Wilwood Dynalite Front 12.19 Big Brake Brake Kit for MX5-ND
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Wilwood Dynalite Front 12.19" Big Brake Brake Kit


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PART NUMBER: 61-1966



Price: $714.99

Caliper ColorRotorsCaliper Upgrade



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Price: $714.99

Caliper ColorRotorsCaliper Upgrade



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


An affordable big brake kit for the MX5 and Fiat 124 with 12.19" rotors and 4 piston calipers.

Great bargain choice for street and light track and canyon performance use that fills out 17" wheels more than the factory 11" brakes. YES, this kit fits even factory 17"x7" wheel without any spacer. Uses an economy rotor with low vane count to keep the cost down. These kits are suitable for light duty use, NOT the same as our 12.88" kits. For serious track use look to our Goodwin Racing 12.88" Big Brake Kits which are designed for exceptional performance and longevity with even more thermal capacity for the hardest track users.

This 12.19 kit is ideal for fast canyon projects like our own Supercharged RF daily driver shown in all the pictures here with various of our wheel choices:

***This kit with Dynalite 4 piston caliper uses the 7112 pad shape. Type "7112" into the search box on the upper left of our site to see all our pad options for this caliper.***

***This kit with Dynapro 4 piston caliper uses the 7812 pad shape. Type "7812" into the search box on the upper left of our site to see all our pad options for this caliper.***


- Dynalite 4-piston caliper
- BP-10 street brake pads
- 12.19" Light duty straight-vane rotors
- Stainless steel brake lines
- Caliper brackets
- Hardware included

- Saves 8 lbs over the factory brakes

- OEM wheels will fit over this kit, no spacers needed.

Wilwood's product description:

Forged billet Dynalite calipers, oversized rotors, and high performance Wilwood brake pads deliver big brake stopping power with high-tech style for front wheel drive sport compacts. These kits are the perfect complement to wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades. Options for caliper finish and rotor design make it simple to match the brake response and style preferences on all types of daily drivers, race vehicles, and ultra-styled show machines. Each kit is engineered specific for each vehicle. They are fully compatible with OE master cylinder output while retaining the full factory ABS functions.

Ryan's Application Notes:
This bargain kit gets a bigger rotor and 4-piston caliper on the MX5 for an unbeatable price! However, track customers should carefully consider our Goodwin Racing big brake kits for the best match to the rigorous requirements of hard use (which use MUCH stiffer brackets, bigger premium quality rotors with more vanes, stiffer calipers, and stronger rotor hats and hardware). Unlike our more expensive kits, this kit is NOT made hubcentric. It is a great kit for the price but nearly ever component is less stout than what is in our own kits.

Dust Boots
We occasionally get a call from someone asking if these calipers have dust boot seals because the factory calipers have them and so they assume this is a feature they need to be concerned about. Wilwood brake calipers, just like all racing brake calipers, do not use dust boots to seal the caliper pistons. This is intentional and done for several reasons, including the point that rubber dust boots can catch fire under extreme brake heat. The pistons fit tightly into the caliper so they seal without the need for rubber seals. In our decades of experience with thousands of Wilwood calipers this design has proven itself completely reliable. These calipers are suitable for road use in all climates and conditions as well as on the race track.

Application Notes by Brian: We use this kit on my wife's Supercharged RF, shown below. Have tossed the keys to magazine editors for mountain road romps and had them come back complimenting the strength of the brakes. Great aggressive street setup, great for canyon and mountain fun, just not really enough thermal capacity for serious track work. So if serious track work in the plans see our 12.88 Big Brakes, if canyon street fun and autocross is your plan, then these are a great deal.



Customer Reviews

Wilwood Dynalite Front 12.19" Big Brake Brake Kit

Recently had the kit professionally installed (upgrade caliper with solid rotors) on my 2016 AT ND . I also had the rear brake lines replaced with GWR SS lines and asked to exchange the front Wilwood kit included SS brakes for the GWR version from Techna-Fit. Flushed the brake fluids with Castrol 12509 Dot 4 Brake Fluid.

Drove the car for about 40-50 miles before I was able to bed in the pads. My initial impressions (being a newbee to Miatas and performance brakes) is that the initial bite feels direct and solid. There is no squishy or slightly mush feeling as with the stock brakes, perhaps the stock brakes had air in the car. Note the car had only 4800 miles.

I noticed that during the bed in process (10 stops from 55-65 mph to approx 15-20), the brakes felt sure and confident; did not notice any fade although you can smell the pads. The only thing I noticed was as the car comes to a stop, there is a slight noise coming from the brakes, no pull or grind but more of a wind down sound. I may not be defining the sound properly, but Mazda Pros in Hollywood Fl assured me that the sound was normal and typical for racing brakes. The owner, Edgar, personally installed the brakes and sway bar instead of letting his other mechanics do it.

Once I get more mileage on the brakes, I will revise and probably upgrade my rating to five stars. Plus I really like the look and with the rear calipers painted black to match, the entire brakes system has a very nice appearance (choose black calipers for a red car) plus the larger rotor nicely fills the stock rim.

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