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V8 Roadsters Frame Rails


Miata 1990-2005 · Suspension · Braces

Part Number: 61-1697

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $135.00


V8 Roadsters Frame Rails
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One of the best performance upgrades for the Miata! Frame rails aid in additional rigidity to the aging Miata uni-body. V8 Roadsters' rails are made from laser cut 14 gauge mild steel to insure a precision fit and finished in heavy duty powder coat for longevity. Each rail has 11 fastening points and bolts to the chassis with the included 7/16th, Grade 8 zinc plated hardware.

Sean's Notes: Initially, I was not a believer in frame rails, but after years of track abuse I had to do something about my battered OEM frame rails. On the road, I was impressed with the immediate reduction in noise, vibration and harshness. I use nearly 800lb springs on my front coilovers and the rails make my Miata noticeably less busy and unsettled over train tracks and rough roads. For track or autocross cars without a roll cage and running stiff spring rates, these are a must have item!

Installation Notes:

Most factory frame rails have been dented and damaged over time. You may need to use a hammer to massage the rails into shape in order for the V8 Roadsters rails to fit properly.

Be careful when installing the passenger side frame rail, as the fuel lines and brake lines are located exactly where you will be drilling on the inside of the rail. Once you have mounted the passenger side frame rail you will also lose the original mounting locations to secure your hard lines. To mount the hard lines we'd recommend flipping the mounting bracket and using a self taping screw to secure the lines up and out of the way.

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First I want to again thank you for working with me on this muffler. I have almost 100 miles on it now, and it has a nice mellow sound. a little Bass, but not too much. A little louder than stock, but not too loud. Plus it is nice inside the car with the top up. I am happy so far I bought this one.

I belong to a local Miata club, and am very active with it. When Spring comes I will tell everyone how much I like the muffler, and how great you are to work with. Maybe I can get some extra business for you.

-- Bill

I received great help from Good-Win on choosing these wheels and tires and the cost + shipping was very nice, but the help you get here is worth any cost.

-- Bob H.