TEIN Flex-Z Coilover Kit (With Upper Mount) FRONT 392 lbs/in, REAR 280 lbs/in. for MX5
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TEIN Flex-Z Coilover Kit (With Upper Mount) FRONT 392 lbs/in, REAR 280 lbs/in.


PART NUMBER: 61-1748


Price: $817.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $817.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


The Tein FLEX Z coilovers are a new affordably priced, non-rebuildable, version of the popular STREET FLEX coilovers.

The FLEX Z coilovers include:

*392lb (7kg) front springs and 280lb (5kg) rear springs
*Ride height adjustment with separate spring preload settings
*Upper mounts
*16-way damping force adjustment using ADVANCE NEEDLE technology which provides a much wider range of damping force adjustment per click
*EDFC series compatibility
*Proprietary ZT coated damper bodies and 2-layer powdercoating for lower brackets and upper mounts.

Tein was able to bring cost down on the new FLEX Z dampers by making them fully sealed units (non-rebuildable). The biggest benefit to a fully sealed non-rebuildable damper, other than the extremely affordable price, is a maintenance free damper. Although, we strongly recommend periodical inspection of external components such as the seat locks, spring seats, dust boots, and bump stops. Instead of rebuilding the damper, or if a damper fails several years down the line, single replacement dampers can be purchased to minimize downtime.

Sean's Notes:

These are a great option for folks looking for a street oriented coilover with separate ride height adjustments from spring preload. However, while the sealed damper design offers a lower cost, it does prevent any major spring rate changes as the internal valving cannot be altered.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: The TEIN FILE photo above does not show it, but these New NC Tein Street Flex now include top hats and come assembled, which makes your install much easier, very nice! Notice front and rear springs are relatively close on rates, though balance preference is subjective I suggest most folks will want to upgrade front sway bar only with this setup.

Sean's Application Notes: With full control over your ride height and rebound adjustable dampers Tein has packed an impressive amount of features into a coilover at this price point. Ride on the street is FIRM, for customers looking for a more plush ride I'd recommend our Progress Springs and Koni shocks.


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Customer Reviews

TEIN Flex-Z Coilover Kit (With Upper Mount) FRONT 392 lbs/in, REAR 280 lbs/in.

Great set of budget coilovers. The 16 way dampening is perfect for finding out what works best for you. The car can get damn stiff. I'm using these on my Daily Driver and I find them to work really well. It took a while to find the perfect ride height, but you are able to slam your car with these.

Installation isn't too bad with the help of a few friends. It was pretty straight forward, only with the rears being a pain in the butt. There is a video on YouTube of a guy installing coilovers on his NC one that I used as a reference that can be helpful.

Overall, for the price I am extremely happy with these.

My first project on my 2006 NC and to say I was a little nervous was an understatement. At the same time, I upgraded the wheels and rims from 16's to Enkei RPF1 17's. Here are my comments:

1. Significant difference in handling, much tighter in the turns
2. Lowered my NC by about 2" giving it a sleeker looking stance
3. Great customer service and quick delivery from Goodwin Racing!
4. Great directions to follow (w/pictures) online
5. Friends and family can't believe it is the same Miata

1. Busted a few knuckles and mumbled a few un-pleasantries removing the old struts, but this novice was able to get it done as a weekend project.
2. Struggled a little getting the ride height set correctly (had some wheel rub on my first attempt).

Overall, for the price and use as a daily driver I couldn't be happier! Thanks Goodwin Racing Team!

If you're looking for a versatile DD/spirited driving/noncompetitive autox setup, look no further.
These coilovers are true to TEIN quality, while somehow maintaining a budget price.
Combined with F/R Progress sways, I am incredibly happy with my suspension setup.
It's solid, confident, and feels great.
I no longer feel as though the car is limited by the suspensions ability to hold on, but by my ability not to come out of my seat.

These will be a great boost to any enthusiasts ride, and certainly have great performance benefits.

For the money spent, I could not have been happier.

If you are looking for a SERIOUS autox/track setup
you will be much better served by Ohlins.
Obviously real world budget has the final say,
and not every one can afford the expense of $2,000 on coilovers, (Don't feel bad, I can't either.)
but if it's an expense you can muster, I would encourage you to look at that setup.

In five words, More than what I expected.
Well it's my first coil over ever.
With 7kg in front and 5kg in the back, they are awesome for circuit racing, a little bit too hard for city roads, but perfect for highways.
This kit really needs harder sways bars, you can feel that the weight transfer, specially in the back is more than it should be.
The maximum height is almost same than stock and it allows to lower the car all the way down maintaining the drivability.

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