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Fiat 124 Spider MAXFLOW Intake System



Fiat 124 2017-2018 · Engine

Part Number: 61-2214

Application: 2017-2018

Price: $399.99


Fiat 124 Spider MAXFLOW Intake System
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Sorry, this product is not available to residents of California.
A completely sealed Intake that has been designed specifically for your FIAT 124 Spider.

This intake has been designed by a partnership of two companies (BMC Air Filters Italy and MADNESS). When designing this intake they partnered with the top air filter manufacturer in the world. BMC Air Filters Italy worked directly with Madness to help in designing a true, ready to bolt in, FIAT 124 specific intake that would utilize their top of the line BMC ITA Filtering System. The BMC ITA Filtering System is used on many high power exotic cars all over the world. This intake system was built around this BMC filter.

The goal was to design and manufacture an Intake System that would utilize top quality parts and provide owners with a sealed system that would provide the best combination of filtration and flow. After months of prototypes and testing the unit was released.

No fancy graphs, no inflated dyno numbers, just a solid, well built intake system that is properly designed and manufactured using top grade parts!

This system is not plagued by some of the issues that other systems on the market have, like rubbing on the hood or airbag sensors. This is due to the solid mount Madness has created for the intake. The Madness intake also uses even piping diameter throughout the whole system resulting in less air turbulence.

The BMC OTA filtering system is composed of a oval carbon air box containing a washable air filtering element. Substituting the original air box with the BMC OTA, cold air is directly channeled through an internal airflow deflector to the filter and drawn into the engine with a very small pressure drop (patented system). The OTA system uses a combination of high performance silicone couplers and aluminum piping for a direct bolt in fit.

This kit comes with everything you will need to make the conversion. Here is what is included in the kit:

*BMC Carbon Canister with the OTA Filtering System
*High Performance Silicone Connectors
*Aluminum Tubing in a Wrinkle Black Finish
*Tubing Tig Welded for a show quality finish
*Crankcase Vent Filter included
*BMC Cannister Filter Manufactured in Italy
*Tubing Manufactured in USA by MADNESS
*All mounting hardware
*Fits ABARTH and Non-ABARTH Models

More information on the BMC Carbon Canister Filter:

*5 Layers of Carbon Fiber for high thermal insulation from engine heat
*Air filter with regenerate material which warrants a high filtration efficiency with reduced drops.
*Oval Trumpet: sophisticated and designed inner system for the channeling, conveyance and increase of the air flow by introducing an innovative system/air conveyor named Trumpet.
*The Trumpet, placed inside the OTA device on the air outlet side, enables to additionally increase the quantity of air to the engine by taking advantage from the dynamic conveyance given by its peculiar shape.
*Air box with a sealing system enabling the best sealing among the components

Usually OEM airboxes work in such a condition as the air is recalled by the engine in a "depression regime", through reduced section tubes, thus resulting in high load drop along the aspiration line. The OTA device with its dynamic inlet works in a "pressure regime", therefore it provides a constant and high rated quantity of air to the engine taking advantage of the dynamic effect of the air pressure.

In addition to its oval shape, offering high installation versatility, OTA system introduces in its inner part technical solutions which optimize the fluid dynamic of the air to the engine. In particular, the innovative element called "TRUMPET", which is situated inside the air box in the area close to the air outlet, thanks to its shape, favors and optimizes the convey of the air flow to the engine, resulting in the diminishing of turbulence. This solution reduces the pressure drop along the engine aspiration line and, at the same time, takes advantage of the potentiality of the dynamic pressure of the air caused by the speed of the moving car.

The air filter inside the air box 1 is made of a multi layer pre-oiled filtering material which grants an high filtration efficiency against limited pressure drop in the air. The air filter has the function of protecting the engine from all the elements (debris, sand, dust, etc ) in the air flow to the engine during the aspiration phase. BMC air filter has a very low drop (i.e. the pressure difference between the air flow at the engine side and the one at the air entrance side) in order to enable the maximum air flow.

BMC air filter can be regenerated and re-used. Once the saturation level has been reached, it is possible to regenerate the filter by washing and re-oil operation performed by means of the relevant regeneration kit (included in this kit).

Special Note for California Customers:

This part is not CARB Certified (California Air Resource Board) at this time and is not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles.

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Roadstersport II was a great purchase, easy install, and sounds great.

-- Denny

Hey Brian, Recieved my Borla Dual Muffler Sport today from Fedex, and installed it in about 30-45 minutes. An Outstanding product with absolutely no drone throughout the power band, it sounds powerful, not at all like one of the ricey "fart tubes" that can be found elsewhere online. It has perfect like OEM fitment. Great prices, and great products. Product was shipped promptly and arrived as ordered. Would buy again!

-- Jake