Good-Win Racing Honda Ridgeline Handling Package for Ridgeline
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Good-Win Racing Honda Ridgeline Handling Package


Combo deal! Sport Springs AND Rear Sway Bar
Fits AWD/4WD Versions ONLY!

PART NUMBER: 61-3455


Reg. Price: $869.00

Sale Price: $759.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $869.00

Sale Price: $759.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


We developed our Ridgeline lowering springs and rear sway bar upgrade together, and for maximum handling performance you want both! Buy them together here and get a discount. This is the setup for drivers that really want their Ridgeline to be a fun Sports Truck that can handle the turns and turn-in to the corner like a sports car.

Fits AWD/4WD models.

Developed in the Good-Win Racing Ridgeline, a truck that really hauls around turns!
Our rear sway bar will fit both FWD and AWD Ridgeline, but the springs are for AWD/4WD models only, so therefore this package is listed as only fitting AWD/4WD.

Honda Ridgeline Lowering Springs

Developed and tested and produced here in the USA in cooperation with our friends at Progress Technology.
Progress has decades of experience in the design and tuning of performance suspension systems, including CART/Indy Cars, IMSA, SCCA, NASA, and SCORE competitors. These Honda Ridgeline springs reflect their ability to develop a successful blend of appearance, handling capability, and ride quality.
Features increased spring rates for upgraded handling capabilities with reasonable rate upgrade to keep superior ride quality. These springs are designed to work with OEM shocks and struts.
Made with certified high-tensile SAE spring wire materials, and double coated for the best resistance to corrosion in the industry.
One year limited warranty

Front Spring Rate 242 lbs, Rear Spring Rate 400 lbs (stock is only 205 Front and 340 rear).

Ride Height change:
-2" Front and Rear
(Drop amount varies by 0.25" and settles over time)

Goodwin Racing Rear Sway Bar

The Stiffest Ridgeline Rear Sway Bar Upgrade!
Works perfectly in conjunction with our lowering springs, maintains ride comfort while adding much more flat cornering confidence!

Anti-roll bars dramatically improve handling. How? They minimize the traction-robbing body "lean" that rolls part of the outside tires off the pavement. Our Sport-tuned anti-roll sway bar replaces the skinny OEM rear sway bar and rubber bushings with a larger diameter (stiffer) alloy steel bar and polyurethane bushings.

More roll stiffness means less body "lean", and the tires stay flatter on the pavement (larger contact patches). The result is more grip and added driver control!
-Less body roll means more traction, faster cornering speeds, and increased driver confidence.
-Polyurethane bushings produce crisp response on turn-in. Made here in the USA for us by our friends at Progress Technology. These bars are cold-formed in-house using custom-built precision bending equipment. Laser-cut and CNC bar ends are MIG welded in place using a precise fixture for an exact fit that is more durable than alternatives used by some other choices.

-Size: 28.5mm SOLID
-Adjustment Range: 2 holes per side.
-All sway bars are powdercoated metallic gray.
-One year limited warranty

Stock rear bar has a rate of about 100 lbs per inch, GWR Sway Bar 28.5mm SOLID BAR UPGRADE with adjustable holes gives you a range of 200-234 lbs!

Brian's Notes:
First Freeway 270 degree ramp with this was pure love, truck is so much more flat in the turn instead of understeering plow as the stock suspension will as you approach the limit.

BRIAN's NOTES: Adding our rear sway bar upgrade for the full handling package we use on our own Ridgeline gets you a truck that you can actually push on canyon roads and freeway onramps. We use our truck as a truck, with full bed loads often and towing our track toys. For those reasons we design a bit of rake in our setup intentionally along with MORE rear spring rate, so it is still as useful as a truck with bed loads and towing.

Honda Ridgeline in white below with our Lowering Springs and Enkei XM-6 Courtesy Customer Chris Root. Tire size 255/50-20: