RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97 for Miata 1994-1997
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RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97


PART NUMBER: 61-2719


Reg. Price: $599.00

Sale Price: $499.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.


Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $599.00

Sale Price: $499.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.


Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Our take on the classic 4 to 1 Miata header! The most bang for your buck, with all the features you need in an all stainless steel header.

Manufactured entirely from 304-stainless steel with thick flanges that will not warp like other stamped or cast flanges. Large 1.7" primaries collecting to a 2.375" OD tube via a smooth 4:1 merge.
Now UPDATED to include TWO O2 sensor bungs: one right after the merge, for your primary O2 sensor, and a second bung further down by the outlet flange which you can use to add an auxiliary wideband sensor, or use it when you go to the dyno for the sensor that's hooked up to the dyno, etc. All without having to weld in an extra bung later.

Includes a flex pipe section after the merge to help isolate vibration and movement between the motor and the rest of the exhaust - a RoadsterSport exclusive!

Manual transmission only. EGR compatible.

Gasket included for the connection to the cat pipe. Your re-use your factory gasket for the engine to header connection as that is a metal gasket good for the lifetime of the car.

Comes with plugs loosely installed in the oxygen sensor bungs.

Does NOT fit with old hot side supercharger installs.

Note that adding any header results in an increase in the exhaust sound level on your Miata.

Note there is an INTENTIONAL small dent in one of the primary tubes for clearance to the steering rod.

Manual Transmission Only.

CARB NOTICE: Not CARB approved (and therefore legal in California for off road use only). Note that there are states in addition to California that now follow the California model and require CARB compliance, please check the rules of your state before ordering, in some states this setup is legal only for race cars and may never be used on public highway. Sorry, we will not ship these to residents of California.

Brian's Application Notes: Year after year our top choice was the Racing Beat and year after year they ran out of stock because the batches of CAST flanges would be too warped to use and then they would be out of stock for months trying to get a good batch. We got tired of that, customers were tired of that, so we did our own that avoids the use of the problematic cast flanges and otherwise is similar for pipe size and length and all stainless construction. We think it is the best header you can get for the money and as a result our warranty is lifetime, which you will not get on ANY other choice!

RoadsterSport Miata Header 1994-1997 Installed Picture Courtesy Customer Will Thomas:



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport Miata Header 94-97

I have this header paired to their Roadstersport 4 muffler and downpipe. I think, for the price, it's the best exhaust solution on the market. As such, this is probably the best header for the price you can get for the Miata. Installation is pretty effortless for what it is. The engine bay is a tight fit, and installing the header only requires a pair of jacks, chucks, and some elbow grease. It looks beautiful and sounds great, adding some much needed aggression to the Miata. Curious to see how the flex pipe holds up on the new model. Lifetime warranty is unbeatable.

I wanted to comment on Goodwin's stellar customer service. Most companies will give you the run around when it comes to warranties, but very few will not only make good on their promises, but actually initiate the warranty themselves. I only asked for advice on how to prevent an issue I was repeatedly experiencing with the older model of this header, and they immediately got me taken care of, no questions asked. It's great when a company cares about their products; some don't even do that much, but when they also care about their customers, it's special. Needless to say, they've earned a lifetime customer.

This is a really nice, well-made header. It installed very easily without loosening motor mounts, removing the cam cover, banging dents in sheet metal or any other craziness that has been described on the internet with other headers. I didn't need to lengthen the O2 sensor wires either. I did reuse the factory gasket after cleaning it up. The flex pipe right before the catalytic converter flange helped line everything up, I just hope that it holds up over time.

I had already installed a Racing Beat Power Pulse cat-back exhaust with the pre-silencer connecting pipe and a Magnaflow catalytic converter, and haven't noticed any change in sound after adding the new header. I haven't felt any increase in power either, although I wasn't expecting much.

There's probably going to be more heat under the hood now as I am not using a heat shield. I have silicone heater hoses and a Viton CAS O-ring already and am not too worried about it. I did use this opportunity to replace the heater pipe 0-ring with a new Viton rubber one to head off future leaks, since it's easier to do when the header is off.

All in all, I highly recommend this header.

My header arrived very quickly. The welds are nice and the piece is very well made. Installation was a piece of cake. No need to jack up the motor like so many others. With a high-flow cat, the sound is very nice. A little more aggressive in the upper power band, but nothing crazy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this header to others. It appears every bit as well made as the RB.

I've not yet installed the header so I can't comment on ease of installation or fitment, I can however comment on the build quality, it is top notch and coming from Goodwin I have no doubts the performance and sound will put a smile on my face when it is installed!

I received the header quickly, nice compared to all the Covid related delays on a lot of other parts I am trying to get! Speaking of Covid, I went down with a terrible case of it. The header showed up while I was sick, finally got better and installed yesterday.

I am a huge fan of this header. Welds look great, flanges are nice and thick. It now comes with two 02 sensor bungs and as an added bonus, they both had bung plugs in them.

The install went very smoothly. I removed the airbox and the tube coming off the valve cover. The header, with just a bit of twisting, dropped right into place! The EGR tube was about 1/4 too long it appeared but with a little pull, it popped right onto the connection on the header. The EGR was the one downfall to the install. No matter what I did, I could not get the 22MM nut threaded onto the header! It is off EVER so slightly...I twisted, turned, pushed, pulled but to no avail. I finally gave up and finished the install.

The 02 sensor bung (closest to the engine) has been moved facing the passenger side. MUCH easier to get to and I had just enough wire to route it to the plug on the firewall. The other side of the header lined right up to the cat.. I gave it a vodka bath and then took it for a ride.

The car did not appear to be any louder at first. Going up a hill under load, I could tell a slight increase in the sound but not much.
I am running a stock muffler right now (waiting on a backordered muffler at the present time) and just replaced the cat with a Magnaflow hi-flo design.

Overall, I am very happy with the product. It went on easy, appears to be very well made and the price is right! I highly recommend.

Awesome piece of kit! Great upgrade over the stock exhaust manifold. Good relocation of the oxygen sensor. The EGR pipe (engine side) did require some pulling/pressure to line up the nut with the new header. Definitely get a new gasket and some nuts and washers. Exhaust sound is more distinct and has a sharper sound to it. Also running an FM catback and it sounds great!

Pro tip: get some heat reflective tape for the outlet hose on the cabin heater and the lower radiator hose. They are both close to the header and will see more heat than before.

Other than my nerves while removing the stock 25 yr old headers. The new header install was ease enough. Paired that with a Resonated cat delete from ISR and the Manzo cat back and shes a screamer.

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