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Ken Auto/Nilex Front Spindle Support (NA)

1990-1997 · No ABS

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Miata 1990-2005 · Suspension · Braces

Part Number: 61-2337

Year: 1990-1997

Application: No ABS

Price: $169.00


Ken Auto/Nilex Front Spindle Support (NA)
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With modern summer tires like the Bridegestone RE-71r and BFg Rival-S, Miatas are capable of grip levels the engineers at Mazda never planned for! Some of our shop cars have seen between 1.5 and 1.8g sustained with aero. With high cornering loads the factory spindle can flex which may cause you to experience a phenomenon known as pad knock back. This will cause inconsistent brake performance after a series of high speed corners.

The Nilex front spindle(knuckle) support quickly bolts onto your Miata. Connecting both ball joints on the front spindle, these braces help prevent spindle flex which improves steering response and helps prevent pad knock back.

These braces are not compatible with 90-97 cars running ABS.

Sean's Application Notes:
As the Miata continues to age metal fatigue is becoming a real problem on heavily track driven cars. The front spindle on our favorite roadsters has started to show weakness and will flex in cars producing over 1.3g sustained in corners. This kind of cornering force is easily achievable with a wide wheel and sticky tire or for those running serious aero.

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