this site.

Standard-issue with each kit is a large, front-mount intercooler to help ensure low intake air temperatures for optimal performance. All necessary aluminum tubing, silicone couplers, and clamps are also included for easy installation. Proper air/fuel ratios are ensured with the included Grams Performance 550cc/min. fuel injectors, Grams 255 lph fuel pump.

Convenient, Simple bolt-on installation. No cutting, drilling, or welding, making each kit a true bolt-on experience.

Rotrex superchargers are renowned for their compact size, high adiabatic efficiency, low vibration, and quiet operation. Their unique traction drive technology is what makes all of this possible, which, unlike other superchargers, transmits power through frictional forces between its rolling elements. Each Rotrex unit features its own self-contained oiling system that remains independent of the engine. Its dual-action oil pump supplies traction fluid to the supercharger while the supplied cooler ensures proper fluid temperatures at all times.

The Kraftwerks Miata supercharger system provides instant throttle response and a progressive power curve that increases all the way to redline without the typical spiking or surging turbochargers are known for. This unique, more usable power curve results in reduced cylinder pressures, less strain on engine components, and increased reliability. Rotrex superchargers also operate much cooler when compared to turbochargers and other supercharger systems, which reduces the engine s intake air temperature as well as its risk of detonation.

At 10psi of boost pressure, the supercharger system produced an impressive +110whp on 91-octane through the OEM headers and exhaust. More impressive is the linear power curve throughout the entire power band due to the patented traction drive technology, which transmits power through friction forces between its rolling elements.

Pre-Production Kit as installed on our Good-Win Racing Project 2006: 244Whp /200 Ft/Lbs when used with our RoadsterSport Max Power header and exhaust combo (see our dyno below). Expect 30 to 40 LESS HP if you use the stock header and exhaust because the stock exhaust header is VERY restrictive.

Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger Unit
Ultra high efficiency
Silent operation
Low operating temperatures
Self contained lubrication and cooling system
High reliability

Fuel Management
550cc Grams Performance Fuel injectors
265 LPH Grams Performance Fuel Pump
Optional EcuTek with Base Tuning Map.
Independent Drive System
Does not share belt with engine accessories for greater reliability
If the drive belt breaks, you will not be left stranded

Toothed Belt System
Zero slip under the heaviest loads and hardest accelerations

Offset Supercharger Placement
Allows for greater clearance around belts, thus reducing chances for rubbing
Allows for simple and more efficient tubing layout
No poorly designed, inefficient and goof-looking custom hoses/tubing into the throttle body
Specially designed secondary nose and bearing system to support the water pump

Improved Water pump Belt Routing
Improved support on custom nose pulley for water pump.
Increased traction and effeciency of water pump

Easily Upgradeable
Pulley options offer customers the ability to increase overall power delivery to more heavily modified engines.

Optimized Tubing and Intercooler Layout
2.5" mandrel bent aluminum hot side tubing into intercooler.
3.0" mandrel bent aluminum cold side tubing into throttle body made possible because of independent drive and offset supercharger configuration
3.5" Thick, 8-row high efficiency intercooler
Intercooler good up to 460whp

Ease of Installation and Tuning
Simple bolt-on installation. No cutting, drilling, or welding
4.5 hours installation time for good mechanics, figure double this estimate for those not working daily on their cars with complete set of tools (Napa "Stretch Belt Mate" kit VERY helpful for getting the belt on without tearing up your thumbs!). RYAN'S APPLICATION NOTES:
With the discontinuation of the popular MP62 supercharger kit, this Rotrex based kit by Kraftwerks is the option for those seeking a reliable supercharger setup to boost their MX5. The Rotrex is a very thermally efficient unit paired with a BIG Air/Air intercooler, meaning it can handle long hard use on the racetrack. BUT, street and autocross users keep in mind, whereas the MP62 was a roots-style supercharger that made lots of low and mid-range punch, the Rotrex is a centrifugal supercharger, and it builds boost linearly with RPM. That translates to low boost at low rpms building up to reaching peak boost at redline, so the majority of the power increase is at the top end. Thus, this is an ideal kit for our track customers who can keep it constantly in the upper rpms and can take advantage of that upper end efficiency, but from a stop or coming out of tight corners from low rpms it does not develop a big punch of torque.


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Customer Reviews

Kraftwerks 06-14 Miata Supercharger System

I can't recommend this supercharger enough! Completely bolt-on with no modifications and an unprecedented power upgrade! I paired this with the Roadster Sport MAX dual exhaust mated to the Roadster Sport MAX header. After a day on the dyo and getting the tuning right, she pulled 278.8 @ 7000 on the final run on 93 octane... and this on a DynoDynamics dyno! The whine is subtle but there, giving the engine a great sound combined with the exhaust. 10/10 would purchase again.

The power is super linear and controllable. The higher the RPM's go the more it pulls. No lag, no turbo spike, just solid, stable power. And a lot of it. Of course the downside is the price, but my engine bay is sexy and my little boat has the power to weight ratio of an e90 M3... I've also heard of people mating these to the 2.5 but I understand that requires some modification to the block as the mounting points aren't exactly the same.

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