COMPLETE Cat-Back RoadsterSport 3 Miata Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust for 90-97 for Miata 1990-1997
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COMPLETE Cat-Back RoadsterSport 3 Miata Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust for 90-97


PART NUMBER: 61-0171


Reg. Price: $791.46

Sale Price: $549.00



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Reg. Price: $791.46

Sale Price: $549.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


The RoadsterSport exhaust for 90-97 Miatas is our best seller, now in its third generation! Includes the connecting pipe!

To make this third generation we took the RoadsterSport 3 features of our 99-05 application design and applied them to a complete redesign of our exhaust for 90-97 Miatas. Proper Sports Car sound with a deep mellow tone at cruise and a vintage bark when you put your foot into it....our favorite Miata exhaust choice. Smooth perforated core and smooth bends for max power (see dyno below). Muffler section is 14 pounds...and included connecting pipe is 4.8 pounds (that's 7-12lbs less weight than most other choices).

This Miata exhaust is the ONLY 90-97 Miata exhaust with adjustable sound! Includes a V-band and a fresh gasket to complete your install. Includes our unique removable baffle cone tips so YOU are in control of the sound level and can adjust for extra sporty or calm it down to mellow for longer trips.

ALL STAINLESS STEEL and lifetime warranty! INCLUDES COMPLETE MIDPIPE section so that it this is a COMPLETE BOLT ON solution from your converter flange back. Built in solid 304 stainless steel and completely polished to a mirror finish, this premium Miata exhaust is our only choice that incorporates a baffle insert that gives YOU control over the final sound level (baffle in is about 15% more sound than stock, baffle out is about 25% more sound than you always have a choice for those longer trips). And, you always have the additional option of our packed baffle to calm it down even more, which are sold here separately on this website....for a total of THREE different sound levels from the same exhaust. With an ear pleasing exhaust note, great price and easy installation this Miata exhaust is a great beginning for Miata performance modifications.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES. Includes the midpipe which is a separate cost item with some of our other choices (Racing Beat). The slightly larger tubing of the RoadsterSport Miata muffler means a slightly deeper tone and a little more burble on decel than the factory exhaust, 2.25 inch tube size all the way and finished with 3 inch tip, SMOOTH bends, straight through SMOOTH perforated core design for maximum horsepower.

This Miata muffler carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY. See dyno work on this exhaust below!

DYNO Graph and Video Sound Files below.... MORE at our Exhaust Blog!


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Customer Reviews

COMPLETE Cat-Back RoadsterSport 3 Miata Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust for 90-97

I'm going to sound like a paid ad, but it's all true and this exhaust deserves the hype.
This is a fantastic cat back system that hits all the marks of quality. Production and finish is top tier, an amazing value for the price. I really appreciate all the thought that was put into the design. From the ease of installation and perfect fit, V band connections, o2 connection and cap off included, to the customization of sound level with tip baffles.

Good-win was perfect and shipped this fast with pro level packing. I have full faith in ordering more from them in the future.

The sound is both aggressive and refined, a perfect all round system for a car that is street driven or tracked. It is a welcome change from my previous "budget" cat - back. Mrs. is very grateful as well , as she can ride along without a need for ear plugs now.

Don't hesitate, and don't waste your time on anything less. Spend the $$ on a quality designed exhaust from people who know the Miata !

After purchasing this kit on a deal (as my NA I've been restoring has desperately needed a new exhaust) and fitting the exhaust onto the NA6.... I'm quite pleased.

Fitment is spot on and the V-band connection between the down-pipe and muffler makes installation significantly easier than installing a one piece OE replacement.

Sound (with baffle) is quite comparable to a stock car between 1000-3000. Tone opens up a little from there and power has noticeably increased between 4-6000. I'm sure with the baffle removed, these feelings extenuate.

Would note that new exhaust hangers are highly recommended to prevent unnecessary wear or movement.

Highly recommend purchasing to others if you're on the cusp of trying - you'll be happy you did!

~ Jonathan

Switched to the RoadsterSport from a Racing Beat PowerPulse. The PP was getting quite loud at all speeds (WOT as well as easy driving and cruising). I wanted something that I could control the sound and tame it down a bit as this is a cruiser, not a racer. I got the glass-packed baffle for it and so far I am happy. With this combination, I still get the sound at WOT, but it's quieter at normal driving and almost undetectable at cruising speed. On the highway you can hear it a bit, but much quieter than the older PP. Sound-wise it's similar to the PP, but a bit more "raspy" (I think in a good way). No drone at all, at least not yet. Overall, I think this is about as perfect as you can get without going custom exhaust. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks, Brian!!

