RoadsterSport 6 Piece Complete Underbody Brace Kit for MX5
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RoadsterSport 6 Piece Complete Underbody Brace Kit


Make it feel better than New!

Made in the USA, and LIFETIME Warranty!

PART NUMBER: 61-1509


Price: $849.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $849.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


In response to lots of requests over the years for a brace kit that does not break and adds functionality like toe control, we are proud to offer our 6 piece complete NC Brace Kit! Made in the USA, all TIG welded, honeycomb aluminum construction for ultra light weight AND strength. Lifetime warranty is unmatched by any other choice!

Easily our best VALUE in a full brace setup for NC generation MX5. All made in the USA, not the China stuff the other brands are selling that often breaks. I rate it 6 out of 10 on difficulty for average Joes, about the same challenge as putting in full header and exhaust system.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES:Do not be fooled by the cheap Chinese copies that are made with cheap materials and crap welds that snap, this is a high tech honeycomb construction that is much stronger, made in the USA by a company that makes similar parts for AMG Mercedes, which is why it has a LIFETIME warranty. See our Forum install thread, this one takes some work to install but average Joes can do it. Two large braces at the front replace one smaller heavy factory steel brace and provide numerous additional connection points for a much more stout result. Rear triangulated suspension and chassis links and separate toe links provide more consistent, linear, predictable rear suspension response. My favorite pieces are actually the little rear toe link braces, they stop the NC toe out under load like nothing else I have tried. NOTE some loss of ground clearance with most underbody braces, customers with cars lowered more than an inch need to be careful around speedbumps, etc.



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Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport 6 Piece Complete Underbody Brace Kit

Wow. The car is certainly stiffer; instead of flexing when the front right jacking point is used, the front left, front right and rear lift off the ground. As far as handling / response, the car feels flatter entering corners and applies power out of turns. Very nice investment.
One critique: the hardware. My 12mm bolts did not withstand the 20 ft/lbs (applied with digital Snap-On) and sheared off inside the insert. Made an easy job a real pain.

This is The bracing kit to get. I already have the Ohlins R&T from Goodwin and that alone transformed the car (7/4 track/canyons so far, street 12/9 mostly) But, this bracing kit transforms the NC into an incredibly solid platform all over again. Turn in is sharper, rotation crisper, handling in general is just predictable and precise. And, it lessens or stops the odd rattle or squeak here and there. Just a totally different NC. Opposite of the ‘boat’ nickname.
I have driven several drivers cars and this handles better than any stock S2K, my other favorite. This kit from Goodwin (only place I found it) is a must have investment if you intend spirited, or 10/10ths driving) And this car is my daily too. This is the way the engineers and developers intended the horse/rider experience from the MX5, imo.

2006 NC1 GT manual soft top
Strut brace Cobalt front
FM sways
Ohlins R&T
Rotors calipers pads steel lines
Goodwin CARB exhaust header and mid pipes
FM muffler
9lb lithium battery
Goodwin SCCA roll bar (back ordered till 1/23)
Mild Stage 1 cam (. “ “ ‘)
Italian horn(heehee)
Cipher flat bottom steering wheel
Lighter seat coming soon.

I can't believe the difference this kit makes. The car is much stiffer and more responsive. Well worth the money.

As an aside, the guy who schedules all of the maintenance at the shop races Mustangs. He said he'd never considered racing a Miata until he drove mine with the braces installed. He's now seriously considering switching cars.

As always, well done!

Love this bracing kit. It does make a big difference. This is how the car should have come out of the factory. The kit is very well made and is light. I have a benchmark corner that I have done many times before installing this kit. It's a high speed off camber corner and when you hit it hard, if felt like the car was flexing quite badly. It was this car flex feeling that made me decide to get a bracing kit. Testing the car on the same corner with this kit and it is much better. The car sits much flatter and leans on the outside wheels more evenly - just as you would expect it to. It inspires confidence in the way the car feels and handles.

This kit doesn't come with instructions so you need to follow the instructions that are on the forum.

The only issue I had during the installation was with the triangle rear brace. It was hitting an existing brace. I had to cut and file the existing brace a little bit. This is because of the height of the existing brace stops the triangle brace from sitting flush with the bolt hole.

Also, one thing that wasn't mentioned in the forum install notes is the need to remove the OEM "X" brace. Because it still fits with this kit I put it back on.

Requires normal patience. Hardware for each part is attached with the exception of bolts that are reused from car. Well made, easy to install. Big difference in body stiffness. Good modification.

The install was pretty easy. Not as bad as the header actually.I had a 1/2"w. X 5" long piece of universal slotted bracket. Cut off the tip to the opening and flexed the tip 1 up, 1 down, place the T bolt in side ways and straightened it up. Caught the bolt perfectly. Push it through the hole CAREFULLY, drop it through,grap the bolt tip and pull the metal out. I had to add 3 washers on the Y rear brace at the suspension sub frame for it to clear the brackets. Finished as directed on the install of this forum.
It really tightens up the car. Makes the steering heavier. Cuts out the "darting on tar strips. No clearance problems so far, stock suspension.

Attended MATGAP Tail of The Dragon with upgraded sway bars and full chassis braces. NO adverse highway ride, 400 miles of interstate. Felt really good doing the Dragon.

Thinking about upgrading front tower brace to get the tight feel my NA had with upper and lower braces.

Import Doctors, Fort Wayne, installed frame braces for me today. Can feel the difference already, really stiffens the car.

Will report after a run on one of my favorite roads. The racing beat front and rear sway bars really work without harming the ride.

Parts came today, will install next Wednesday. First step was front and rear sway bars, Racing Beat. Can feel improvement and no ride issues.

GWR chassis bracing kit
Very confidence inspiring.
The kit has provided a noticeably buttoned down feel to my '06 MX-5. Steering feel, with both input and feedback, is more precise, accurate. Instead of feeling like different areas of the chassis are responding slightly out of sync, the whole car reacts in unison. This is without any other modification to my car. The rest of the suspension is stock with 55,000 miles.
I went with chassis bracing first to more accurately see how much of a difference it would make. (I later added RX-8 anti-sway bars and the Kansei FSTB. Next up are Ohlins coilovers!)
Another benefit I noticed is that the tighter chassis makes for less wasted effort. The bracing makes me feel like I don't have to compensate as much as with a "looser" car, which makes the handling better AND more comfortable.
I can feel this affect at slower speeds, too. Higher speed transitions are even more relaxed and smoother. All this adds up to more enjoyment with less effort.
The pieces appear stout and nicely finished, very lightweight.
Installation was straightforward, but I highly recommend NOT using the bolt grabber Brian includes but instead wrapping the included bolts with flexible wire to fish through the frame rail, then removing the wire from the bolt once it is in place. This will more safely prevent you from losing the bolts in the frame rail.
Highly recommended addition!

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