Ridgeline Dual Exhaust with Adjustable Sound for Ridgeline 2017-2020
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Ridgeline Dual Exhaust with Adjustable Sound


Helmholtz Resonator Included!

Adjustable Sound Feature Included!

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Reg. Price: $1,299.00

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Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


The BEST exhaust for 2017-2020 Ridgeline! All Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty Adjustable Sound Dual Exhaust for 2017-2020 Honda Ridgeline. DOES NOT FIT 2021+ which has a different rear bumper with cutouts, etc. Key features include a HELMHOLTZ resonator to cut drone you otherwise get with any straight through performance design, and we even made our new Ridgeline 2017-2020 Sport DUAL TIP Exhaust System ADJUSTABLE FOR SOUND!

This is a straight through, mandrel bent, 2.5 inch performance exhaust. Legal in all 50 states. It has long been known that this Honda/Acura V6 gets maximum power gains with a straight through exhaust so we went larger than factory and exclusively with mandrel bent 2.5 inch pipe start to finish and straight through mufflers (factory is smaller pipe diameter and far more restrictive chambered/baffled mufflers).

Sorry, will NOT fit Honda Pilot or Acura MDX, fits ONLY Ridgeline 2017-2020. :D


Details on Layout and Design:

First we do the bulk of the sound processing work at the front half of the system with a very large Magnaflow straight through muffler and Helmholtz chamber to knock down drone that otherwise can overwhelm with a straight through performance setup. This Magnaflow muffler is stuffed with rockwool instead of fiberglass, so it will never pack out or burn out.

Then we make the back half of the system sound level adjustable with this small easily changed V-banded section muffler and we include both the straight pipe you see here and the small secondary muffler. You run one or the other and I changed them in my driveway by just sliding under my Ridgeline in about 5 minutes each time that I did it. That means buyers of this system are NEVER stuck on final sound level, what is in the box is two choices on final sound level using the two pieces we show here... and we are working on additional optional pieces that will swap into this section so that customers can tune the final results to their personal preference.

BOTH of these are included in the box so you can set the sound aggressive with the straight pipe or mild with the secondary muffler:

RED ARROWS point to the Vclamps for section that can be straight pipe or the secondary muffler.

Uses all stock attachment points, no drilling or welding required, simple bolt on.

It does NOT fit 2021 or newer, this Dual Exhaust fits 2017 through 2020 Ridgeline only.

Tips are Polished Stainless Steel to stay gorgeous for life. The rest of the system is high carbon 400 series for stainless best strength, those 400 series bits you can't see will tarnish in use but last forever.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Let's talk for a moment about who should consider this exhaust...and who should NOT get it.

Had a nice guy call wanting assurance that with second muffler installed it would 'be no louder than stock'. Answer: this exhaust is clearly not for you. Even with second muffler installed this setup is more sporty than stock, there is ever present low rumble and nice burble when engine braking. With the second muffler installed you may not hear that low rumble over your choice in music at reasonable volumes but it will always be there in the background. Also, to be frank: if you drive your Ridgeline like a Prius with a bed in the back, lugging it everywhere at 2000 rpms or less, there is just NO POINT IN YOU GETTING A PERFORMANCE EXHAUST. Know who you are, nothing really wrong with always having the transmission selector in 'D' and lugging this thing around at 2000 rpms every day but gains from a performance exhaust system come only with rpms and typically on the dyno we see gains are exclusively from the midrange and up.....with NOTHING GAINED AT 2000 rpms. Also, this wonderful Honda V6 doesn't make peak torque until well beyond 4000 rpms and doesn't make peak horsepower until beyond 6000 rpms. This exhaust is for those actually driving this motor where the power is, from 3000 to 6000+. To be blunt: please do NOT buy our exhaust if you have your Ridgeline forever in 'Econ' mode with transmission selector showing you a "D" on the dashboard every day, this exhaust is not made or tuned for you and there is no joy in this amazing V6 in lugging it around below 2000 rpms where it has no power and no throttle response. Know who you are, buying a sporty exhaust will not make you sporty if that is just not your style.