Out of the box the welds don't look the best, but with the sound it produces and the lifetime warranty that's hardly an issue. I coupled mine with a racing beat sport pipe to delete my worn out cat and I tell ya this thing sings. It's got a really nice growl when accelerating, couple of pops when shifting, and it's not really obnoxious when just cruising. 10/10, favorite thing I've done to the car so far. Plus the addition of the v-band is greatly appreciated.

High quality and easy install. Surprisingly quiet. Nice product

I don't usually write anyone for anything but just wanted to tell you this. I installed the 'œRoadster Sport 3' polished stainless exhaust you sent for my 95 Miata and I have to say there was nice increase in drivability and midrange torque. I was impressed with the gains I got for such a simple part. It is also not much louder than stock until you are really on it; and it didn't produce the dreaded "Coffee Can," muffler sound frequently heard on tuner cars. Very good quality (love stainless) and easy install. Just thought you guys should know. Super awesome!

I want to start off by saying I am not a big fan of Goodwin Racing. I have a huuuuuuuuge fan of Goodwin Racing and this exhaust. My wife wanted a convertible to cruise on the weekends so we got a 1992 Miata with an auto. The was meant to be a cruiser only but anything we could do to make the experience better is appreciated. So we are slowly replacing all of the 27 year old parts on the car. After much research we settled on the Roadster Sport 3 system. The main reason was due to the adjustable sound. All i can say is that with the packed insert that we bought the sound is perfect. Sound is very close to stock just deeper. But too my surprise even with no insert in this exhaust is not very loud and not annoying. Install took about 60 minutes because i replaced all the hangers and did the job alone. I think this is the best exhaust you can buy for the money for 3 reasons.

1. Lifetime Warranty
2. Adjustable Sound
3. 10lbs lighter than stock system

Thank You Goodwin Racing

I waited 3 months for this on back order from Racing Beat. While my exhaust came in 2-3 days and it was so hard not to mess with the car I contemplated a different header. After debating with my friends and decided to deal with it I am 110% satisfied with this header and glad I waited. Very nice sound and performance and if you're looking for the gold luster to come out and make sure fingerprints do not linger on it I recommend cleaning it off after installing before first crank with rubbing alcohol. It's a beauty!

The quality of this exhaust catback system is outstanding. Its light weight, the welds are nice, and the fitment was perfect. I liked the sound of stock OEM exhaust that the MX5 had, but wanted something a bit more aggressive. This RoadsterSport3 was exactly what I was looking for. Sounds great under throttle and isn't obnoxious (this is without the silencer/baffle by the way). Also has that slight "burp or pop" sound in between shifts which sounds really amazing. Overall I rate this product 5 stars and would recommend to any MX5 owners.

I ordered Good-Win Racing's RoadsterSport 3 complete cat-back system along with their high-performance catalytic convertor after my '97's OBD-II repeatedly started throwing P0420 codes. Installation was straightforward and without issue. When first installed, the new exhaust system sounded too muddied in the lower octaves and notably boomy at 3000-3500 rpm, so I double-checked all fittings and kept driving her in earnest ... after driving about 500 miles, I'm happy to report that the tone quiets down nicely when cruising, it really belts out a beautiful cacaphony of sounds when you put your foot in it, and produces a delighful mix of burbles and snarls when double-clutching. The RoadsterSport 3 not only turns the Miata's exhaust system into a musical instrument, but into a really, good one. Highly recommended.

Roadster Sport 3 catback for NA, no resonator.

This exhaust really brings the car alive. It has a really nice tone in the lower and upper RPM ranges. I'm using opional packed baffle and the sound level is perfect. Crusing has a nice aggressive growl, deceleration has also noticeable growl and slight burbles (like a turbocharged car). It's not too loud, high pitched or annoying many other aftermarket exhaust systems on 4cyl cars. I did notice a slight power increase from 4k to redline, where the RPMs seemed to get to redline sooner when flooring it.

I did a lot of research before purchasing system, reading different reviews and listening to many YouTube exhaust videos and this system is the best for $$$

The exhaust welding, finish and craftsmanship is on point!!

Have had this exhaust on for about two weeks now. Really pleased with how it turned out. Has a nice growl to it, but not obnoxiously loud. Just enough to be noticed. Installation was straightforward and easy. Hardest part was taking off the stock exhaust and rusted bolts.

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