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9Lives Racing 64" Wing Kit - NA/NB



Miata 1990-2005 · Exterior · Aerodynamics

Part Number: 61-2501

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $794.00


9Lives Racing 64" Wing Kit - NA/NB
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9Lives Racing's "The Big Wang" kit! These Airfoils can produce substantial levels of downforce with a low drag penalty so they don't kill top speed. Exactly what racers are after. The extruded aluminum wings are originally developed, patented, and built for prototype race cars. Nine Lives Racing took the raw materials and made them readily available to the public as a working part. Designed with a built-in gurney flap relief so a flap can be added for downforce adjustments in seconds.

Lightweight Extruded Aluminum construction
0.2 lbs per inch
Gurney flap ready
Up to 15.2:1 Lift Drag ratio*
low drag = more top speed!
American made
Track Tested

What's included:

64" Wing extruded aluminum wing
NLR standard end plates 10"x8"
Wing mounts - welded at 40"
Stainless Steel hardware
Miata-specific uprights: Made from .25" thick aluminum these uprights are made to bolt into the rain rail.

Ryan's Notes: The 9LR wing kit offers solid performance at an unbeatable price. If you're looking for your first wing on a budget, look no further. This will give you more grip and lower lap times and make you a believer of aerodynamics! Those who are building a car to contend at the top of their class and set lap records may wish to look to the premium Miata wing options that offer even more downforce, but for the budget racer this can't be beat.

This wing balances nicely with an airdam and 3" splitter extension, as opposed to the larger 4-5" minimum splitter extension needed for the Singular Motorsports GT-250 Aero wing kit.

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I just installed the Borla exhaust on the MX5. Sweeeeeeet! Thanks, Andy


RE: RoadsterSport Stainless MX5 Miata Midpipe Part# 60-1328: I love the mid-pipe!! Not only is it beautiful, but it makes the sounds coming out of the 'race single' exhaust even better. The two go well together, and it mellows the decel drone a lot. I'm very happy with my purchase.

-- Pat R.

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