This exhaust is for the Ridgeline owners who like driving VTEC motors up the rpms where they actually are responsive and make power. I have had the pleasure of talking to Ridgeline enthusiasts who reach down every day like I do and hit that 'D/S' until they see "S" on the dash. Many also tell me they have "S" selected and paddle shift it to redline EVERY DAY! That "S" driving enthusiast Ridgeline owner is the group we made this exhaust for, that mode gives you throttle response from this amazing V6 and this exhaust lets you actually hear that VTEC glory in upper rpms. And this goes double for the paddle shifting to redline group, that's the crowd that drives it like a sports truck to appreciate and thoroughly enjoy the VTEC power and sound of this motor when rpms are added. Driving the Ridgeline every day around 2000 rpms all day is utterly joyless, not really living in my book but I did a test and had "D" for the 550 mile drive to my wife's parent's in Bodega Bay, and "S" for the same 550 mile drive home and found the mileage difference was only 1mpg. The "D" for 'DULL' drive north was such a bore exclusively below 2000 rpms, it was killing me to do the test! The throttle response in 'S' that keeps the rpms higher on the way home made it so much more responsive and throaty and fun. That means driving it like you are trying to protect an egg under the gas pedal is not really doing much for mileage anyway...and you might as well have some fun.


More driving fun, all of these with secondary muffler installed, which is the quieter mode:

And now a quick sample in the MORE SPORTY mode, secondary muffler removed. Just minutes to make the change and I did it at home in my home driveway. Not sure how obvious this will be on computer speakers but there is a ton more flavor in this mode, more burble, more frequency range, it's the full fun mode. Yet with main BIG muffler still in place and the Helmholtz resonator still in place it is a lot more controlled than standard Magnaflow system, I don't think it is obnoxious at all.

THREE MONTHS for Break In. Note it takes about three months of daily driving for break in to complete so that you hear the final sound levels. Why? Well, brand new there is a lot of naked and reflective metal in there and during the first few months of use that slowly gets coated with a layer of carbon exhaust soot. Likewise, the fibers in the rockwool stuffed first muffler gain a little mass as they get coated in carbon from the exhaust flow. Thus, though I expect many customers will start with secondary muffler installed, those same customers should try putting the straight section back after a few months because they will find the final result with straight pipe far more mellow after some miles of break in time.

Why 2.5 inch pipe for this setup and not go 3 inch? If you crawl under your Ridgeline you will find your factory converter has 2.5 inch outlet and factory exhaust immediately crunches down to only about 2 inches and stays that small all the way out. So, first thing to understand here is that we are going better than 50 percent gain in pipe cross area compared to stock. We neatly match that 2.5 inch converter outlet from factory converter and carry that full 2.5 inch diameter all the way out, obviously not much to be gained in jumping to 3 inch if you are leaving that 2.5 inch converter outlet there and the goal here was a bolt on setup legal in all states. Also, sound control gets exponentially more of a challenge as the pipe size gets bigger if you want to keep nice straight through system. Finally, if you spend much time in the Acura forums the only guys getting much jump in power from 2.5 inch pipe to 3 inch pipe on this motor are those with boost and ripping out the factory converters and we figure the number of Ridgeline customers trying to add turbos or superchargers and run zero converters at near zero. Add it all up and we decided 2.5 inch was the logical and rational choice that best fits this application.

Got requests to hear it when TOWING. Thanks to the Helmholtz chamber that is tuned for max effectiveness in the range you will be towing, the act of towing doesn't change the sound much.



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Ridgeline Dual Exhaust with Adjustable Sound

Very satisfied with the exhaust system. Love the sound and dual looks.My service station mechanic wanted to see me after the installation? He just wanted to tell me that what a beautiful exhaust system I bought. He told me it's one of the best ones he has seen! Glad You made it and I Bought it! Brian M

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